Chapter 443 - Food Show (1)

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Chapter 443: Food Show (1)

District 3 of the Federation.

Qin Entertainment, backstage preparation room.

“Hey! Did you hear what I said?”

A woman with a serious expression glanced at the man and woman next to her. She extended her hand and knocked on the table a few times to remind her of the importance of her words, “This time, I have spent a lot of effort to help you get this ‘Food Show’. You must seize the opportunity! Strive for more popularity!”

“Got it, Sister Liu.” The girl with a sweet smile nodded and took her manager’s hand. “How many times have you said this? But, didn’t there be an inside story saying that Mo Chu is the main guest of this show? Is… is that true?”

In the past ten years, although Mo Chu had been immersed in the production of Spirit Food and no longer stepped into the entertainment circle, her popularity and popularity had never been low. From time to time, she would even be on the trending searches, with influence and appeal, no one had ever dared to ignore her.

As soon as these words were said, even the man who had been silent all this time could not help but raise his head and take a look.

“Little girl, you’re quite well-informed.” Sister Liu laughed softly and suppressed her voice, “I heard that this program was specially created for Mo Chu. Otherwise, how could it be called a ‘Food Show’? Which one of you has the ability to do that! ? You’re just helping out by the side and trying out the taste.”

That might be the case, but were there not a lot of people fighting for this position?

She had worked with Mo Chu before — this was also a form of capital, not to mention how much popularity it could bring!

If she hadn’t gotten a lot of favors from people, how could these two guys under her be on her side?

“You two, be careful today. Don’t offend anyone! Do you understand?” As she said this, Sister Liu’s smug expression turned serious as she warned the two of them, “If you offend this person, I won’t be able to protect the both of you! Do you understand?”

“We understand, Sister Liu. We will definitely be careful!”

The girl nodded with a smile.

The other man also nodded silently.

After hearing this, Sister Liu finally heaved a sigh of relief.

Although the two people under her command could be considered to be extremely popular and their fans were also numerous, they were still far from being comparable to Mo Chu and the rest!

Putting everything else aside, just Mo Chu’s achievements alone were enough to make them look up to her!

“Alright, it’s good that you guys understand.” Sister Liu nodded and looked at the time on the terminal. She became a little anxious. “What’s going on? Where are the people in makeup and the people in costumes? Why isn’t anyone here yet?”

As soon as she finished speaking, the door of the preparation room was pushed open.

Two or three people walked in with a row of clothes. The assistant at the front nodded at them and pointed to them with his hand. “Hello, these two are the makeup artists and costume artists of our Qin Entertainment. They will help you with the styling of this program.”

“Ah, okay!” As soon as these people entered, Sister Liu’s grumbling expression immediately disappeared. As if she had changed her face, she said with a smile, “Then I will have to trouble you two.”

“Don’t worry, this is what we do.” The makeup artist and costume artist also showed a very humble attitude and quickly waved their hands.

After a moment of greeting, they also immediately took action.

Makeup was applied, and clothes were changed.

Although this was only a preparation room, it had a lot of space. and behind each seat, there was a small suite for changing clothes. It was very convenient.

Sister Liu stayed by the side and watched.

Inwardly, she could not help but praise them. Look, they were indeed people from Qin Entertainment. Their craftsmanship was good and their speed was not slow. In less than half an hour, they had finished dressing the two beautifully.

Finally, they carefully checked their makeup and clothing and confirmed that there were no problems. Only then did the costume and makeup artist pack their things and prepare to leave. “Alright, it’s about time.”

“Thank you, it’s really beautiful.” The girl was quite good at getting things done. When she saw that the two of them were about to leave, she took out two boxes of pastries from her bag and handed them to them. “Sorry to trouble the two of you. Here, take this as a thank you gift.”

“No, there’s no need.” The two men hurriedly shook their heads and refused.

“You’re welcome!” The girl handed the pastries to the front and her smile became even sweeter. “This is the crispy pastry that I just got someone to buy yesterday. It should taste pretty good.”

Don’t underestimate this box of crispy pastry. It was a new product that had been released in the past two years. Although the price was not considered expensive, the taste was extremely good. Usually, it would be snatched up by others as soon as it was sold. If they did not have any connections, they would not be able to get it at all.

“There’s really no need.” The two men looked at each other. If this was in the past, they might have accepted it, but today…

“Um, Miss Mo Chu… I’ve already asked someone to send a box to each of our staff members.” There was no need to take this box anymore!

Hearing this, the girl could not help but be stunned.

Mo Chu sent a box of pastries…

She only had a box of pastries…

Suddenly, the girl felt her ears burning, but she still had to squeeze out a smile. “That’s great. Miss Mo Chu is really generous! She even sent a box of pastries…”

“Yeah, well…” The two staff members had been in the entertainment industry for a few years. When they saw this, they knew something was wrong, so they quickly left. “We have something to do here, so we’ll leave first. By the way, you guys have to take care of your makeup. Don’t mess it up!”

“Okay, we got it.”The girl nodded with a smile. From the corner of her eyes, she saw an empty seat next to her. She asked suspiciously, “Um… aren’t you guys going to wait for Miss Mo Chu to come?”

“Sigh, then we have nothing to do.”

The two men shook their heads with a smile and added, “With our skills, I’m afraid we’re not qualified to apply makeup on Miss Mo Chu!”

After saying that, the two of them picked up their things and walked out.

The face of the girl behind the door suddenly turned ugly. What did these two people mean… just now?

Their skills were so bad that they could only be second-or third-rate makeup stylists?

“Alright, don’t think too much. They didn’t target us on purpose.”Sister Liu saw Cheng Chuchu’s expression and knew that this girl had dug her own grave again. She could not help but sigh softly.

This girl was young, and she was likable. She still had a good future ahead of her. It was just that she was too sensitive and was very competitive!

With just a sentence from someone else, she wished she could turn it upside down and carefully break it into pieces before mulling it over. If she was slightly inferior to others, she would feel extremely uncomfortable. However, in this entertainment circle, it was normal to be inferior to others!

Who could guarantee that she would be like an evergreen tree that would last for ten thousand years?

Qin Entertainment did not bully anyone!

What kind of person, the treatment you got depended on your identity. This was the more immutable common sense in the entertainment circle. It was just that Cheng Chuchu was too young and had just become an adult not long ago. She did not even understand this point.

“Yes,” Cheng Chuchu replied in a low voice, but the dark look in her eyes could not be removed.

The man next to her was wearing headphones, shielding his surroundings, and not getting involved in this mess.

At this moment, he could not help but stop listening to the song and looked up at the door.

In less than half a minute, there were two knocks on the door. They waited for a response from inside before opening it.

“Sorry, I’m late.” The first voice that entered their ears was a gentle female voice. It was crisp and had a hint of softness to it, it was extremely pleasing to the ear.

When they raised their heads again, they saw a girl standing at the door. Her exquisite face had a faint smile on it. Her appearance was not particularly beautiful, but she had a lingering charm, as if she was enjoying the spring breeze.

“M-miss Mochu?!” Sister Liu came back to her senses and immediately stood up.

She was a little flustered. She had heard that Mo Chu was a peaceful person, but she did not take it seriously. Everyone in the entertainment industry was arrogant after gaining power, so when Mo Chu knocked on the door and came in, she really did not react in time. This… couldn’t have angered her, right?

“Yes, I’m Mo Chu.” Mo Chu smiled and nodded. She walked in and scanned the room. Very quickly, her gaze fell on the empty table at the side and asked, “Is this mine?”

“Yes, yes!” Sister Liu nodded repeatedly and took two steps forward. The two celebrities behind her immediately followed, “Hello, my surname is Liu. I’m the manager of these two little guys…”

As soon as she said that, Sister Liu felt that something was wrong.

Exactly, who were the little guys?

In terms of age, Mo Chu was a few years younger than them! However, in terms of seniority, Mo Chu could be considered their senior. This title… was really embarrassing!

“It’s okay, I don’t mind.” After a few years of training, Mo Chu was much sharper than before. She quickly noticed Sister Liu’s embarrassment. She waved her hand and walked to the side. “I’ll go prepare the styling and clothes first. I’m not afraid of wasting time.”

“Ah, okay.” Sister Liu nodded with a smile. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw a large group of people swarming in from outside the door with Mo Chu’s things in their hands. This was first-class treatment!

Mo Chu sat on the chair with his eyes slightly closed. She still had to cook in a while, so she did not prepare any makeup. She just needed to prepare the skin protection and hairstyle.

Otherwise, when she was cooking later, she would shake her head and a layer of foundation would fall on it. That would be really awkward!

Actually, at the beginning, Mo Chu really did not plan to take on this show.

It was Qin Yue’s words that moved her. “Didn’t you say that your ‘Spirit Food Restaurant’ wants to open and is preparing to recruit people? Isn’t this the best opportunity?”

That’s right! Qin Yue’s words struck her right in the heart.

After the past ten years, the Spirit Food pastries she made had practically been pushed to the entire galaxy.

She herself was not a good person to do business with, but fortunately, Will was there to help her. From the start, he had been managing her business in this aspect, and now, he could take over.

She had to admit that Will was indeed talented in this aspect. However, in just a short ten years, he was able to achieve such results. It was simply remarkable!

As the situation with the pastries had already stabilized, Mo Chu had once again set his sights on those complicated dishes, such as those spicy crayfish or chicken stew…

However, the effects of these dishes, which were made by machines, were not as satisfactory as expected. Not only did they taste a little strange, the effects of increasing one’s special ability was also much weaker than before. Even after many tweaks, they were still unable to achieve the effects that Mo Chu wanted.

As such, after racking his brains for quite a while, Mo Chu finally came up with the idea of ‘Spirit Food Restaurant’.

That’s right! With a restaurant, all these problems would be solved by chefs, right? She could totally provide non-toxic ingredients!

However, while this matter sounded simple, it would be much more troublesome to actually do it. The selection of chefs, the location of the shop, the way of managing the shop… These were all matters that couldn’t be neglected.

Of course, this was still in its infancy for the time being.

However, taking advantage of this program to slightly promote the concept of ‘Chef’ was also quite good. Perhaps they could really open up this ‘Spirit Food restaurant’! Thinking of this, the corners of Mo Chu’s mouth could not help but curl up slightly.

“Wow! Mo Chu, your skin is really good.”

“Yeah, it’s smooth, so delicate!”

“My Lucky Star, of course!”

Although it was just a simple skin care job, there were still three to five makeup artists surrounding Mo Chu. Behind her, there were two to three people helping her pick out her clothes.

Logically speaking, there should not be so many people, but these were all Mo Chu’s die-hard fans. When they heard that Mo Chu was going to participate in the show, they immediately took the initiative to sign up. They were so enthusiastic that she could not stop them at all. F*ck, I’m going to get close to my idol. No one is going to snatch it from me!

Only these seven or eight people managed to break out of the encirclement after going through many battles…

However, in the eyes of the others, this scene was a little dazzling.

Cheng Chuchu pursed her lips, feeling extremely stifled. The two of them only had two staff members. Mo Chu was alone, yet there were still seven or eight people surrounding her!

This contrast was too obvious. Even though she was mentally prepared, she did not show any concern on her face!