Chapter 563 - Courting Death

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Chapter 563: Courting Death

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Sunlight shone through the window and fell on Gu Zhou’s body. Gu Zhou’s slender index finger casually touched a snake-like head.

The snake was very excited. Its head even rubbed against Gu Zhou’s hand. Those who didn’t know better would think that it was a dog.

Suddenly, there was a knock on the study door.

The moment the study door opened, the snake turned its head. When it saw someone walking in, it immediately stared at the person and hissed.

Chen Qing stood at the door, not knowing if he should enter or not.

He felt the pressure from the snake and sweated.

This snake really treated Second Young Master and Second Young Madam as its masters. As for the others, they had probably all become its prey even if he had fed it in the past. It was too presumptuous!

Chen Qing asked softly, “Second Young Master, are you looking for me?”

“Tell everyone that no one is to mention my relationship with Qiao Nian in front of Gu Qi. If they disobey, they’re never to step foot into the Gu family’s territory. As for Matriarch Gu and Qiao Nian, I’ll speak to them myself.”

Chen Qing instantly understood what Second Young Master meant. He lowered his head and replied, “Yes.”

Second Young Master was thinking for Little Master’s sake. Little Master was really too young. If he suddenly had a stepmother, he probably wouldn’t be able to take it. Moreover, Little Master’s condition wasn’t stable right now. If he was provoked, it was very likely that the relationship between Second Young Master and Little Master would worsen.

Second Young Master was truly thoughtful.

Could it be that Second Young Master had brought Little Master back because he wanted Little Master to get along well with Second Young Madam and slowly get to know her? Then, Little Master would be able to accept Second Young Madam calmly.

Speaking of which, there had been no news of Little Master’s biological mother. He was still young and really needed his mother’s care.

If Little Master and Second Young Madam could get along well, that would be the best.

However, when Chen Qing thought of the call from his subordinate just now, his expression turned serious. He said respectfully, “Second Young Master, the person following Jiang Yue has found out that Jiang Yue has gone to the An City paternity test center.”

Paternity test center?

Gu Zhou’s hand, which was stroking the snake’s head, paused.

Previously, Jiang Yue had snatched Qiao Nian’s gown from her during a lecture at the medical school.

Later on, Jiang Yue attacked Grandma in order to frame Qiao Nian.

In order to make Qiao Nian leave the Gu family, Jiang Yue almost ruined Qiao Nian’s innocence.

If Qiao Nian wasn’t smart, she might have fallen into Jiang Yue’s trap.

Just now, Qiao Nian had said that Jiang Yue had come to the house. It seemed that Jiang Yue was really stubborn.

If the enemy was stupid, it would not be a big deal. However, Jiang Yue was a meticulous person. If she did not take careful precautions, there would definitely be a huge mistake.

Gu Zhou’s expression darkened. Jiang Yue had forgotten her promise so quickly.

Seeing Second Young Master’s expression, Chen Qing could roughly guess what Gu Zhou was going to do. However, he still asked carefully, “Second Young Master, what should we do next?”

Chen Qing felt that Jiang Yue was courting death.

Back then, when Matriarch Gu chased Jiang Yue out, she had left Jiang Yue some dignity. She didn’t tell anyone that Jiang Yue had left the Gu family.

It would have been fine if Jiang Yue had done something small, but if she knew that Little Master was Second Young Master’s child, things would be different.

If this matter blew up and the Gu family really announced to the public that Jiang Yue was not a member of the Gu family, the consequences would be unimaginable.

“If Qiao Nian knows…” Gu Zhou’s expression darkened. He looked up at Chen Qing with displeasure.

Chen Qing was slightly stunned. Based on his interactions with Second Young Madam during this period of time, he felt that Second Young Madam would definitely pack her things and leave.

Could Second Young Master be taking this opportunity to chase Second Young Madam away?