Chapter 440 - Finally Settled!

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Chapter 440: Finally Settled!

For a moment, everyone’s attention was focused on the small bottle in Mo Chu’s hand.

The curiosity in their hearts was like a kitten with claws scratching it. It was itchy and restless.

If it were not for the bodyguards who stood silently on both sides, they would have already rushed forward to take a look.

However, at this moment, they could only stare at Mo Chu, pitifully swallowing their saliva, and their minds could not stop spinning:

What exactly was in that bottle?

This sentence not only lingered in the hearts of the media, but even the two galactic high-ranking personnel who were closely following this matter had the same thought. However, the concrete thoughts of both parties were far from the same.

‘Aiyo, Mo Chu, this silly girl! Such a big secret, you should keep it to yourself. Why did you say it out loud to benefit Dark Ocean Galaxy and his group?’ This was the thought of the Federation officials.

When they thought about how they were going to hand over such a huge amount of wealth to Dark Ocean Galaxy’s people, their hearts were really bleeding from pain! It was as if their own gold and silver treasures had been dug out. If it was possible, they really wanted to rush forward and cover Mo Chu’s mouth!

As for the officials on Dark Ocean Galaxy’s side, at this moment, all of them wished they could perk up their ears and hear every single word that Mo Chu said.

After all, with this method to expand the production of Spirit Food, would they still be afraid of not having money?

When they thought of this, their smiles bloomed like brilliant Persian chrysanthemums, completely unable to close!

However, unfortunately, their wishful thinking still fell through in the end.

Mo Chu sat in the middle of the stage, lightly shook the bottle in her hand, and directly said, “This is filled with the thick fog of the Hunting Festival. Previously, during the Hunting Festival, I discovered that it has a very shocking effect on absorbing the toxins from magical plants and magical beasts. Once this problem is solved, it will be much easier to expand the production of Spirit Food.”

When Mo Chu said this, the people from the Dark Ocean Galaxy who reacted the most were the first to react!

They were stunned for a moment before they beat their chests and stomped their feet in annoyance!

So the key to expanding the production of Spirit Food was in this thick fog?

Did that mean that they had foolishly held onto the treasure for so long all these years and did not realize it?

Mo Chu naturally did not expect that her words would instantly set off a huge wave on the Internet!

The citizens of Dark Ocean Galaxy were filled with an extraordinary amount of indignation. They almost spat out a mouthful of saliva:

“I just want to ask: What are the researchers of our Dark Ocean Galaxy doing all day long? With such a high salary, they actually didn’t even notice that ‘thick fog can absorb poison’?” The moment these words were said, they immediately attracted the likes of quite a number of netizens.

“That’s right! At this moment, they even let a little lass from the Federation notice it first? Damn it! My face is already swollen from the slap, alright?”

“Right now, I don’t feel like speaking anymore!”

“That, I’ll silently interject a sentence. It’s said that Mo Chu only stayed for half a day during the Hunting Festival before he made such an important discovery… I suddenly feel that this lass is a humanoid murder weapon! Why don’t we consider limiting her entry and exit time in the future? Otherwise, who knows what she’ll discover next?!”

“I disagree with this view! Mo Chu’s ability to discover this point is her business. Furthermore, if she discovers it, she can also use it to benefit everyone! Your idea is a completely different type of closed-door seclusion! Are you stupid?”

“Wow! You’re right, I Like It!”

“However, when I think about it, I still feel stifled…”

This time, the citizens of the Federation did not interfere.

Heh! Let’s just sit by the side and watch happily!

However, I have to say that watching Dark Ocean Galaxy tear himself apart with me makes me feel extremely delighted!

Of course, Mo Chu was not clear about the emotions of the netizens at this moment.

After the venue calmed down, she continued, “But that’s also the problem! At that time, they took the bottle and opened it rashly. As a result, the thick fog in the bottle spread out… very quickly, it corroded all three of them.”

“Apart from a puddle of water, there was nothing left.”

After Mo Chu finished speaking, the entire venue quieted down.

Even the whispers from before had disappeared.

Everyone’s gaze on the bottle was no longer as fanatical as before. Instead, there was a faint hint of fear. Some people even subconsciously took a few steps back.

That’s right! The thick fog inside would have a corrosive effect!

That… was there anything wrong with this bottle? If there was, she should have told them earlier!

“Wait, something’s not right!” Some people were quick-witted, and quickly noticed that something was wrong. They immediately asked, “Then… why are you fine?”

Mo Chu and the three men were in the same room, so why was she the only one who had survived and was unharmed? This was obviously illogical!

“On this point,” Mo Chu furrowed her brows. “I’m not too sure either. However, I’m guessing that it’s probably because I’m a light attribute special ability user!”

In her current situation, it was a little like she was wearing a protective shield on her body, she was able to prevent the thick fog from corroding her.

This was also the reason why she was not corroded by the thick fog.

“Also, the thick fog that I collected in the Magical Region back then was completely harmless. Logically speaking, it shouldn’t have any effect on humans.” Mo Chu pursed her lips and explained her guess in detail, “However, it’s possible that when the thick fog first overflowed from the bottle, the density changed, causing it to become corrosive again. That’s why the three of them…”

Mo Chu struggled with these questions for quite a while, but in the end, she finally figured it out.

Hearing what Mo Chu said, everyone finally understood why mo Chu dared to tell everyone the key to expanding the production of Spirit Food so openly!

It was very simple! She was not afraid at all!

Hehe! You want to learn from her, and you want to imitate her?

I’m telling you, you can’t do it!

In the entire galaxy, Mo Chu was the only known light attribute special ability. In other words, even if others had gone to collect the thick fog, would they have the guts to make the Spirit Food? If they were not careful, even their corpse would be lost!

After all, money and life were two sides of the same coin. Most people would choose the latter.

In other words, whether it was the method to make Spirit Food or the method to expand the production of Spirit Food, these two aspects were firmly in Mo Chu’s hands. Furthermore, they would only be in Mo Chu’s hands!

At this moment, the high officials of the entire Dark Ocean Galaxy were all dumbfounded.

The beautiful thoughts that they had in their minds had all turned into nothingness in the blink of an eye. What happened to the agreed method? Where was the agreed upon money path? — you’re lying!

The high officials of the Federation were the exact opposite of them.

Previously, they had hated Mo Chu for failing to live up to expectations, but now, they were full of admiration for her!

Especially when they thought of the other party’s forced smile, their hearts were filled with joy! Aiyo, as expected of Ning Yiyuan’s little wife. She had a set of tricks up her sleeves!

Well done! We like it!

The press conference had already ended.

The reporters who had walked out of the venue were still feeling a little dizzy. It was because Mo Chu had dropped too many bombs on them. One by one, they exploded. They simply could not react in time!

However, they subconsciously clenched the recording pens in their hands. Hmm… her story seems to cover all of the questions!

At this moment, Mo Chu and the others were still at the venue, handling the follow-up matters.

Although it was said to be handling matters, in reality, the ones who had put in the effort were the few men represented by Ning Yiyuan. As for Mo Chu, the little girl was currently half-leaning on the chair with her eyes closed to rest!

Ning Yiyuan had already said, “Isn’t it tiring for Little Chu to hold a press conference alone? Quickly let her rest! If anyone dares to ask her to do it, hehe…”

Zhong Wen looked at the terminal. It had only been an hour since the press conference started, and Mo Chu had been sitting the entire time. How could this be called tiring?

Eh? Boss, what about your strict requirements… have you given them all up when it came to Mo Chu?

After scrolling through the online discussion forums, the smile on Aron’s face deepened. He could not help but snap his fingers. “Little Chu did a good job. Then the previous assault case should be no problem!”

“Really?” Hearing that, Mo Yang’s eyes lit up.

“Of course. “Aron ran his fingers through his hair narcissistically. He raised his eyebrows and asked in return, “When have I ever lied about what I said?”

“But, isn’t the case not in court yet?” Xie Chunxi frowned slightly. He did not quite understand where Aron’s confidence came from. After all, the case had not been closed yet, so there were still variables in the matter. No one dared to guarantee it, right?

“Whether the case is in court or not is no longer important.” The corners of Ning Yiyuan’s mouth curled up slightly, and his gaze toward Mo Chu was filled with indescribable pride. “Once Little Chu’s Spirit Food is expanded, Dark Ocean Galaxy’s side will definitely benefit as well. Then, do you think they’ll be tempted?”

The answer was definitely yes.

“So, they definitely won’t offend Little Chu and the Federation at this critical juncture!” Ning Yiyuan’s eyes faintly revealed a hint of understanding. “Profit is their eternal pursuit. As for hurting someone, not to mention Little Chu originally did it in self-defense, even if she really took the initiative to hurt An Yao, so what?”

From the moment Aron took the initiative to hold this press conference and revealed Mo Chu’s value, it was already destined that Little Chu would be fine.

The case after that was just a formality!

[email protected]@@@[email protected]@@@@=======

Hearing this, the few of them finally understood, and they could not help but smile.

Sure enough, it was as Ning Yiyuan expected, a week later, the verdict of the trial was quickly announced.

After verification, Mo Chu was found guilty of wounding someone in self-defense. She was innocent and could be released on the spot.

An Yao and the other two framed the defendant and were imprisoned for three months according to the Dark Ocean Galaxy constitution.

Compared to the previous press conference, the outcome of the trial was much calmer now.

It was like a small pebble falling on a lake, gently stirring up a ripple before sinking and no longer reacting.

Of course, this was only on the surface.

Ning Yiyuan had long discovered through Mo Chu’s previous words and his secret investigation that the three people were sent by An Yao to snatch the method from Mo Chu. Of course, if possible, it would be best to kill Mo Chu as well!

Back then, when he heard this news, Ning Yiyuan was so angry that he hacked a table with one hand!

Zhong Wen felt a slight heartache at the side. It was not because he felt sorry for Ning Yiyuan’s hand. After all, he knew how fierce his Boss was.

However… Zhong Wen looked at the table that had been split into two halves, and his forehead twitched slightly. This was an antique red table, and it was worth a lot! The most important thing was that this was his room, and he was the one who had to compensate for the damage!

However, seeing his Boss’s extreme anger, Zhong Wen still chose to keep quiet.

It was just a table, right? He could still afford it! However… it was really expensive! His half a year’s salary was gone just like that, gone… Ouch!

When the case was settled, Ning Yiyuan took advantage of the late night to make a solo trip to the An Family.

He did not know what they had said between them, but in the end, An Yao was expelled from the An Family. The previously arrogant Little Princess of the An Family became a homeless prisoner.

This punishment was worse than killing her!

After all, An Yao had offended many people before. Without the protection of the An Family now, one could only imagine how her life would be like in the future.

Thus, Zhong Wen sighed and shake his head slightly…

There was still room for negotiation if she offended Boss.

Offending Mo Chu… Hehe! Then you can only do as you see fit!

Boss had always been heavy-handed!

Of course, Mo Chu did not know about this, and Ning Yiyuan did not intend to let her know.

Since the matter had already been settled, the few of them put away their burdens and bade farewell to Xie Chunxi and Aron. They immediately set off on their journey back to the Federation.

Looking at the bright star fog outside the interstellar cabin, Mo Chu’s mood was extremely cheerful!

Great, they were finally free from this mess!

Looking at the smiling Mo Chu, Ning Yiyuan’s eyes softened.

Roundy, who was in Mo Chu’s arms, slept the most peacefully. Its cute little mouth was slightly open, and it was snoring…