Chapter 439 - Can’t Get Any More Excited!

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Chapter 439: Can’t Get Any More Excited!

Ning Yiyuan’s judgment was rarely wrong.

It was the same this time.

Aron arrived at the Dark Ocean Galaxy early the next morning. Although this person looked too handsome and unreliable, he was very good at doing things.

He did not have time to rest. He immediately used his vast network and took the lead in organizing a press conference, fully displaying the essence of the word ‘pre-emptive strike’.

She did not know what method Aron used to get the upper echelons of the two galaxies to not interfere, but by the time Mo Chu regained his senses, she was already sitting at the press conference.

As expected… to be able to become friends with Ning Yiyuan, this pervert for many years, this guy was very competent!

He was swift and decisive in handling matters, and his methods were completely out of the ordinary. It was completely unexpected!

The sound of the flashing lights below was heard one after another. It quickly roused Mo Chu’s thoughts. From the corner of her eyes, she happened to see Ning Yiyuan, Mo Yang, and the others on the lower right side. Her thoughts gradually calmed down.

Aron stood beside her. When he saw that the people who should have come were almost here, the corners of he mouth could not help but curl up.

He took a step forward and walked straight to the front. He pressed his hands down slightly, and the whispers below immediately quieted down.

The interviewers who came today were almost all first-rate media personnel from Dark Ocean Galaxy and the Federation. Naturally, they were very clear about Aron’s identity. This was the ‘Uncrowned King’ of the entire galaxy!

If it was during normal times, just him alone could become a huge explosive point!

Not to mention, he had already announced that he would be representing Mo Chu in this case. Both of them were celebrities, and the effect they had achieved was even more extraordinary!

When they thought about how their website’s viewership and the circulation of newspapers and magazines had soared in a straight line, the media people below could not be more excited.

Aron naturally saw this clearly and did not keep them in suspense any longer.

“First of all, thank you all for coming and cooperating today.” Aron smiled lightly. As expected of a glib talker, his words were clear and beautiful. “I’m sure everyone here already knows the reason for our press conference. That’s right, it’s to clarify the innocence of my client, Miss Mo Chu.”

“In a moment, Miss Mo Chu will personally tell everyone the ins and outs of this matter.”

“After listening to this, if everyone still has any questions, you can ask them on the spot. Miss Mo Chu will also answer them on the spot.”

“And our answers will also be guaranteed to be true and not false!”

As he spoke, Aron extended his hand and pointed towards a spot below the stage. “These four are specially invited reporters from the Federation and Dark Ocean Galaxy. They will record down every single word that Mo Chu said this time, using it as evidence for the upcoming court session.”

“Of course.” In the end, Aron raised his head slightly and looked toward the webcam at the top of the stage. “All netizens are also welcome to testify together.”

When Aron said these words, everyone was dumbfounded!

It turned out that he had specially invited the Federation and Dark Ocean Galaxy’s reporters for this press conference, Emma! He was really bold and daring! He even dared to call for such a judicial officer!

An ordinary person would not do such a thing. They would not have the guts to do so.

One had to know that the moment Mo Chu went up to the judicial bureau and said something that did not match up, it was very likely that she would be caught by the opposing defense lawyer and attacked with all his might!

It was estimated that only Aron in the entire lawyer circle had the confidence to do so!

Furthermore, you could not say that these four reporters might have been bribed by Aron. That was because he had directly connected to the internet and gotten all the netizens to testify on their behalf!

Two or three reporters might have been bribed, but could hundreds of millions of netizens be bribed?

Why don’t you give it a try?

It was obviously impossible!

“Alright, then I’ll hand the stage over to Mo Chu.” After saying that, Aron nodded slightly at Mo Chu behind him, then turned around and walked down.

This free and easy attitude caused everyone to be stunned.

This Mo Chu was the person involved in the incident! Aren’t you being a little unethical to just throw her off the stage like that? Shouldn’t you be standing by her side and arguing on her behalf?

“This incident still originated from the day of the Hunting Festival…” Very quickly, Mo Chu’s delicate and gentle voice attracted everyone’s attention, and the other questions were naturally thrown to the back of their minds.

Upon a closer look, only Mo Chu was alone on the stage. She looked like she was outnumbered, especially when compared to the full group of people below her. The effect was even more distinct.

However, at this moment, her body revealed an indescribable tenacity and steadiness, just like a green bamboo.

No matter how the wind blew and the rain hit, she was still tenacious and unchanging.

“At that time, they opened their mouths and asked me for the method to expand the production of Spirit Food…” Before Mo Chu could finish her words, the following words had already stirred up a thousand heavy waves!

The method to expand the production of Spirit Food?

The breathing of the people below suddenly became heavy!

All of their eyes were burning as they stared at Mo Chu. There was even someone who could not suppress the agitation in his heart and asked, “Then do you really have it?”

Mo Chu took a look below and nodded slightly. “I’ve already found the method, but I still need to further test it. If nothing unexpected happens, expanding the production of Spirit Food within a year is definitely not a problem.”

Mo Chu’s light words touched the hearts of a large group of people!

It was not just the media at the scene, but also the netizens watching through the terminal outside the venue!

“What Little Chu means is: In the future, I can eat Spirit Food every meal and not have to work hard every month to practice my hand speed just to grab a meal?”

“Yes! Don’t worry, you didn’t misunderstand!”

“Hurry up, let’s celebrate!”

Even Dark Ocean Galaxy’s netizens got involved:

“So, it’s possible that our Dark Ocean Galaxy will order Spirit Food in the future?”

“It’s very possible!”

“Finally, we don’t have to be looked down on by those Federation brats!”

The previous 100-year space battle had already established Mo Chu’s reputation for Spirit Food, and the ‘mutton hotpot’ that Yan Yiyan had taken away had further promoted Mo Chu.

Because of this, the meaning of the word ‘Spirit Food’ was clear to almost the entire upper class of Dark Ocean Galaxy. However, due to the lack of Spirit Food, Mo Chu did not sell it to the public before. Therefore, they could only look at it with envy, but they could not eat it.

This time, there was a chance…

The focus of the general public was a little different:

“I’ve heard before that this Spirit Food tastes good, but it’s too expensive! A single Spirit Food costs tens of thousands of Federation coins!”

“F*ck! So expensive? But when the quantity increases, the price should drop, right?”

“Nonsense! Even if it drops, the price won’t be much cheaper!”

“Then it’s no wonder. Once we get the method in Mo Chu’s hands, it’s equivalent to possessing an inexhaustible amount of wealth! That’s why those three people barged in so late at night, right?”

This was also a piece of information released by Dark Ocean Galaxy’s official department.

They said that their inspection bureau was not strict in their management and allowed those three people to barge in.

Otherwise, it would not be possible for them to say that their Dark Ocean Galaxy officials intentionally broke the law and brought people to commit murder, right? If they really said that, wouldn’t that cause a huge ruckus?!

Of course, in order to seal the mouth of the Federation, Dark Ocean Galaxy had probably also given away a lot of benefits.

It was also because of this that Mo Chu omitted this part of his speech and skipped over it.

The media at the venue were also aware of this point, so they naturally would not stupidly barge in and ask about it.

What they were more concerned about now was another point.

“Then have you given them the method?” An unknown hothead directly asked. His tone became extremely respectful, as if he was addressing someone from the royal family!

After all, being able to create Spirit Food and expand the production of Spirit Food was enough to make everyone remember Mo Chu’s name, and was worthy of everyone’s respect!

Even though she was still an underage woman!

“Of course.” Mo Chu nodded honestly. “At that time, there were three of them, and their special abilities were more powerful than mine. I had no other way to save my life.”

This was inconsistent with the information they had received!

Didn’t Mo Chu say that she had successfully exterminated the three of them, and even destroyed their corpses?

How did it become that she was no match for them now?

Seeing the astonishment in everyone’s eyes, Mo Chu could not help but chuckle. “They want to snatch something from my hands. Could it be that they would send someone weaker than me?”

Mo Chu’s words awakened the people in their dreams!

Since these three people wanted to snatch the secret technique from Mo Chu’s hands, they would definitely send experts! Why would they send someone weaker than Mo Chu to die foolishly?

“Then why would they die?” This question brought out the doubts in everyone’s hearts.

“… it’s because of this.” After hesitating for a moment, Mo Chu took out a bottle from the terminal. “This is the key to expanding the production of Spirit Food!”

As soon as these words were said, everyone’s eyes lit up!

No one had expected that Mo Chu would even reveal this secret method. At this moment, they simply could not be any more excited!