Chapter 441 - Mung Bean Cake, Is It Delicious?

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Chapter 441: Mung Bean Cake, Is It Delicious?

Upon returning to the Federation, Mo Chu did not have the time to rest. She threw Roundy in her arms onto the sofa and rushed towards the laboratory that Exalted Chen Bai had descended from.

Perhaps it was because she had returned to her homeland, her mind was bursting with inspiration at this moment. Many ideas were like air bubbles, popping out one after another. Experienced people knew that at this time, they had to strike while the iron was hot. If they were to delay for a while, these ideas would disappear without a trace!

Thus, after saying a few words to them, Mo Chu ran frantically toward the laboratory.

Then, Ning Yiyuan, who had originally wanted to have a good time with his girlfriend, was instantly dumbfounded.

His little wife suddenly turned into a workaholic… what the f*ck?

After standing there in a daze for a long while, Ning Yiyuan caught a glimpse of Roundy who had been thrown off the sofa. It curled up and changed its position, continuing to sleep soundly. It did not feel the loneliness in the air at all.

Ning Yiyuan snorted coldly. This little fatty was a foodie! A sleeping foodie! It did not feel anything!

Then, he saw Ning Yiyuan suddenly stretch out his hand and swiftly twist the sleeping Roundy, almost turning it into a flower!

Looking at Roundy’s slightly distorted image, Ning Yiyuan let out a light sigh. “Alright, let’s go back to the headquarters!” His little wife had already worked so hard, how could he fall behind?

“Yes.” Zhong Wen lowered his head to reply, but in his heart, he felt as though he had a million curses running through his head…

In any case, he definitely would not tell anyone how lonely and cold his Boss was right now. Otherwise, how could he have become so childish?

Initially, Ning Yiyuan had thought that Mo Chu’s ‘Workaholic’ mode was only temporarily activated. Who would have thought that this lass would actually run on this road and never return!?

It had already been two whole months since they returned to the Federation.

Other than sleeping and eating, Mo Chu spent almost all her time in the laboratory.

The time they spent together could be counted on one hand. Even the video call on the screen was only connected seven or eight times. Moreover, this girl was often called away by Exalted Chen Bai halfway through the calls.

As a result, Ning Yiyuan’s already depressed mood dropped to the freezing point.

As a result, the entire atmosphere in the command center became a little strange.

Everyone once again returned to their jittery working attitude at the beginning, afraid of accidentally angering Ning Yiyuan!

Woah! He did not even open his mouth to scold anyone. He just coldly glanced at you, then threw you to a corner of the office and ignored you forever.

However, with so many people coming in and out of this office, who would not take a second look at you?

Damn! That feeling… was really embarrassing!

He even wished that he could dig a hole and bury himself in it!

However, the moment you made a slight movement, Ning Yiyuan immediately turned his head to look at you as if he had eyes on his back. That gaze was even more accurate than the nano-radar!

Just like that, there was an unlucky guy in front of him. He seemed to have misreported the data in the documents and had already been standing in the office for the entire morning.

He wanted to loosen up a little, but just as he lowered his head, he immediately received Ning Yiyuan’s cold and indifferent gaze. How could he dare to move? He immediately returned to his posture of raising his head, puffing out his chest, and closing his stomach. His military posture was definitely more standard than when he was in the Military Academy’s training back then!

A series of knocks suddenly came from the quiet office.

Ning Yiyuan was still burying his head in the documents. “Come in.”

“Boss.” Zuo Lin opened the door and entered. He put the documents on his desk and said with a smile, “Someone is looking for you.”

“Does he have an appointment?” Ning Yiyuan opened the documents Zuo Lin brought over and quickly browsed through them. He signed his name at the end after he felt that there was no problem.

Zuo Lin was stunned for a moment. “Ah? I don’t have one, but…”

“So you think that anyone can come in here? Where have you learned your rules?” Ning Yiyuan interrupted Zuo Lin’s unfinished sentence and frowned!

“Alright, stop with the buts.” Ning Yiyuan reached out and handed the signed document to Zuo Lin. “Ask him to leave.”

“Alright.” Zuo Lin took the document and shrugged helplessly. However, his footsteps were very slow. “Then I have no choice but to send Mo Chu back!”

“Wait!” Ning Yiyuan stopped the pen in his hand. “Who did you say just now?”

“Mo Chu!” Zuo Lin first had an innocent look on his face. Then, he pretended to be enlightened. “Ah, yes. According to the rules, you can’t come in without an appointment. Don’t worry, I’ll immediately pass down instructions to say that you’re too busy and ask her to…”

Zuo Lin was only halfway through his words when he felt a gust of wind blow past him.

He looked up again and couldn’t help but smile… the office chair was swaying slightly, but the person who was sitting on it had disappeared.

You can’t pretend anymore once Mo Chu comes, right?!

Zuo Lin snorted happily. It seemed that they would have a much better time in the coming days!

The man standing next to him was dumbfounded.

His vision blurred, and Commander Ning was… Gone?

“What happened?”T he man could not help but approach curiously when he was distracted and did not hear their conversation. He had never seen Ning Yiyuan lose his composure like this! This was the first time!

“What else can we do?” Zuo Lin raised his eyebrows and smiled. “Our commander’s wife is here!”

The man was stunned for a long while before he equated the words ‘Commander’s wife’ and ‘Mo Chu’. Then, his eyes could not help but light up! He asked with a mixture of surprise and excitement, “You mean, Lucky Star is here?”

“Yes.” Zuo Lin nodded. “Don’t worry, Brother, Your punishment will definitely end here!”

How could Boss let you stand here and be a third wheel?

“Really?” The man’s eyes suddenly lit up! Then, he suddenly changed the topic. “Aiya!”

The man patted his thigh and hurriedly tidied up his clothes and hairstyle. He even asked Zuo Lin beside him in a serious manner, “Look at me like this, is it okay?”

As he said that, he even muttered in annoyance, “If I knew that Mo Chu was coming today, I would have worn that light gray suit! Why am I wearing this?”

Zuo Lin’s mouth twitched at the side. This is…

“That… are you a fan of Mo Chu?” Zuo Lin asked softly. This was the first time he realized that Mo Chu’s fan coverage was so wide that even their headquarters had fallen!

“That’s for sure!” The man’s attitude was very natural. The anticipation on his face could not be more obvious.

Yo! Daring to covet Mo Chu within Boss’s jurisdiction… Zuo Lin reached out and patted the man’s shoulder. “You’ve got guts! Brother… you can do it, I support you!”

A few minutes later, when Ning Yiyuan led Mo Chu in, the cold air that lingered around his body had instantly transformed into the warm spring sun. The smile in his eyes could not be any more obvious!

Unexpectedly, as soon as the two of them walked in, they were swarmed by the people in the office.

Of course, the person they swarmed was definitely not Ning Yiyuan, but their popular idol — Mo Chu!

“Aiya, what a lucky treasure! A real person, a real person, definitely a real person!”

“Why didn’t I think that working in the headquarters would have such hidden benefits? That’s great!”

“That… Little Chu, can I have your autograph?”

“Can we take a photo together?”

Zuo Lin and Zhong Wen stood at the side. When they saw this situation, they could not help but be surprised by Mo Chu’s charm. She was practical taking over the entire headquarters, alright?

When they turned their heads again, the two of them could clearly see that Ning Yiyuan’s expression had changed from Yang to Yin, and his entire body was emitting cold air.

His words almost turned into ice. “Why, Don’t you have jobs? Are you guys so free?”

When he said this, there was a whoosh!

Everyone could not help but pause for a moment.

They looked at each other before raising their heads to look at Ning Yiyuan. Aiyo, that face was so dark! It was practically comparable to ink!

Oh No, did they… offend the devil? But when they thought of letting Mo Chu go, who knew when they would bump into each other again?

Oh oh! So conflicted, what should they do?

Everyone looked at each other, but no one dared to speak.

Instead, Mo Chu helped everyone out. “How about this, when I leave, I’ll sign autographs and take photos with you guys?”

She could tell that everyone really liked her, and her heart could not help but feel warm. Anyone who was surrounded by such sincere love would not be in a bad mood!

Moreover, looking at Ning Yiyuan’s attitude, it was obvious that he would not want their time to be occupied. Since that was the case, she might as well move the time to the back.

This would be good for everyone!

“Ai, that would be good!”

Everyone understood that Mo Chu was thinking about them. They could not suppress the excitement on their faces and nodded in agreement.

No problem, let’s do it this way!

“Alright, let’s go.” Seeing this, Ning Yiyuan’s attitude warmed up slightly as he held Mo Chu’s hand and walked toward his office.

Although their footsteps were a little hurried, the way they held Mo Chu’s hand was always very gentle. The tenderness in their eyes could not be ignored.

They closed the door.

The enclosed office suddenly became a private space.

Ning Yiyuan directly went forward and hugged Mo Chu in his arms. He felt that the small and petite ball just happened to fill the empty space in his heart. He could not help but let out a comfortable sigh.

“Hey, are you angry?” Mo Chu lay on Ning Yiyuan’s firm and broad chest and poked him twice with his finger.

She also knew that she had been too cold to Ning Yiyuan during this period of time, so she immediately rushed over to look for him after the matter was settled.

Although she had never been in a relationship before, Mo Chu had never felt that a relationship was a matter of one person. There was nothing to be taken for granted. Both of them needed to put in effort in order to maintain a relationship.

“Silly girl.” Ning Yiyuan gave a light laugh. Lowering his head, he planted a light kiss on Mo Chu’s forehead. When she saw the bloodshot eyes, he could not help but feel his heart ache. “Are you that busy? Your eyes are all red!”

Mo Chu’s body was not any better than the others.

Others only saw how good her light attribute special ability was. However, they did not know that her light attribute special ability required the purest form of energy. It was because of this that she could not even consume food from the Federation, she could not even consume all the medicine she consumed internally.

Once she was injured, her situation would be much more serious than others!

“Don’t worry, I’m fine.” Mo Chu stretched out his hand to smooth over Ning Yiyuan’s furrowed brows. His tone carried a tinge of excitement. “Do you know? My experiment has succeeded!”

“Yes!” Mo Chu nodded heavily. In the 21st century, she had worked in restaurants and food processing factories, so she still had some impression of this place. However, she needed to add a ‘fog washing’ process in front of all the processes to absorb all the toxins in the magical plants and magical beasts.

“Fortunately, I have teacher Chen Bai and Brother to help me. Otherwise, I don’t know when my production method will be ready!” When she talked about her latest achievements, Mo Chu was obviously very excited.

Mo Yang had long been used to helping his sister design those strange things. From the pots and pans to the oven and steamer at the back, they were all done by him. This time was no exception.

Mo Chu only needed to give a general idea, and the rest would be handed over to her big brother.

Meanwhile, Chen Baizun’s understanding of magic plants was far more profound than Mo Chu’s. In many places, it filled the gap between the two of them.

It was because of this that they were able to produce a production process so quickly.

“Oh right, try it.” Mo Chu took out a plate of mung bean cake from the terminal and handed it to Ning Yiyuan. “This is made with a machine. What do you think is different about the taste?”

Ning Yiyuan glanced at his two hands that were holding Mo Chu and shook his head slightly. “I can’t take it.”

Mo Chu was speechless. Can’t you just put me down?

However, Ning Yiyuan held Mo Chu even tighter and showed his determination with his actions.

“Okay, I’ll feed you. Is that okay?” Mo Chu chuckled and reached out to take a piece of mung bean cake and feed it to Ning Yiyuan. “Come, open your mouth.”

Ning Yiyuan obediently opened his mouth and deliberately tilted his head slightly. His lips pressed against Mo Chu’s finger as he nibbled on a piece of mung bean cake. The smile in his eyes was rippling!

Ow! This was a blatant provocation!

Mo Chu glared at him.

However, she was attracted by the deep affection in Ning Yiyuan’s eyes.

He was currently lowering his head and staring at her. His mouth was still chewing, and his throat was slightly moving up and down.

It was a very normal action, but when it landed on Ning Yiyuan’s body, it revealed an indescribable sexiness.

“The taste is not bad.” Ning Yiyuan nodded slightly.

“Really?” Hearing this, Mo Chu’s eyes lit up!

They had scrapped quite a lot in the past two days and had been constantly adjusting the data. It was not easy for them to produce today’s finished product, so their expectations for it were quite high. Hearing Ning Yiyuan’s words now, she felt even more confident.

“Expand the production of Spirit Food.” It sounded simple, but it was not easy to do.

First of all, Mo Chu and the others could only focus on some relatively simple dishes, such as egg fried rice, porridge, and pickles. Of course, the main force was still placed on pastries, such as spring rolls and steamed buns, they could be used as snacks or as dinner.

As for the other complicated dishes, she still had to carefully consider them. After all, if they were not done properly, these things would explode!

Seeing that Mo Chu was daydreaming again, Ning Yiyuan’s eyes could not help but darken. She said in a hoarse voice, “Whether it’s true or not, won’t you know after you taste it?”

“I’ve already tasted it…”

Before she could finish her words, she was directly stopped by Ning Yiyuan on the spot.

His warm lips pressed tightly against Mo Chu’s and gently caressed it. When Mo Chu opened her mouth slightly, she immediately ate the remaining mung bean cake in his mouth…

The faint fragrance of the mung bean cake filled their mouths.

“Isn’t it delicious?” Ning Yiyuan smiled like a cat that had stolen a fish. “I think it’s very sweet!”

As he said that, he subconsciously licked the lips. However, he was not licking his own, but Mo Chu’s…

She had to look at him in a new light!

What did Ning Yiyuan, this hooligan, learn in these two months? How did he suddenly advance from a scum-grade hooligan to a god-grade hooligan?

Pushing away this fellow with ulterior motives, Mo Chu had a premonition that if she did not leave now, Ning Yiyuan might do something to her!

“Um… I’ll give them the rest of the mung bean cake to the others to try.” Looking at the plate on the table, Mo Chu immediately found the best excuse. Her eyes lit up as she hurried out.

Thus, Mo Chu’s fans who worked in the headquarters felt exceptionally happy today. Not only did they get to see Little Chu in person, they also got her autograph and group photo. They even got Mo Chu’s mung bean cake!

It could not be any more wonderful!

However, for some reason, the corners of Mo Chu’s mouth were slightly red and swollen… Also, when she was once again carried back to the office by Ning Yiyuan, her expression was a little tearful… Hmm! It should be an illusion!