Chapter 442 - Hot Topic!

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Chapter 442: Hot Topic!

After the first step was successful, the road ahead was much smoother.

Following the successful production of the mung bean cake, Mo Chu’s thousand layer cake, brown sugar cake, and bean paste cake were also produced.

Seeing the batch after batch of delicious and fragrant cakes being produced, the one who was the most excited was not Mo Chu himself. Instead, it was Roundy and Little Flying Fox who were wagging their tails excitedly:

Woah! This feeling of being surrounded by delicacies could not be any better!

The moment they thought of the entire world being covered by delicacies… The large eyes of the two magical beasts narrowed in happiness, and the expressions on their faces were of pure joy!

This intoxicated look of theirs was simply unbearable to look at!

Mo Chu raised her eyebrows slightly, but the corners of her mouth could not help but curl up into a smile.

The Federation’s productivity was far more efficient than that of the 21st century. All the settings could be directly controlled by the terminal, and the entire machine could be operated automatically. With 24-hour uninterrupted work, it could produce tens of thousands of pastries.

This time, the number of Spirit Food had greatly increased!

The entire production workshop was filled with a rich fragrance. Pastries were produced one after another, and then 15 of them would be carefully packaged in a box… these were all the fruits of their labor!

Mo Chu smiled with her eyes curved. It had to be said that this sense of accomplishment… was almost off the charts!

“Damn, it really works!” Looking at the Spirit Food in front of him that was constantly working, Qin Yue’s eyes was shining. Aiyo, looking at it this way, it would not be a problem to eat one and throw one away in the future!

“Of course.” Mo Yang glanced at him indifferently, “Why don’t you see who made this?”

“Fine, you! You’re amazing…” Sigh! This kid also learned to be narcissistic. Qin Yue sighed helplessly. Before he could finish his words, Mo Yang interrupted him. “Ha! My sister is so amazing!”

As expected of a sister-con!

Qin Yue gritted his teeth and turned his head to look at Mo Chu. He asked in a good mood, “Little girl, how much have you made?”

“Not much.” Mo Chu counted with her fingers. “Scallion pancake, thousand layer crisp, walnuts crispy… adding up the sizes, there should be around 10 to 20 types!”

“Slurp –” Qin Yue sucked in his saliva.

Damn! Just hearing the name made him want to eat. What should he do?

“Want to eat?” Seeing Qin Yue’s drooling face, Mo Chu could not help but turn her head to look at him.

Qin Yue nodded repeatedly. His appearance was no different from a drooling husky.

Qin Yue’s expression instantly froze!

Give me back that cute and generous Mo Chu from before!

“You’ve already put it in the Spirit Food Shop?” Hearing this, Mo Yang could not help but turn his head and ask.

“Not yet.” Mo Chu shook her head and opened the terminal conveniently. “I’ll put it up right now!”

Without hesitation, Mo Chu reached out his hand and tapped on the terminal.

Ten minutes later, the front page of the ‘Spirit Food Shop’ had changed.

Mo Chu had placed the Spirit Food that had been upgraded significantly into a special category and named it ‘high-level Spirit Food’. As for the other Spirit Food that had weaker effects, he put them together and then opened up a new section below, he specialized in selling these machine-made pastries in large quantities.

Of course, as these pastries were produced in large quantities, their prices were also much cheaper than other Spirit Foods.

As a result, the various gluttons who had been drooling over this for a long time discovered in surprise that afternoon that, um… the layout of this Spirit Food shop seemed to have suddenly changed!

What was the extra section below?

Seeing the pictures of more than 20 different types of pastries, everyone’s eyes lit up!

Then, it turned into a sea of red!

One had to know that ever since the ‘Spirit Food Shop’ was on sale, they had become a monthly competition. As the name implied, they had to compete in hand speed every month. Otherwise, you would not be able to buy this popular Spirit Food at all!

Then, everyone was waiting for the listing to practice their ‘hand speed’, but they would always end up disappointed… the cycle repeated itself.

Tell me, just for one serving of Spirit Food, this journey could not be any more difficult, okay?

But… What did they see now?

They were already used to the ‘Spirit Food shop’ selling only 10 or so servings of Spirit Food every month. Now that they suddenly saw the words ‘Order at any time’, they suddenly felt that they were hallucinating!

Wait a minute… what did ‘Order at any time’ mean?

F*ck! That meant — buy whatever you want!

Of course, they completely ignored the note beside them: Each person was limited to three boxes.

Mo Chu had 15 pieces of pastries in each box. Three boxes meant 45 pieces, which was definitely enough to meet the demand for a week.

Furthermore, everyone did not have to worry about the problem of the pastries rotting and destroying.

In reality, the Federation did not have anything like preservatives. Everyone would just directly place them in the terminal! Don’t worry, the effect would definitely be awesome. Everything that was placed in the terminal would be the same until it was taken out! The preservation effect would be top-notch!

After that, everyone was high!

What else could they say?

Hurry up and buy! Buy! Buy!

Not only did he buy them, he even directly linked them to his family and friends. This was a rare opportunity. Who knows when this lass Mo Chu would go back on her word and decide to sell them according to the quantity!

He must not miss this opportunity!

There were many people with such thoughts. Hence, that night, due to the high turnover, the Spirit Food shop’s homepage collapsed!

The moment the netizens refreshed it, it was ‘The page can not be displayed. Please wait a moment’.

Instantly, a wave of wails sounded!

And the netizens who had successfully bought it previously started to show off.

“Sigh, buying one box of each flavor, a total of 20 boxes, isn’t that too little?”

“Haha, I believe in Little Chu. Three boxes of each flavor!”

“It’s already been trained. Fast hands, that’s how smart it is!”

The netizens who had not bought anything stared at them with resentment. … You bastards, get lost!

But fortunately, the phenomenon of the website crashing only lasted for half an hour, and it was quickly fixed.

The majority of the netizens expressed that they could no longer control the primal power that they had accumulated for half an hour. Thus, another small peak of sales appeared!

Mo Chu’s backend was able to see the real-time trading volume.

Thus, Zuo Lin, who was called over by Ning Yiyuan to be a ‘Web repair worker’, shot a glance and could not catch his breath!

Damn, did he stare at the terminal for too long just now? His vision was a little blurry now! Damn, this long string of numbers was simply dazzling his eyes!

“Boss,” Zuo Lin walked over in a daze. After a long while, he said, “In the future, you can totally rely on Little Chu to raise you!”

This girl’s wealth collection speed was too fast. It had only been a short while, and the transaction value of the ‘Spirit Food Shop’ was almost close to 100 million!

She was definitely a nouveau riche!

“Sure!” Ning Yiyuan nodded with a smile, his eyes filled with pride. “My whole body belongs to Little Chu. I don’t mind letting her take care of me.”

Zuo Lin was speechless. … Boss, where’s your moral integrity? There was no future in living off a woman!

As if seeing that Zuo Lin had not finished speaking, Ning Yiyuan added with a light smile, “I’m very satisfied with my little financial backer, unlike some people who are still alone and single!”

As soon as these words were said, Mo Yang, Almighty Song, Qin Yue, Zuo Lin, and Zhong Wen, who belonged to the ‘Lonely Army’, cast a strange look at him. … I’m single and I’m glorious!

With this look, there were indeed quite a number of singles around them. Holding Mo Chu, who was looking at the terminal with his head lowered, Ning Yiyuan suddenly had the illusion that he was a winner in life!

Mo Chu’s ‘machine-made pastries’ were snapped up one after another and became popular once again on the Starnet!

The number of transactions in one day had already exceeded a million. If they calculated the price of a box of pastries at 100 Federation Coins… Ouch! Mo Chu’s income in one day was comparable to their lifetime’s money.

This number made the other Starnet shop owners jealous and envious!

Why was there such a big difference between two people?

Why was Mo Chu’s business so good?

The foodies also expressed one after another, “Don’t worry, this is nothing!”

If it were not for Little Chu’s limited supply, the sales volume might have doubled.

Moreover, they all left messages on the front page of the ‘Spirit Food Shop’, hoping that Mo Chu could make more delicacies. Don’t worry about the sales problem, we’ll take care of it for you!

Of course, there were also some people who were skeptical about this pastry.

Could the taste of the products produced by this machine be the same as before?

Regarding this, the foodies who had already experienced it all spoke their minds:

“I’ve already eaten up a box of thousand-layer cake. Wow! That texture, it can’t be any better! Crisp, sweet, fragrant! Let’s go, Let’s move on to the second box!”

“I want to confess my love to you, my favorite — bean paste cake! The sweet and sticky taste, biting into it, it’s the pinnacle of life!”

“For the first time, I feel that what I ate before was f*cking sh*t!”

“No, I reckon that even sh*t tastes better than them!”

The food experts who were silently grieving: … You can speak a little more tactfully. We’re also people who want to browse the web forums, can you take into account our feelings!

Therefore, half a month after that day, a wave of ‘Spirit Food craze’ once again swept across the entire Federation. Compared to the previous few times, it was even larger and more powerful!

After all, the price of Spirit Food in the past was too high. Basically, it was in units of “10,000”. Other than the slightly wealthier special ability users, the others rarely bought it.

However, now that there were mass-produced machines, under the premise that the quality was unchanged, the quantity of Spirit Food had increased several times. Naturally, the price had been lowered quite a bit. Even ordinary families could afford it.

As a result, the scope of purchasing Spirit Food had been greatly expanded.

After experiencing the charm of Spirit Food, almost all the customers gave favorable comments without any surprise. After that, they attracted a large number of new customers, which was a virtuous cycle, Mo Chu’s ‘Spirit Food Shop’ business was simply thriving.

Not only that, the reputation of Spirit Food was slowly spreading towards Dark Ocean Galaxy, Wisdom Cloud Galaxy and other galaxies.

There were even people who, through official talks, suggested that Mo Chu open branches in other galaxies. After all, the two galaxies were not close to each other. Many people were anxious to death as they waited, and one after another, they submitted suggestions to their own government!

For a time, Mo Chu’s Spirit Food became a hot topic!