Chapter 559 - Missing

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Not only did Gu Qi lack motherly love, but he also lacked paternal love! If it was understandable that he couldn’t find his mother in the past, then why didn’t Gu Zhou treat Gu Qi well?

Moreover, Gu Qi had once told her that his father seemed to prefer girls, so Gu Qi had felt very inferior at that time. Moreover, Gu Qi had disguised himself as a woman to please his father.

Qiao Nian looked at Gu Zhou in disbelief. She hadn’t known Gu Zhou for long, but she more or less knew him.

Whether in front of outsiders or her, Gu Zhou was a responsible man. He was definitely not such an irresponsible man.

Qiao Nian’s eyes were filled with confusion. Even her brow furrowed.

Gu Zhou had been paying close attention to Qiao Nian’s gaze. In just a few seconds, many complicated emotions appeared in her eyes. The only thing he could see clearly was the disappointment and disbelief in her eyes.

When Gu Zhou thought of her gaze, he instantly felt uncomfortable.

He felt as if something was stuck in his throat. His gaze darkened, and his voice turned cold. He continued, “Gu Qi’s biological father wasn’t in good health, and he had been seriously ill. Before Gu Qi turned three, his biological father had been in the hospital and covered in all kinds of medical tubes. He didn’t have time to care about Gu Qi, nor could he care about Gu Qi.”

Qiao Nian was slightly stunned. In an instant, she grasped the main point of Gu Zhou’s words.

Gu Qi’s biological father?

In other words, Gu Zhou was not Gu Qi’s father.

When Qiao Nian heard this, she felt a wave of relief. Fortunately, Gu Zhou wasn’t that kind of person.

She really wouldn’t be able to stand it ifer husband was a cold-blooded man who had a messy private life and didn’t care about his illegitimate child.

Qiao Nian asked curiously, “Then why does Jiang Yue think that Xiao Qi is your child?”

“Perhaps she bumped into me when I visited Gu Qi often in the past. Sometimes, when Gu Qi was in a good mood, he would call me Daddy.”

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Qiao Nian was enlightened. So that was what had happened.

In that case, this was indeed easy to misunderstand.

If she saw this, she might also think that Gu Zhou had an illegitimate child.

Qiao Nian didn’t doubt Gu Zhou’s words, because she couldn’t find a reason for Gu Zhou to lie to her.

Qiao Nian recalled Jiang Yue’s self-righteous and overbearing manner. Once again, her gaze fell on Gu Qi’s face, who was unconscious because of his illness. Her heart ached.

If this matter blew up, Gu Qi might have to bear the label of an illegitimate child for the rest of his life.

Poor Gu Qi. He was still so young, but he had to endure everything he shouldn’t have to.

Gu Qi’s parents were not by his side. Does that mean he should be bullied?

This was really too unfair.

Qiao Nian recalled that when she was young, she had lived in the countryside with her grandfather. Others had also said that she was a child who no parents wanted. They had even said that she was a bastard.

Qiao Nian recalled how Gu Qi had been bullied by his teachers and classmates.

Moreover, Gu Qi was now inexplicably involved in a dispute between wealthy families.

Jiang Yue really had good methods. In order to sow discord, she really used everything.

Qiao Nian clenched her other hand tightly, her fingertips turning white. She would never allow Jiang Yue to hurt Gu Qi in any way.

Qiao Nian retracted her thoughts. Her gaze fell on Gu Zhou’s face. She could also sense the coldness emanating from Gu Zhou.

It seemed that Gu Zhou was just as angry as she was over Jiang Yue’s rumors.

Qiao Nian thought of Gu Qi’s mother again and asked in a low voice, “Then where did his mother go?”

Gu Zhou looked at Qiao Nian, his eyes as cold as ice. In a low voice, he said, “After Xiao Qi was born, his mother disappeared!”

“Missing? Did you look for her?”

“I’ve already searched, but I couldn’t find her!” Even now, Gu Zhou was still sending people to search for her.