Chapter 438 - A Belly Full of Evil Intentions

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Chapter 438: A Belly Full of Evil Intentions

Then, unsurprisingly, the people of the Federation and the people of Dark Ocean Galaxy officially started a magnificent ‘Battle mode’!

That exchange of words and exchange of words was a battlefield without any smoke.

Almost every second, hundreds of comments would pop up, instantly killing your eyes!

Furthermore, the range of topics covered was extremely wide, and the span of topics was extremely large!

From the beginning, it was ‘There’s something wrong with the Dark Ocean Galaxy’. It did not take long for the topic to change to ‘There’s something wrong with the Dark Ocean Galaxy’s feng shui’.

Furthermore, the evidence that the people of the Federation said was irrefutable.

Take a look for yourself, our Lucky Star is doing very well in the Federation. It’s not a problem even if she meets with misfortune, she averts danger! Why is it that your Dark Ocean Galaxy has such bad luck?

It’s all because of your Dark Ocean Galaxy’s feng shui!

Aiyo, when they heard this, could the citizens of Dark Ocean Galaxy be happy?

They immediately retorted back with a swooshing sound.

What feng shui problem? It’s clearly Mo Chu’s character that has a problem. Otherwise, why would someone bump into her?

With that said, they had really stirred up a hornet’s nest!

The citizens of the Federation were all enraged. One by one, they were like bees, ganging up on Dark Ocean Galaxy and wanting to sting them to death! Heh, I’ve given you face, haven’t I? How dare you spout nonsense?!

As such… the conflict escalated!

Seeing that the citizens of the two galaxies were about to take out their weapons, the higher-ups of both sides could no longer pretend to be calm. If they did not do something, then something big would really happen!

Then, Mo Chu, who had only stayed in the detention room for two days, was dragged out again.

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Dark Ocean Galaxy’s side did not want to let her go, but they had no choice! They were useless on their own side. How could an outsider enter the investigation bureau and even attempt to kill someone inside? This was simply a slap in their faces!

The Federation refused to let them go. Their attitude was firm: If they did not let Mo Chu go, Mo Chu’s life will be in danger! After all, Dark Ocean Galaxy had let three special ability users in. If it were not for Mo Chu’s power, who knew what would have happened now?!

Of course, the two interstellar officials’ words were not that straightforward, but that was what they meant.

Dark Ocean Galaxy was also in the wrong. In the end, they had no choice but to wave their hands.

Then, Mo Chu calmly walked out of the room, facing the frightened and fearful gazes of the officials of the inspection bureau.

The one who picked him up was Ning Yiyuan.

In terms of status, he was high enough. Furthermore, his position was close. Who else would be able to handle this matter?

However, if Ning Yiyuan were to really get angry, he would really have a belly full of evil intentions!

Look, Mo Chu’s cell almost got destroyed by those three people’s special abilities, alright? Coupled with the corrosion of the thick fog, the entire room became even more miserable. Even calling it a ‘ruin’ was an exaggeration!

Then, Ning Yiyuan happened to see this scene when he was picking up Mo Chu. Instantly, the darkness in his eyes was as dark as the night.

However, he did not say anything in the end. Before he left, he silently turned on the recording function of the terminal and recorded the entire situation of this dilapidated house.

Moreover… the clarity was absolutely perfect! The color contrast was also absolutely perfect! He guaranteed that you would be able to see every single part of this ‘ruin’ properly and clearly!

After that, for some baffling reason, this video circulated on the Starnet. Moreover, it rapidly became popular at a rapid pace!

In less than half a day, almost everyone had noticed it.

Thus, the anger of the people of the Federation, which had not been extinguished in the first place, became even more intense when they saw the video. In the blink of an eye, it was ignited again!

Damn! This was really chilling!

Look, the innermost layer of the house was full of holes, and some of them were even bigger than a person’s fist!

Not to mention the floor in the house, even the floor was full of holes. There was no way to look at it. The floor was a mess, and the only bed that could be seen was broken in half from the middle with a click!

This… What kind of house is this?

The more they looked at it, the angrier the people of the Federation became.

Look, my little Chu is only a suspect. She hasn’t been convicted yet, yet she is being treated like this? If she is convicted, she’d be dead, right? To think that the Dark Ocean Galaxy was still shouting ‘Human Rights and Democracy’. Looking at it now, Hehe! Do you think we are blind?

This time, even the people of the Dark Ocean Galaxy were unable to retaliate.

This house was really too shabby. Even the houses in the poorest areas of the Dark Ocean Galaxy were better than this! Compared to the magnificent inspection bureau outside, the effect could not be more obvious!

Hence, everyone aimed their artillery at the inspection bureau. All kinds of attacks took turns. Not only did they attack verbally, there were even people who sent the inspection bureau extremely miserable-looking magical beasts. The smell of blood had been rippling for an entire day.

This feeling could not be any more sour!

However, the people from the inspection bureau were also crying!

They were also miserable!

Just for the renovation of Mo Chu’s room, they had spent a huge sum of money. In the end, this accident made them look like pigs in a mirror. They were no longer human!

They wanted to explain, but the renovated house had not been photographed. What could they prove with just their mouths?

Moreover, even if they really explained, the public had to believe them! They might even think that it was their way of exonerating themselves!

The higher-ups simply ordered them to stay obediently for the time being and not come out.

To put it bluntly, they could only bear the blame with tears in their eyes!

At this point, the whole thing had just begun.

First of all, the matter of Mo Chu hurting someone had not been proven yet. She was only temporarily released due to the situation.

Also, who was the person who infiltrated the inspection bureau and was preparing to kill Mo Chu? What was the purpose of this? And how did they die?

… These were still unsolved mysteries.

The media and citizens of the two galaxies were also watching with their eyes wide open. This time, no one would be able to fool anyone!

Dark Ocean Galaxy had previously lost face in the management of the inspection bureau. This time, he was swift and decisive in inviting the people involved in the case back one by one. He also treated them with good food and drinks. However, he absolutely could not allow them to contact anyone else, this was to prevent them from trying to trick each other.

In short, the attitude of Dark Ocean Galaxy’s higher-ups was intolerant. Previously, they had already lost a lot of face. This time, if anyone dared to mess up again… Humph! They would do as they saw fit!

Under such a tense situation, no one dared to go against the wind and commit a crime. Each and every one of them was extremely serious!

Even a powerful family like the An Family could only lie low and watch helplessly as An Yao was taken away. After that, Dong Xi and An Yao’s personal bodyguards were also taken away!

“Grandma, this…” For some reason, An Jie suddenly felt a little flustered when he saw this scene. “Do you think there will be any problems with this?”

“Who knows?!” The old madam of the An Family narrowed her eyes. After a long while, she sighed. “Nowadays… young people can’t be underestimated!”

It was originally a winning card, but now that someone had messed with it. Now, even she could not see clearly what the cards were.

Hearing this, An Jie could not help but frown. “Then, An Yao…”

“As long as what she said is true, what’s there to be afraid of!” Old Madam An’s gaze sharpened. “If what she said before was all fake, then this time… we can only depend on her luck.”

At the end of her sentence, Old Madam An could not help but let out a soft sigh.

They were both smart people who had lived for more than half their lives. She knew very well which things could be touched and which things could not be touched!

To be honest, they had not taken Mo Chu seriously in the beginning.

Indeed, this girl had talent. There was even Ning Yiyuan standing behind her. However, even so, compared to the An Family, she was just an ant trying to shake a tree. She was not much of a threat.

However, the situation now was completely different.

None of them had expected that Mo Chu’s popularity in the Federation would actually be so high! The life and death of a little girl had actually affected the hearts of tens of millions of people!

The hearts of people went against each other. No matter what time it was, it was an important link that could not be overlooked.

“Yes, I understand.” After hearing this, An Jie finally understood.

An Yao’s position was a little complicated. If it was before, if they could protect her, they would definitely protect her. As for now… forget about punishing Mo Chu’s crime, she might not even be able to protect herself.

The An Family would not act rashly for her sake.

An Yao knew this better than anyone else, so she was afraid now. It was not because she falsely accused Mo Chu, but because… she was the one who sent people to inform the three men.

If this relationship was exposed, then what would happen to her?

At the thought of this, An Yao’s face could not help but turn pale. She was brought to the detention room in a daze and could not react in time.

“Hey, have you heard about Mo Chu’s matter?!” The two inspectors who were guarding her were chatting in a low voice, but she could hear them. An Yao’s eyes could not help but tremble.

“What? She’s so mysterious!”

“Hey! That confidant of our director is…” One of the inspectors turned around and looked around, then lowered his voice again. “It’s that Section Chief Zhang.”

“Yo, if you didn’t mention it, I wouldn’t have remembered. Has he not come to work these past few days?”

“Why, you still don’t know? Oh right, weren’t you on vacation a few days ago? No wonder… I heard that Section Chief Zhang was scared silly!”

“What? Scared… scared silly?” The other inspector obviously did not believe it. “Tsk, you must be kidding me!”

“Who’s kidding you? It’s true! I heard that he was the one who brought those three people into the detention room. I don’t know what Mo Chu did. Three people, three living people! They were gone before even their bodies could be seen! Do you think they were careless? How could he not be scared?”

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“So you’re saying that Section Chief Zhang… Saw it?”

“Of course! Otherwise, how could he become like this?”

“Heh, I really didn’t see any bodies?”

“Why would I lie to you? Believe it or not, it’s up to you! Alright, let’s go.”

With a bang, the door was closed, and the sounds of their conversation gradually faded away…

A trace of fear flashed across An Yao’s eyes.

She had thought that those reports were just exaggerations, but when she heard them now, she could not help but feel a chill.

Without corpses, three living people died just like that?

At the same time, on the other side was a gentle breeze and drizzle.

“Yo, you’re pretty fast!” On the other end of the screen, Aron elegantly picked up a glass of water and took a sip. There was a hint of admiration in his tone, “It’s only been a day or two, but you’ve already made such a big fuss. Ning Yiyuan, well done!”

I’ll accept your praise, but you’re admiring the wrong person…

Ning Yiyuan shook his head. “… I didn’t do it.”

God knows, he had considered every aspect. In the end, Mo Chu’s side suddenly suffered a huge gaping wound!

When he heard the news, even he himself was shocked!

He could not help but ridicule the Dark Ocean Galaxy government over ten thousand times. You dare to say that there’s no dirty work? Otherwise, how could the tightly guarded inspection bureau let people in so easily? Do you think we’re stupid?

“Oh?” Hearing this, Aron could not help but pause. He raised his eyebrows. “If it’s not you, then… it’s Mo Chu herself?”

“That’s your Sister-in-law!” Ning Yiyuan glared at him, this kid who had no respect for others!

“Fine, Sister-in-law it is,” Aron pursed his lips and muttered, “Is it interesting for a man to be so serious?”

Without waiting for Ning Yiyuan to fly into a rage, Aron switched to the professional mode in time.

“Don’t worry, I should be able to reach the Dark Ocean Galaxy tomorrow.” Aron smiled and nodded at Ning Yiyuan, “When that time comes, leave everything to me! I promise to return Sister-in-law to you in perfect condition!”

Mo Chu’s incident had caused quite a stir. The effect was more than ten times better than what he had expected. His chances of winning the lawsuit had also increased greatly.

Hearing this, Ning Yiyuan’s expression softened. It was rare for him to reveal his true feelings. “Thank you, Brother.”

Unfortunately, all he got was Aron’s venomous tongue. “Damn, you’re a grown man, yet you’re still so pretentious! I really don’t know how you found a girlfriend!”

Then, Aron took the lead to turn off the light screen, not giving Ning Yiyuan a chance to flare up.

When the others saw Ning Yiyuan’s slightly sullen expression, they dispersed too, in case this fellow took it out on them, that would be really unlucky!

At this moment, the bedroom door suddenly opened, and a neatly dressed Mo Chu walked out.

“You’re awake? Are you done sleeping?” Upon seeing this delicate and pretty little girl, the stifling anger in Ning Yiyuan’s heart instantly disappeared without a trace, and his expression softened. He was completely different from before.

Mo Chuqian smiled and nodded. “Yes, I slept well.”

She had stayed in the detention room for two days previously, but if one counted carefully, she estimated that she had slept for less than two hours.

Previously, when she was brought back by Ning Yiyuan, she did not say anything else. She first threw herself onto the bed and slept for a full eight hours before settling the matter.

Logically speaking, the current situation was quite grim. If she could seize every second, she would seize every second! They should quickly discuss countermeasures!

However, when Ning Yiyuan and Mo Yang saw Little Chu’s slightly haggard face, their hearts ached as if they were in pain. With a wave of their hands, they went to sleep!

They quickly let Little Chu catch up on her sleep. After she had slept enough, they would talk about the matter!

As a result, after she got her sleep, Mo Chu became much more energetic. Her little face was also pink and tender. She looked very likable.

Mo Chu walked over. “What were you guys doing just now?”

“Aron and I…” Knowing Mo Chu’s ignorance, Ning Yiyuan deliberately explained, “He is your defense lawyer. We discussed the situation of the case.”

When this question was brought up, Mo Chu got excited. “What did he say?”

“Don’t worry.” Ning Yiyuan reached out and stroked Mo Chu’s smooth long hair. Her tone was firm. “That kid is quite capable. He will definitely make sure you’re fine!”