Chapter 554 - Provocation

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Chapter 554: Provocation

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When Jiang Yue heard Qiao Nian’s words, her expression changed drastically. She clearly remembered being chased out that day. This was a pain that she would never be able to forget.

Jiang Yue took a deep breath and tried hard to compose herself. She said fearlessly, “Since I’ve returned this time, I have the ability to stay. I won’t leave empty-handed.”

Qiao Nian sized Jiang Yue up from head to toe, her eyes filled with disdain. She snorted and said, “Just based on a loser like you?”

These words pierced Jiang Yue’s heart. She was a proud daughter of a rich family, and had always been high and mighty. If it weren’t for Qiao Nian, she would still be the eldest daughter of the Gu family.

“Just because of my abilities.”

Qiao Nian didn’t want to waste her breath on Jiang Yue anymore. She walked around Jiang Yue and walked out.

Qiao Nian had only taken a few steps when Jiang Yue’s voice rang out from behind her. “Oh, right. Second Sister-in-law, I was wrong. He should be Brother Ah Zhou’s illegitimate child.”

Hearing Jiang Yue’s words, Qiao Nian stopped in her tracks. She frowned slightly and turned to look at Jiang Yue, her eyes filled with shock. “What nonsense are you spouting?”

Jiang Yue met Qiao Nian’s eyes fearlessly, her thoughts racing.

If she remembered correctly, Qiao Nian had clearly returned with a sample, and she had looked troubled.

Logically speaking, Qiao Nian must have done something shady to have brought back a sample of a child.

Moreover, her first instinct told her that this DNA sample was definitely related to Qiao Nian.

She had just tentatively mentioned the illegitimate child, but Qiao Nian’s expression remained unchanged. There was no fear on her face, and her voice was the same as before.

Moreover, Qiao Nian’s face was filled with disdain. Her words seemed to be a joke in front of Qiao Nian.

However, when she mentioned that Brother Ah Zhou had an illegitimate child, Qiao Nian’s mood suddenly changed. Could it be that the DNA sample had nothing to do with her, but with Brother Ah Zhou?

Qiao Nian seemed to be very clean in Brother Ah Zhou’s private life.

In the past, she had thought that Qiao Nian didn’t care about anything. Now, it seemed that Qiao Nian was just so-so.

The smile on Jiang Yue’s face grew brighter. She said, “Say, if Grandma knew that Brother Ah Zhou already had a child, would she still care about you as much as she does now?”

Qiao Nian didn’t speak. Seeing that Jiang Yue was about to go crazy, her expression grew calmer.

Qiao Nian knew in her heart that Jiang Yue must have something on her. That was why she had returned to the Gu family so fearlessly. However, what made her curious was what Jiang Yue wanted to do when she returned.

Gu Zhou clearly had an aversion to women. If she were to believe that Gu Zhou had an illegitimate child, she might as well believe that Gu Zhou’s split personality could be cured immediately!

However, if Jiang Yue wasn’t lying to her, then how had Gu Zhou impregnated a woman and who was that woman?

At the thought of this, Qiao Nian felt that this was unlikely.

Hence, Qiao Nian knew very well that Jiang Yue was definitely lying.

Qiao Nian’s expression was cold as she said, “Jiang Yue, I know you want to return to the Gu family. If you really want to return, then you should make up for your previous mistakes. If you sow discord here, it will make me think that you want everyone in the Gu family to treat you as an enemy!”

The smile on Jiang Yue’s face didn’t change. Actually, she wasn’t here to sow discord on purpose. She was just curious if the sample Qiao Nian had taken last time had anything to do with her.

Now, it seemed that the child was indeed not Qiao Nian’s. Moreover, she was certain that Qiao Nian had feelings for Brother Ah Zhou.