Chapter 562 - Personally Buried

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Chapter 562: Personally Buried

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At that time, was Jiang Yue testing her, or had she really said the wrong thing?

If it was the former, she shouldn’t have overreacted.

However, if it was the latter, what did Jiang Yue mean?

Did Jiang Yue know about her past?

If Jiang Yue knew about her past, she would have jumped out to criticize her long ago.

In other words, Jiang Yue didn’t know about her past, but Jiang Yue wanted to lie to her.

Qiao Nian narrowed her eyes. Recalling the past, she suddenly clenched her fists tightly.

On the day of the auction, she had agreed to help Gu Qi find his mother. She had even taken Gu Qi’s fingernail to the Gu family villa. At that time, she bumped into Jiang Yue in the corridor of the house.

That seemed to be the case. Jiang Yue felt that Gu Qi might be her child, so she tricked her.

After thinking through everything, Qiao Nian heaved a sigh of relief. Just as she was about to reply to the director of the appraisal office, Gu Qi, who had been sleeping with her hand in his, began to fidget.

Gu Qi had yet to wake up. His little face was scrunched up in a frown as he called out anxiously. It was as if he could no longer find his mommy in his dream.

Qiao Nian grabbed Gu Qi’s hand and coaxed softly, “Xiao Qi, go to sleep. I’m not going anywhere.”

In his sleep, Gu Qi seemed to hear his mother’s gentle voice. The anxiety and unease on his face gradually dissipated. He held Qiao Nian’s hand with both hands, and even leaned towards her obediently.

“Mommy, don’t go!” Gu Qi murmured.

When Qiao Nian heard this, her heart ached even more. She still remembered the first time she met Gu Qi. She thought that Gu Qi was an obedient little girl. Later, in the kindergarten, she found out that Gu Qi was a boy.

How much had Gu Qi endured in the past to become so taciturn?

If he grew up by her side, she would never let him…

As soon as this thought appeared, Qiao Nian froze.

What was she thinking?

Gu Qi was not her child.

Qiao Nian took out her phone and hurriedly sent a message. “Doctor Li, I want to ask if you can cancel the request for that woman to do a paternity test?”

“I’m sorry, Miss Qiao. This process has already started. It can’t be canceled.”

Doctor Li had known Qiao Nian for a long time. He always admired Qiao Nian’s medical skills and knew her character.

He knew very well that Qiao Nian might really be saying that to protect the child.

However, this program was not something he could control.

Qiao Nian frowned slightly. Her mind raced, and she suddenly had a bold thought.

Although this might sound ridiculous, Qiao Nian really wanted to know the answer. A trace of anticipation flashed in her eyes as she spoke tentatively.

“Doctor Li, if the results are out, can you inform me? I won’t leak it.”

[email protected]@@@[email protected]@@@@=======

Qiao Nian was really curious about the results of this appraisal.

“Doctor Li, can you compare my sample with the one Jiang Yue gave you?” Qiao Nian had a bold idea. She felt that the sample Jiang Yue had taken was either hers or Gu Zhou’s.

If Jiang Yue was holding Gu Zhou’s sample, she would be able to confirm if the child was Gu Zhou’s.

If Jiang Yue took her sample, she would also know if Gu Qi was her child.

Qiao Nian felt that she was truly possessed. Gu Qi was a child of the Gu family. How could he be her child? Moreover, she had buried her child herself.

Qiao Nian’s eyes gradually dimmed. At this moment, she really hoped that her memories wouldn’t be so clear. That way, she could have more dreams.

With a soft cry, Gu Qi pressed his face against Qiao Nian’s arm.