Chapter 437 - Come and Hit Me If You Dare!

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Chapter 437: Come and Hit Me If You Dare!

It was the same late at night, and Ning Yiyuan and the others did not rest either.

After all, how could they sleep when they thought about how Mo Chu was still in the detention room?

“Aron, long time no see.” Ning Yiyuan slightly nodded his chin and stared at the man on the screen with a burning gaze. “I have favor to ask…”

“Wait!” Before Ning Yiyuan could finish his words, the man on the screen stretched out his hand and stopped him.

Aron had neat black hair, and his handsome facial features faintly revealed a free and unrestrained nature. This unique temperament made him particularly attractive.

Judging from his appearance, no one could guess that this person was the most famous lawyer in the entire galaxy. He was nicknamed ‘The Uncrowned King’, but this person had one biggest flaw —

“Hey, Ning Yiyuan, how many times have I told you?!” Aron sighed softly, a look of pity on his face. “Don’t look at me like that. You’re not really my type.”

Ning Yiyuan was silent.

Well, this was the reason why he was not willing to find this old friend.

Damn, narcissism was not a disease. It was really deadly when it came to it!

“Don’t worry.” Ning Yiyuan’s eyebrows twitched. After a long while, he finally said, “I’m not interested in you.”

He only cared about his Little Chu, okay?

“Hey! After so many years,” Aron shook his head helplessly and said with disdain, “You still haven’t developed any sense of humor!”

Hehe! You call this humor?

No one in the room laughed out loud, okay?

“That’s enough.” Aron raised his eyebrows, and his expression suddenly became serious. “Tell me, what kind of trouble did you run into?”

This guy had always been the kind of person who would not reach out for no reason. If he did not run into trouble this time, how could he take the initiative to think of him?

“Phew–” Seeing that this kid had finally returned to normal, Ning Yiyuan heaved a sigh of relief. He hurriedly told him the whole story about Mo Chu. “It’s like this. That day was the Hunting Festival…”

Since it was related to Mo Chu, Ning Yiyuan did not dare to leave out any small details and told Aron everything.

When he finished speaking, the entire room fell into silence. One could only hear the undulating sounds of breathing…

Ten minutes later, Ning Yiyuan’s patience, which he had always been proud of, was exhausted. He hurriedly asked, “How is it? What are the chances of Little Chu being acquitted and released?”

Hearing this, Aron could not help but chuckle. “Mo Chu… this should be your girl, right? Tsk tsk! Back then, with your unlikeable personality, I thought you would be single for a few hundred years!”

However, he did not expect this fellow to be so nimble. Look, it had only been a short while, yet he had already found a girl. How did he do it so fast?

“That’s your sister-in-law!” At the mention of Mo Chu, Ning Yiyuan’s gaze softened a little. A moment later, he glared at him fiercely. “Time is of the essence. Hurry up and get down to business!”

The thought of Mo Chu being locked up alone in the detention room made his heart ache uncontrollably.

“Alright, let’s get down to business.” Aron shrugged. His expression suddenly became serious and his eyes focused. “From my professional perspective, it’s not impossible for you to win this case. It’s just that the probability… is very small.”

Aron was very proficient in the legal provisions of the various galaxies. He was best at catching people by surprise and winning by surprise. It was said that there were only cases that he did not want to take on, and there were no cases that he could not win!

However, for some unknown reason, Aron had gradually retired over the years. Now, he was almost no longer in the legal circle, and no one knew where he went.

It was because of this that when they saw that Ning Yiyuan had successfully contacted him, Mo Yang and the others were shocked.

As a result, they were increasingly unable to understand the background of Ning Yiyuan! Often, when they thought that they already knew Ning Yiyuan’s trump card, he would casually throw out another one. His methods were simply endless!

However, with Aron’s appearance, Mo Yang and the others became more confident.

After all, from the moment Aron debuted until now, he had maintained a glorious record of ‘zero losses’! If Little Chu’s case was handed to him, would not it be a matter of minutes?

However, when they heard his words, they could not help but frown!

… the possibility of winning was very small?

“Why?” Mo Yang’s heart trembled. He was the first one who could not hold it in and went forward to ask, “This is obviously very simple, isn’t it?”

“It is indeed very simple.” When it came to his own professional field, Aron immediately acted like a different person. He did not understand the word ‘tactful’ at all. He said bluntly, “But you don’t have any witnesses or physical evidence, and you still want to be acquitted? Do you think everyone else is a fool?”

Ning Yiyuan also knew his friend’s personality. He could not help but raise his eyebrows and said coldly, “Okay, don’t keep me in suspense.”

This kid only said that the possibility was very small, but it was not impossible…

“As expected, you understand me.” Aron nodded with a smile, and his face returned to a relaxed look. “Don’t worry, the method… is not impossible.”

“First, you can dig up the other party’s witnesses and make them work for you. However… This isn’t your home ground after all, so it’s easy for others to backstab you. I personally don’t recommend this.”

“What about the second way?” Ning Yiyuan asked.

“Second, naturally, you have to make use of the advantages of your identities!”

Mo Yang frowned and was a little confused. “What do you mean?”

“To put it simply, we want to stir up trouble!” At this point, Aron’s eyes lit up. “As long as you can stir up this matter, you can raise the level of this matter from a single person to two galaxies. At that time, your chances of victory will be 50-50.”

“Stir up… trouble?” Ning Yiyuan muttered softly, his eyes gradually brightening.

Soon, he figured out the crux of the matter.

That’s right. If the Federation did not interfere, just based on the evidence on the surface, it would be very disadvantageous for Little Chu. However, once the Federation was involved in this matter, their bargaining chips would be much greater…

“Don’t worry, I understand.” Ning Yiyuan nodded at Aron. “When the time comes, just wait for my message.”

“Okay,” Aron agreed with a smile.

The two of them exchanged a few more pleasantries before Ning Yiyuan reached out to turn off the video.

The light screen disappeared in an instant.

The night was getting darker.

Xie Chunxi and the others could not take it anymore and closed their eyes.

When they opened their eyes again, the sky was already bright.

At the table, Ning Yiyuan’s back was as straight as before they went to sleep, as if he had not moved at all.

Occasionally, there would be the faint sound of a brush stroke on a piece of paper.

This guy… did he stay up all night?

A cup of water was placed on the table.

Ning Yiyuan raised his head in surprise. Even though he had stayed up all night, he was still as energetic as before. However, his eyes could not help but turn black.

“Alright, you should go and rest for a while.” Mo Yang pushed the cup in Ning Yiyuan’s direction with a rare gentleness on his face. After all, he had seen Ning Yiyuan’s performance that day.

“Alright.” Ning Yiyuan did not decline. He drank more than half of the water before turning around and returning to his room.

Lying on the bed, he did not sleep. He only closed his eyes slightly. In his mind, he carefully thought about what he was going to do from the beginning to the end. He only heaved a sigh of relief after making sure that he did not miss anything.

He looked at the time on the terminal. There were still two hours before the inspection bureau could officially meet with the person. He could just take another hour to rest…

However, plans often did not change quickly.

Before Ning Yiyuan could make any arrangements, Mo Chu’s matter had already exploded like a bomb that had been detonated!

The entire inspection bureau was in a mess in the middle of the night.

Red alarms, roars, and panicked screams rang out one after another. There was no time for peace.

Such a huge commotion was naturally discovered by the media that had been lonely for a long time and immediately swarmed over as soon as they smelled something strange.

Although the director of the inspection bureau had ordered this matter to be strictly guarded and must not be leaked, the media naturally had their own channels. They dug around and pieced together the truth very quickly.

Then, like cats that smelled fish, all of them popped out and were extremely excited.

This was a big news, an extremely big news!

It was said that Mo Chu initially hurt the Little Princess of the An Family (there seemed to be something fishy going on here), and then she was locked up in the inspection bureau. In the end, someone wanted to harm her that night, but Mo Chu was fine. Instead, the murderer had been wiped out by her, and in the end, not even a corpse was left behind…

Listen to this, this was even more exciting than the television series that had just been released this year! The number of hits was definitely off the charts!

Thus, early the next morning.

Dark Ocean Galaxy’s mainstream media reported on this matter one after another, but the focus was slightly different, and the headlines were slightly strange…

“The three of them broke the law and entered the detention room late at night, intending to have an affair with Mo Chu?”

“The murderers died tragically, turning into water. What is the truth of the matter?”

“Is it money-making or love-making?”

For a time, this matter became a hot topic among the people of Dark Ocean Galaxy.

In particular, the keywords ‘Mo Chu’, ‘An Family’, and ‘Spirit Food’ had been placed at the top of Dark Ocean Galaxy’s trending list. For a time, they were in the limelight.

If anyone did not know about this, they would definitely be left behind, alright?

Just like that, the matter became bigger and bigger. Unsurprisingly, they were discovered by the Federation fans who had been paying close attention to Mo Chu’s movements!

Upon taking a closer look, the netizens nearly exploded with anger!

What is your Dark Ocean Galaxy trying to do?

Look, our Lucky Star first came to participate in the exchange meet, yet someone bumped into her? Not to mention, now she’s at the Hunting Festival, and she ended up in the inspector’s office? And she hurt someone? Hehe! This is clearly a frame-up! Are you all blind?!

Hehe, I’m telling you, don’t talk to us about evidence, what evidence is there?!

We just trust our Lucky Star unconditionally!