222 Everyone’s Patience is thin

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Evie whipped her head in Ren’s direction. That was also what she was doing. The only difference was that she was alone. But the point why she strained her head in Ren’s direction was because she was reminded of the Ren she knew in the game.

A mercenary group. That was also what the Ren in the game told her.

And now the Ren, in real life, was also talking the same thing.

Was it just a coincidence that they were so much alike?

While Evie was occupied with her thoughts, Dimitri wanted to persuade Ren using a proven proof that works every time a“a“ shame.

“Are you sure? Don’t you want to fight with us and bring honor to our school instead of fighting for money and fame?”

Silence descended. Hard and tense.

Ren broke it with a chuckle. “And what’s wrong with fighting for money and fame?”

“. . .” Dimitri caught his tongue when Ren owned to his accusation. He was surprised that instead of denying it, Ren admitted it with a laugh and even threw the question back at him.

The others immediately agreed to what Ren said. There was nothing wrong with pursuing money and fame. Everybody wanted that. That was the end goal.

With a single question, everyone shifted to Ren’s side, and it was Dimitri who didn’t know what to say next.

Dimitri cleared his throat. “Of course . . . there’s nothing wrong with that. I just thought that maybe you wanted to fight for the school. But if you don’t want to . . .”

Dimitri shrugged. “Then we won’t force you.”

He then hid his irritation behind a friendly smile. “We will reach out to you, though,” he said, flexing the card in his hand.

Dmitri then left before waving and winking at the students while some sighed dreamily and squealed.

After Dimitri, Ren thought that Fate Alliance was the last guild to come inside the classroom and asked him to join their guilds.

However, he was proven wrong when four guilds came after them. All were asking him to join their guild. If not for their teacher, the line of people waiting for their turn outside the door wouldn’t go away.

Though Ren was like a broken record, repeating his rejection line, again and again, he was happy with the outcome. World Conqueror was getting free advertisement, after all.

Basking in happiness with the jobs lining on his phone’s notifications, the thing with Evie was erased from Ren’s mind. And until the end of the class, there were paper planes and notes that flew all over his direction containing sentences that was either recruiting him to their guild, join in dungeon raids, or just simply playing together in the game.

And as much as Ren wanted to entertain more guilds, he had a dinner date with Leonel and the Gambino family. In fact, the two were probably already waiting for him in Diamond Palace restaurant. The venue was chosen by Augustus Gambino himself, so it wouldn’t be a hassle for him and Leonel to get home.

On the way, Ren and Evie were on the same train again, going to the same place. As usual, they were meters apart. Evie was sitting on the seat while her eyes were on her phone. At the same time, Ren was listening to the news and recalling the timelines of things with an earphone in one of his ears.

And like the other days, men were peeking and whispering with each other while looking at her. There were the regulars who never missed the clock of her arrival. The fan club that made sure that no one would get close to their goddess. And the new ones who openly whispered to each other while hoping to get her attention with a flirtation wink.

Ren and Evie were used to it.

When they landed at their station, the both of them walked the short distance to where Diamond Palace was located.

However, in the station’s grand lobby, to where the massive fountain, landscapes, and statues were located, they saw a familiar face leaning on the grand fountain.

“Evie!” Michael waved a hand and went closer to her. At his back was Emerald, Lyka, and Gilbert, following him like his tail.

Michael went after Evie when she only passed by him and asked when he finally caught up with her, “Do you want to go karaoke with us? My treat, of course.”

“I have a job,” dismissed Evie and went ahead with wide steps.

Michael was used to the girl’s hard-to-get attitude and he blocked her way. “Can’t you take a leave? I’m sure a one-day leave wouldn’t hurt anyone. I’ll even pay double your salary, tripling it even.”

“Quadrupling it,” bargained Michael when Evie took a turn and resumed her walk, leaving a short sentence.

“I have school tomorrow.”

“Tomorrow is a holiday.”

Evie grumbled under her breath. “I have to do projects and assignments.”

Michael persisted and jogged to catch up to her. “Then how about dinner at your break?”

While Michael persisted in his fruitless endeavor, Emerald and Evie’s fan club were staring daggers in their direction.

Evie was starting to get annoyed. Not to brag, but she had patience . . . just not a lot of it.

She then gasped when Michael’s hand grabbed hers. She was busy ignoring him, so she was caught off guard.

Evie had to admit that her guard somewhat decreased because she was used to Michael’s persistence. But the hand grabbing was new and it didn’t happen before.

Michael probably reached his limit and exploded.

Evie’s fan club reacted, and loud gasps and curses escaped from their mouths. They stumbled on their feet to get to her so they could save her from Michael’s harassment.

Even Ren paused when he was surprised at Michael’s tricky move. His vision then turned dark, and when he came to, he was already a meter from where Evie and Michael was.

Ren was about to grab Michal’s collar when he skidded to a stop at the turn of events.

The next thing everyone knew, Michael was on the floor while Evie was looking down at him with constricted pupils.

“Y-you . . .” Michael was also surprised that Evie, who was only half his size, had managed to throw him to the ground.

“Don’t. Touch. Me,” Evie said with an edge. Her stoic face changed into a chilling expression, and Michael froze from the coldness.

She then walked ahead without turning back.

Everyone couldn’t believe at what they saw, and it took a whole thirty seconds for Ren to process what he had seen.

No wonder Evie was so brave going home even late at night. She could totally protect herself without anyone helping her.

Ren released a sigh and slightly shook his head as he puffed a gentle smile. He felt silly and embarrassed all of sudden. He then resumed walking into Diamond Palace. At least his worry for her lessened . . . even just a little, knowing that she knew how to defend herself.

However, the man lying on the ground finally snapped. Michael’s pride really took a hit. Weeks did he courted Evie but not once that she said more than ten words to him. That was fine. Her ignoring him and acting cold was also fine.

But her embarrassing him in front of so many people was the last straw.

Michael’s eyes narrowed, eyes glinting in menace. He stood to his feet while an evil plan was brewing in his head.

Outside the station, Ren rounded the corner of the familiar path, but he didn’t see Evie anymore. The girl just disappeared in thin air. It wasn’t even a minute that she had gone ahead, but he couldn’t spot her anymore.

Ren wasn’t worried about her though. Evie really had this uncanny ability to disappear out of nowhere that he was getting used to it.

But what he wasn’t used to was seeing his best friend kissing a girl outside of the lobby of Diamond Palace.

Ren was stunned, frozen on his spot.

Leonel was hunched, slightly bent down, with eyes closed, while Isolde was on her toes, meeting Leonel’s face with hers.