Chapter 552 - Doubts

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At that time, he didn’t pay much attention to Jiang Yue’s words. Thinking that Jiang Yue was a lunatic, he got the chauffeur to take her away.

However, the butler was a little confused now. What exactly was going on with this child?

Was Jiang Yue just being sarcastic back then, or was there another meaning behind her words? Moreover, where did this child come from?

However, when he thought about it. If Second Young Master really had an illegitimate child outside, then Matriarch would probably know.

The butler’s expression faltered slightly. He recalled that Matriarch Gu had been living outside for some time.

Could this child really be Second Young Master’s child?

That couldn’t be right. If Second Young Master had a child with another woman, Second Young Madam definitely wouldn’t be so concerned about this child.

He must have been overthinking. He actually took Jiang Yue’s words seriously.

In a bedroom on the second floor.

Gu Zhou carefully placed Gu Qi on the bed.

At this moment, Gu Qi was frowning and his lips were pursed tightly. He was still unconscious, but his face was getting redder and redder. His condition was much worse than before.

Seeing Gu Qi like this, Qiao Nian’s heart ached for him. She hurriedly took out a silver needle and began to insert the needle.

She had to help Gu Qi cool down first, lest he suffered from cerebral palsy.

Then, Qiao Nian took out the solution she had made from the medicine box. There were many Chinese medicinal ingredients in it. After eating it, it could quickly help him cool down.

However, this solution needed to be combined with ointment. Qiao Nian applied a few layers of the ointment she had made onto Gu Qi’s body.

She took out a few more silver needles and inserted them into Gu Qi’s body. Ten minutes later, Qiao Nian realized that the blush on Gu Qi’s face had subsided a little. Only then did she take out the silver needles.

On the surface, Gu Qi looked much better than before.

Gu Zhou’s frown gradually relaxed. He asked, “How is he now?”

“It should be because it’s autumn. He’s still young and weak. If he’s not careful, he’ll catch a cold and catch a fever. Let’s see if his fever has subsided in another half an hour. I’ll go to the medicinal room to get some Chinese medicine for him. After some observation, he’ll probably recover in two days!”

Gu Zhou frowned and asked in a low voice, “Will it take that long?”

Qiao Nian looked at Gu Zhou’s stunned expression and felt a trace of surprise. It was rare for Gu Zhou to have such an expression.

She recalled how she had treated Matriarch Gu when she was ill. However, Matriarch Gu’s old illness still required long-term treatment. At that time, he had frowned when he heard her words.

Qiao Nian gently covered Gu Qi with the blanket. Only then did her gaze fall on Gu Zhou. “You’ve never taken care of a child before. It’s normal that you don’t know this.”

Hearing Qiao Nian’s words, Gu Zhou clenched his fists involuntarily. His eyes darkened, but he didn’t speak.

Qiao Nian explained softly, “Children are still growing up. Their immune systems aren’t as mature as those of adults, to begin with. However, when they catch a cold or have a fever, their recovery rate has always been slower than that of adults. Moreover, this illness is especially difficult to deal with. Even if some children’s fever subsided overnight, it’s normal for them to have a fever again in the middle of the night.”

At this point, Qiao Nian paused for a moment and continued, “That’s why we have to keep observing from the side. Moreover, even if his fever subsides, it might cause some inflammation of his throat and tonsils. As a result, these illnesses will only recover in about a week!”

Gu Zhou frowned. He had never known that a child’s illness could last so long. Gu Zhou felt a strong sense of guilt, and his breathing grew heavier.

His gaze fell on Gu Qi. After a while, he retracted his gaze and looked at Qiao Nian seriously. “If he keeps having a fever, what should we do?”

Qiao Nian thought for a while and replied, “At that time, we should consider if he contracted pneumonia or if he was infected with the virus. If it becomes really serious, he has to go to the hospital for an IV drip. The child is still young and can’t take much suffering. He needs to recover as soon as possible.”