Chapter 445 - Food Show (3)

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Chapter 445: Food Show (3)

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They watched Mo Chu grow from obscurity all the way to today.

As fans, they felt a sense of pride and honor!

Hmph! We followed Mo Chu all the way until now!

With that thought, everyone’s spirits rose, and screams sounded one after another.

This stance shocked even the two experienced hosts. They had long expected Mo Chu’s popularity to be very strong, but they had not expected that after ten years, her popularity would not decrease at all. In fact, it had even increased!

However, thinking about it, it was not without reason.

The Spirit Food pastries that Mo Chu made had already become a bestseller in the entire galaxy, and her name had become the benchmark for a generation.

To put it bluntly, Mo Chu was the god-level idol in the eyes of the new generation of young people!

With good looks, strength, and talent, and a good partner behind her, as well as a warm brother, this was definitely the treatment of someone who had saved the Milky Way galaxy in the past!

The slightly older generation had been won over by Mo Chu’s naturally tough image. To be able to earn this career before becoming an adult, it was much better than those sons of b*stards in their own family!

Even if they wanted to chase after celebrities, they had to chase after such people!

Counting in detail, Mo Chu’s fans definitely spanned across three generations: old, middle, and young. From the looks of it, they were preparing to wipe out all of them in one go!

Thinking of this, the female host’s heart could not help but jump. Since when did this little girl in front of her have such frightening strength?

“What? Are you still thinking about Mo Chu’s bowl of egg fried rice?” The male host chuckled, on the surface, he seemed to be teasing his partner, but only the female host knew in her heart that according to the original script, it should have been her turn to speak. However, in the end, she was absent-minded at this juncture, the man also used this method to remind her.

“That’s right!” The good working quality allowed the female host to quickly continue the conversation. There was not the slightest difference on her face, and her voice faintly revealed a hint of nostalgia, “It’s a pity that I wasn’t there at the time. Otherwise, I could have tasted it. Just for this, I still missed it for many years!”

“Are you as miserable as me?” Seeing that his partner had caught up to the rhythm, the male host could not help but let out a soft sigh.

“You don’t know, but that kid Mark actually specially installed me on the terminal after the program ended. He wanted to kill me with his eyes! Aiya, he really angered me back then!” Recalling the situation back then, the male host did not know whether to laugh or cry.

Mark was the host when Mo Chu participated in the interview program back then.

This person was also a famous figure in the circle. His style was sharp, and he also had a little humor. In the end, Mo Chu directly took him under his wing with a bowl of egg fried rice, and then he became a diehard fan of Mo Chu.

“Well, it doesn’t matter. The wheel of fortune changes. It’s my turn to make her angry today!” The male host chuckled twice, and his eyes narrowed slightly from laughing, “Come, Mo Chu, take a look. These are the ingredients we prepared for you today. What do you think?”

This program was said to be a Food Show, but with a scammer like Lin Yehong, how could it be so easy?!

As expected, when Mo Chu turned her head and saw the ingredients on the table, her expression immediately froze.

She did not know where the director had found the magical beasts and magical plants. They looked quite fresh, but the content was a little strange, so much so that even she did not recognize them…

Obviously, the two hosts could not help but feel a little happy when they saw Mo Chu’s troubled expression. They always felt the pleasure of pulling Mo Chu down from the altar.

Clearing her throat, the female host explained, “The specialty of our program is to interact with the entire population.”

“How do we interact?”

“Every time our program team provides Mo Chu with ingredients, we will randomly choose one from the comments on the program’s official website. Of course, in order to improve the taste of Spirit Food, Mo Chu can temporarily add three more ingredients.”

When the host said this, the audience below and outside the venue immediately became excited!

In other words, once she gets her own brand, would that mean that Little Chu had made a custom-made Spirit Food for her?

Woah! As soon as this thought came out, everyone immediately got busy. Quickly, let’s look for any other strange magical plants on the terminal!

Seeing that everyone was happily participating, the corners of Mo Chu’s mouth could not help but twitch slightly.

Can’t everyone consider my feelings?

It would be fine if the ingredients were in place, but if she were to bring out some random things, she would ruin her own reputation, right? No, this Spirit Food was prepared. It seemed to be for these special guests…

Alright, I’m safe now.

However, I would like to offer my condolences to the future guests…

“The ingredients provided for today’s issue were suggested by the Netizen ‘beautiful New Year’. I would like to thank him for his support.” As he spoke, the host took two steps closer, and the fishing camera on top of it automatically turned its angle, the ingredients on the table were clearly captured.

On a long table, there were many magical plants and magical beasts.

On the far left, there was a large pile of things that had been fished out from the sea. Mo Chu did not recognize it, but just from its appearance, it looked quite cute. It looked like a magnified version of a shell, but he did not know if there were pearls or something in it…

At this moment, it was neatly stacked together.

When she shifted his gaze to the right, Mo Chu was more familiar with it. It was the flesh of a Donkey-horned Beast.

The markings on the body of this magical beast were very special. One red, one white, and one black intersected with each other. It looked quite beautiful, and that was the taste…

When he recalled how she had cooked this meat in high spirits back then, he thought that since it was so beautiful, the taste should be pretty good too. In the end, she realized that the meat was dry and astringent, making it impossible for anyone to eat it.

On the right were some more common ingredients, such as corn, potatoes, and winter melon. They should be used as supplementary ingredients. This made Mo Chu let out a sigh of relief. Finally, there were some normal ingredients.

However, she could not just cook vegetables, right?

She could not stand it!

“Alright, now let’s hand the stage over to Mo Chu and her two temporary helpers!” The host secretly felt good in her heart and then walked down the stage freely, leaving Mo Chu alone in distress.

Thinking back to that time, how did that brat Qin Yue promise her?

He said, “Don’t worry, this program is extremely simple. All you need to do is show off your culinary skills, and I guarantee that you will be able to use your delicacies to conquer everyone!”

Now that she looked at it, it was not her who conquered others.

She herself was about to kneel down and be ‘conquered’, alright?

What if an accident happened and Spirit Food exploded on the stage? How awkward would that be?

Of course, this possibility had become extremely small during Mo Chu’s ten years of training.

However, she still had to ridicule him when she needed to! Otherwise, how would she vent her anger?

Mo Chu took a deep breath and walked towards the table of ingredients after cursing Qin Yue a few hundred times in her heart.

It had to be said that Qin Shang had spent a lot of money on this show.

Other than these slightly strange ingredients, the other kitchen utensils were all available on the stage. Even if they needed other special items, they could just tell them that they had prepared everything thoroughly!

Mo Chu was not in a hurry to cook first. Instead, she made a rough draft in her heart and took out all the food that he felt was suitable to wash them. It was a good time to think about what she was going to do.

She could not just stand there on stage like a fool, right?

“Do you need my help?” Seeing Mo Chu washing the food by herself, Wei Liang hurriedly took a step forward. Imitating Mo Chu, he rolled up his sleeves and asked softly.

It was not because he wanted to make a name for himself on stage. Instead, he felt that he could not just stand there and watch a woman busying herself while he did nothing.

Of course, this was also a concrete manifestation of the Federation’s centuries-old concept of ‘women first’.

Out of the corner of her eye, she caught a glimpse of Wei Liang walking over to his side. Mo Chu could not help but raise her head in surprise.

Qin Yue’s earlier words were straightforward, but they were also very pertinent, “Don’t worry, my brother said that he will arrange for one or two special guests for you. To put it bluntly, they are just trying to take advantage of your popularity. You don’t have to hesitate, just order them around!”

Qin Yue’s words were exactly what he said, but Mo Chu could not really order them around. In addition, Cheng Chuchu did not give her a good impression, so she made up her mind to stay out of their way and simply put them aside. Just be a good-looking models, okay?

Therefore, Wei Liang taking the initiative at this moment was really beyond Mo Chu’s expectations.

However, since there was free labor, it would be a waste not to use it!

Mo Chu smiled and nodded. She handed over a few of the simpler materials in her hands to him. “Then I’ll trouble you to help me clean these. Can you do it?”

“Yeah.”Wei Liang did not say much, but his movements were very swift.

He opened the water pipe and his hands were a little rusty, but he carefully cleaned every single material.

Mo Chu glanced at him and felt that there was no problem, so she started to busy herself with her own matters.

Both of them had things to do, which made Cheng Chuchu, who was on the stage, look proud and aloof.

For a moment, the scene was a little awkward.

Alright, Wei Liang, this kid, usually seemed to be quiet, but now that he had a chance to stand out, he ran faster than anyone else!

Avoiding the camera, Cheng Chuchu cursed softly. When she raised her head again, it was a sweet smile again, and she moved closer to the two of them with a warm look. “Sister Mo Chu, is there anything else you want me to do?”

Upon hearing this, Mo Chu could not help but pause.

She looked down and saw that there was only the flesh of the Donkey-horned Beast and a basin of shell-like magical beasts left in her hands.

After thinking for a moment, Mo Chu gave the shell-like magical beast to her. After all, most people did not like to come into contact with raw meat, so it was better to leave the Donkey-horned Beast for herself to clean!

Following Mo Chu’s finger, Cheng Chuchu looked down and was stunned.

This… it was Shrinking Beast, right?

This kind of magical beast was very rare, and most people did not know about it at all. If she had not happened to bump into it back then, she would probably be clueless right now.

However, it was because she knew that it was more difficult now.

Although this thing was only a little bigger than a palm, as long as one touched it slightly, its head and limbs would immediately stretch out from its shell. It even had barbs on it, and when it poked a person’s hand, it would be a heart-wrenching pain!

… Mo Chu had really found an ‘easy’ job for her!

“What’s wrong?” Seeing that this girl did not respond for a long time, Mo Chu could not help but frown slightly. “Is there any other problem?”

“No, no!” Cheng Chuchu shook her head as if it was a reflex.

Under the eyes of so many viewers, did she dare to say no? If she really refused, she would be spat to death!

“Is there really no problem?” Seeing Cheng Chuchu like this, Mo Chu was still a little worried and asked again.

Cheng Chuchu frowned slightly and tried her best to suppress the anger in her heart.

If you know it’s not easy to deal with, why are you giving me this? It’s obvious that you’re looking for trouble with me!

However, even if you know, you can’t say these words out loud.

“There’s really no problem.” Cheng Chuchu took a deep breath and patted her chest with a smile. “Don’t worry, leave this thing to me!”

20 minutes later, Cheng Chuchu realized that she had said it too early.

She was usually pampered at home. Not to mention dealing with these things, even the housework was all taken care of by robots. Her daily life was just practicing singing and acting, these chores were simply not something she could handle.

After doing this for half a day, she did not even manage to finish one-fifth of it. On the other hand, Wei Liang, who was at the side, had already cleaned everything up and placed it neatly on the spare plate.

She felt angry and annoyed!

After taking care of the Donkey-horned Beast, Mo Chu came over to take a look. First, she expressed her high praise for Wei Liang’s work. When he walked over to Cheng Chuchu’s side, she could not help but frown.

This girl… if she can’t do it, then just say she can’t!

She still had to pretend, but instead, she was wasting time.

After all, every show had a set time frame. She could not possibly extend the time because of her personal reasons, right?

Mo Chu sighed lightly. “Forget it, I’ll do it with you.”

Hearing this, Cheng Chuchu’s face turned red, and her heart felt as if it had been splashed with boiling hot oil, burning over and over again…