Chapter 446 - What a Glutton!

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Chapter 446: What a Glutton!

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They were still recording the show!

Mo Chu did not give her any face… Just like that, the industry still said that she had a good temper, but it was just a facade!

Cheng Chuchu could not help but secretly pursed her lips.

However, when she saw Mo Chu wash his hands and walk over to deal with these Shrinking Beasts, the anger in her heart instantly turned into schadenfreude.

Hmph! Do you think this thing is that easy to deal with?

When it’s your turn to be stung, you’ll know how it feels!

When she thought of this, Cheng Chuchu’s eyes lit up. Her gaze was fixed on Mo Chu, ready to watch her make a fool of herself!

Mo Chu walked over in a few steps and lowered her head to take a few glances. Then, she stretched out her fair and delicate right hand to hold a Shrinking Beast…

Cheng Chuchu’s lips curled up slightly, but her heart was overjoyed!

She was about to be stung…

Unfortunately, Mo Chu’s next move made the smile on her lips freeze on the spot.

In the small basin, Mo Chu’s fingers nimbly flicked.

The Shrinking Beast that was originally swaying was flipped over by her. This way, the head and limbs of the Shrinking Beast that was hidden in the shell were exposed, so the possibility of being stung by it was greatly reduced.

In addition to Mo Chu’s meticulous and careful movements, she barely touched the barbs on the Shrinking Beast throughout the whole process. She easily cleaned the basin of Shrinking Beast.

That smooth movement and skillful technique completely stunned Cheng Chuchu. She could not help but ask, “You… have done this before?”

“No.” Mo Chu shook his head and placed the Shrinking Beast that had been dealt with to the side.

… How was that possible?

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Cheng Chuchu widened her eyes in disbelief. “Then how did you know…”

How did she know that turning the Shrinking Beast around would solve the problem?

Hearing the surprise in her words, Mo Chu raised her eyebrows slightly and said faintly, “It’s very simple. You’ll understand it with just one look.”

Cheng Chuchu almost spat out a mouthful of blood!

… you can understand it just by looking at it?

Damn, according to what Mo Chu said, she was obviously… not smart enough, so she was stupid enough to make up for it?

If she did not have a shred of rationality left and knew that this was a recording program, Cheng Chuchu would probably ask her this. However, at this moment, she could only swallow her anger.

Of course, Mo Chu did not have the time to pay attention to her little thoughts at this moment. Instead, she was fully focused on this meal.

She held up the Shrinking Beast that had been cleaned and looked at it carefully for a while. Mo Chu’s eyes lit up… could this thing be a combination of a crab and a turtle?

When she thought of this possibility, Mo Chu was instantly excited.

If that was really the case, then what would the taste of this thing be like?

To a foodie, what was the happiest thing?

Of course, it was to discover fresh food that she had never tasted before!

Mo Chu was like this at this moment. The anticipation and excitement in her eyes were almost flowing out, but her hands were not slow at all.

First, she took out the meat of the Shrinking Beast, chopped it into small pieces, and placed some salt on it to marinate it slightly.

Then, she cut the prepared water weed into small pieces.

At this moment, the pot was already hot. Mo Chu took out a piece of lard from the terminal.

With this, the entire recording studio’s gaze was fixed on her hand. Even the two hosts, who had always been reserved, could not help but look at each other. See, this thing was definitely Mo Chu’s secret recipe.

When they saw Mo Chu put in a whole piece of lard, the temperature rose, and the pork melted. The unique fragrance immediately filled the entire room.

Everyone was even more certain of what they were thinking. That’s right, this was definitely the secret recipe!

Mo Chu only paused for a moment before her mind returned to the pot.

After the lard had melted, Mo Chu promptly placed the cut water weed into the pot and stir-fried them.

Once the fragrance came out, Mo Chu placed the cut meat into the pot again. She fried it with hot oil, sprinkled some salt on it, added some water, and continued to simmer it.

Mo Chu’s series of actions were smooth and professional. Everyone looked at it as if it was a form of enjoyment. Not only did they not show the slightest bit of impatience, they even started to focus on it!

Looking at the pot, the Shrinking Beast was already cooked. The revolution could be considered half a success, but…

Mo Chu turned her gaze to the Donkey-horned Beast beside her. She could not help but frown slightly. She had already tasted the meat of this Donkey-horned Beast before. Even she herself could not convince herself of the texture of its meat!

… Should I just give it up and not use it?

Lowering her head and pondering for a few seconds, Mo Chu pursed her lips slightly. In the end, she gave up on this idea.

From her point of view, every type of magical plant and magical beast had their unique aspects. They all had parts that could be used to cook. The only difference was whether she had discovered it or not!

She could not do something like run away without a fight!

Mo Chu took a piece of the well-prepared Donkey-horned Beast meat over. With a swing of her knife, she prepared to take a piece of meat and try again. However, with a gentle slash of the blade, the skin on the meat immediately cracked open, and a little bit of grease seeped out…

Mo Chu could not help but pause, and her eyes instantly lit up!

This skin… that’s right! She could make barbequed skin!

In the 21st century, Mo Chu had once visited a place where the local specialty cuisine was to eat this barbequed skin.

As the name implied, this barbeque skin was simply a layer of skin that was removed from the meat and placed on the foil to be roasted. With the appropriate seasoning added, after it was done, the taste could be called beautiful!

Of course, not all kinds of meat skin could be made into barbeque skin. It was best to use the fresh, crisp, and fat-rich ones, which were the best materials to make barbeque skin.

The skin of the Donkey-horned Beast was just right!

Thinking of this, Mo Chu immediately started working.

She took off the meat skin and lightly brushed a layer of oil on it. Then, she placed it on the tin foil and roasted it. She carefully controlled the temperature below. Not long after, there was a sizzling sound, like the sound of oil beads jumping.

She turned the barbequed skin over. When the color had turned slightly yellow, Mo Chu sprinkled a few seasonings on it. Finally, she placed the water weed that had been cut into minced pieces on it. Then, she was done.

On the other side, the soup had been boiled and was already very flavorful.

“Whew–” Mo Chu let out a light breath and then nodded to the two hosts, indicating that her Spirit Food was ready.

The rich fragrance in the room had completely awakened the taste buds that everyone longed for.

The two hosts could not wait to walk onto the stage. The cameras did not even need to greet them as they were staring straight at Mo Chu’s work.

When they took a closer look. Aiya, this color, this combination, just by looking at it, it was a kind of enjoyment!

Even the two emcees with extremely high professional qualities could not help but swallow their saliva at this moment. Only after a long while did they speak. “Since Mo Chu has already completed it, then let us two special guests… have a taste first.”

There was a hint of regret in the eyes of the two emcees as they stared at this Spirit Food with sparkling eyes!

Why were they the hosts and not the special guests?

Otherwise, they would be the first ones to taste the food!

Although it was a pity, the two hosts were a bowl of soup and a plate of roasted skin prepared by Mo Chu. They were placed in front of the two special guests.

Wei Liang was the first to make a move. He picked up his chopsticks and grabbed a piece of roasted skin, frowning slightly.

Although Mo Chu was famous, he still could not quite accept this fatty skin. That greasy look…

However, due to the program, he could only bite down on it and chew on it lightly. Then, his initially stiff expression could not help but freeze. The speed of his eating obviously increased!

It was clearly something with oil stains. After being roasted by the fire, the fatty taste was almost gone. On the contrary, what was left was a little crispy. Then, with the fragrance of the oil, he took a bite, could that be described as ‘delicious’?!

“How is it? Is it delicious?” The female host looked at him with a face full of anticipation. At this moment, she had no choice but to immediately snatch the chopsticks from his hand and try one for herself first!

Wei Liang did not say anything. In fact, his eyes, which had always been calm, were so bright that they were somewhat astonishing!

He did not stop when he held the chopsticks. One after another, under the burning or surprised gazes of the crowd, he wanted to finish the entire plate of roasted skin without leaving any residue for others.

What was even weirder was that so many people in the audience, including the two hosts, were just silently watching him finish the whole bowl!

Of course, there was also the faint sound of swallowing.

They all had the same thought in their minds. Damn it! How delicious was the roasted skin?!

Lin Yehong shook his head at the camera.

The camera immediately shifted to the side and aimed at Cheng Chuchu.

Wei Liang had just tasted a plate of roasted skin, so she naturally picked up the spoon and was ready to taste the clear soup made by the Shrinking Beast.

To be honest, she had bought snacks at a high price before. Other things aside, at least the taste was first-class.

However… looking at the Shrinking Beast that had just stung her, the corner of Cheng Chuchu’s mouth twitched slightly. What kind of delicacy could this thing make?

Mo Chu was probably just fooling around!

She did not really like the roasted skin. After not seeing it for a while, she did not expect Wei Liang’s acting skills to become much better. It was obviously not something good, but he could act as if it was the most delicious thing in the world!

Pursing her lips slightly, Cheng Chuchu scooped a spoonful of clear soup and fed it to her mouth. Then, her movements stopped!

This bowl of soup… the first thing that rushed into her taste buds was the feeling of freshness!

It was so damn fresh!

The unique fresh and tender taste of the Shrinking Beast had been stewed for a long time and was fully saturated in the soup. With salt, the taste was brought to full play!

The clear soup flowed down her esophagus and all the way from her mouth to her stomach was enjoyment! When it was completely absorbed by her stomach, the fresh and fragrant taste still lingered in her mouth and could not be washed away.

The two hosts wanted to ask Cheng Chuchu about the soup as usual.

In the end, they called out to her three or four times softly.

The woman was still immersed in the taste of the soup and did not come back to her senses.

Seeing this, the two hosts could not help but be shocked.

Was Mo Chu trying to conquer the entire human race?!

Fortunately, Wei Liang, who was beside her, saved the scene in time. The soup bowl in front of her was entirely empty. At this moment, he could not help but exclaim, “Fresh! This soup is too fresh!”

The commotion caused by the two of them made the audience, who were already salivating, feel even more tempted.

Aiyo, what exactly is this taste? It’s simply too appetizing!