221 That One Heart

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Being popular with the girls had its accompanying disadvantage with the guys. But not all men were jealous of Ren. Some were even idolizing him for defeating Scar a“a“ for defeating Black Lion.

At this point, the guys just wanted to be friends with him and play together in the game. But Ren’s hard-to-approach aura made them think twice. He wasn’t exactly friendly. And there was an unapproachable intimidating air that kept others away from him.

On the other hand, Ren brushed his hands over his face. He knew the consequences of getting Sophia’s attention. She was like Rosie of Golden Phoenix, who was still sending him messages about her hotel room or asking him out on dates. He blocked her after series messages.

It was definitely flattering if Sophia herself took a liking to you. She was the second most popular girl on the campus, next to Silvia. Though Silvia was ahead of them by a year and Sophia was only a freshman, her looks, body, and status could content with the first lady of Fate Academy.

But instead of feeling flattered, Ren felt dread and headache for the days to come. His urge to stay forever in the game intensified even more.

Sophia was too loud, arrogant, and forceful for his liking, and the girl was too self-centered and narcissistic to even notice the others’ feelings. She was beautiful and rich and she grew up believing that men couldn’t resist her.

What’s more, her multiple boyfriends were bad news. It was no romor that some of her boyfriends were possessive. But instead of confronting the woman, they fought each other and whoever lose was left to the side. Battered and broken Sophia mercilessly broke up with them like it was just a game to her.

Just having his name associated with her made Ren’s head pound harder. It wasn’t part of his plans. Never.

“Having trouble?”

Ren was surprised when a soft voice rang in his ears. His attention flicked at Evie, who was looking at him straight in the eyes.

Ren blinked before he flashed a wry smile. “Somewhat . . .”

“Can’t blame them. You defeated Black Lion, after all.”

Evie’s voice was dead as usual, but when Ren listened carefully, he hinted a tint of jealousy in her tone.

Was she jealous because she couldn’t bring her client to top twenty or ten?

Ren wanted to prolong their conversation by talking about her fight with Ferocious Ravens. But something told him that she might not like it, especially if others knew about her real identity in the game.

She might avoid him because she isn’t comfortable with him knowing her identity.

Ren contented to close his mouth. It was best to keep quiet about it.

“You’ve become popular recently,” said Evie. Ever since the Guild Wars, she was a bit interested in Ren. Especially his skill to defeat Scar. She was very interested in knowing that spell he used. But she was too embarrassed to ask since the two of them weren’t close.

She wasn’t that thick-skinned to ask about personal question, and she knew that asking a player about their skill list was as good as asking about their love life.

In contrast, Ren was surprised that Evie was talking to him still. He really thought that their conversation was already dead. He even shifted his attention to his phone.

Ren blanked out because he was not prepared when Evie spoke again and he could only managed a weak, “Huh?”

Ren wanted to hit himself for his idiotic reply.

Instead of responding, Evie showed her phone to Ren. On the screen was Ren’s face, together with all the other freshmen.

Ren was familiar with the page. It was their school’s page publishing that ‘handsomea“freshmana“whatever’ again, and he was voted to the top with thousands of hearts. If he remembered, a few weeks ago, he only received one heart.

Ren laughed a little. “Oh . . . so that’s it. If I remember correctly, I only got one heart from that before.”

“Ah . . .” Evie retrieved her phone and said without thought and any meaning, “that . . . it came from me.”

Ren’s smile froze. “Huh?”

Did he heard her right? The one heart before . . . came from her?

Ren didn’t bother to check his picture, so he didn’t know who had given him that one heart. Blood rushed in all corners of his body, and his heart beat faster than a race car running 240km/hr. and the blood almost went out of his nose.

Ren covered his nose and mouth with his hand, just in case. That would be embarrassing if someone ever saw the creepy smile on his face while his nose was bleeding. Good thing that Evie’s attention went back to her phone and didn’t mind him anymore.

While Ren’s nerves were tearing him apart and his system was in a riot because of Evie’s casual, and if he might add, insensitive words, the girl in question was ignorant to how her simple honesty made the guy beside her turned crazy.

At that time, Evie really didn’t mean anything to what she did by sending a heart to Ren’s picture. He was her classmate, and she had one vote. So she might as well. Right?

Not to brag, but she would support her classmates even if she didn’t know them that well. She had a camaraderie spirit even if she wasn’t friendly.

Ren couldn’t contain himself from his seat, and he was itching to ask . . . expound why Evie voted for him even though there was a tiny-iny, little, small voice at the back of his head, whispering not to because he would be left disappointed.

Ren was about to open his mouth when the door flung open and came in Fate Alliance guild with Dimitri’s lead. They casually waltzed inside the room without any rhyme and reason and zoomed in Ren’s direction.

“Player Ren.” Dimitri grinned, and with all the charisma he could muster, he spoke, “we are formally inviting you to join Fate Alliance with a blank contract. You’ll be given a core member position and all the perks that came along with it. Let us fight for our school and bring honor to our campus together.”

“Blank Contract? Wow.”

“Fate Alliance made it to the top fifty. Unfortunately, they were defeated before they could advance to the top twenty.”

“Still . . . a blank contract? How grand is that?”

While everyone was gawking and whispering, Ren only felt annoyed. Now the moment was ruined, and it would be awkward to ask Evie under these circumstances.

However, annoyed as he was, Ren maintained a cordial attitude in front of Dimitri. They were potential clients, after all.

“Sorry, as much as I am flattered with the offer . . . I have to decline. I have my own mercenary group named World Conqueror.” Ren handed a card to Dimitri, and the guy accepted it with a skewed smile on his face.

“Our group’s goal is to help players and guilds alike in the game. Whether it’s about the Guild Wars, quests, boss fights, and even dungeon raids among others a“ for a price, of course.”

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