226 Ragnar’s Request

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Ren browsed the list of jobs and clients that were pouring in their group emails. Some were doable. Some were plain idiotic. Some were scams and pranks, while most were asking the sky.

Why does every guild want to do raids in mid to high-difficulty dungeons? It was just pure suicide. Not to mention that the pay was low. What do they think about dungeon raids? A walk in the park?

Another that made Ren shook his head was the quests. Most of what he knew was unsolvable at this current time, at their current ATP and class.

Especially Azurith’s Tomb submitted by Sky of Charming Z. Reading the limited info, Ren took a deep breath.

They said that Azurith’s Tomb was only a rare quest. They clearly didn’t know what they were doing.

In truth, Azurith’s Tomb was a World Quest that would open the Demon world.

Ren was even surprised that someone luckily triggered that quest.

Azurith was the first human ever to summon a demon and open the world of demons.

If Ren remembered the story, the Radiant Church closed the portal and killed Azurith, sealing his Tomb elsewhere.

Azurith’s Tomb was also a pre-requisite to opening Heaven’s Gate and accessing the world of Angels.

That was how important Azurith’s Tomb was. And in their current ATP and class, that wasn’t even evolved into the second stage, they were courting death.

In COVENANT, all Gods from Romans, Greek, Christianity, etc., were present in the game. So there were a lot of them and each have their corresponding story line and quests.

Ren organized the list of requests that he would accept, while he declined the others. At the rate this was going, he might need a secretary to help him sort the hundreds of requests coming in per day.

Things were beginning to get busy.

Ren snickered while at the side, Leonel and Isolde were cleaning and decorating their tree house where they performed their base operations.

“Thanks for the flowers, by the way,” said Isolde and beamed. “Where did you get them?”

“Flowers?” Leonel blinked, and a flower sprouted over his head.

“Yeah. Those white flowers this morning. It has your name on it.”

“Name . . .” Leonel was about to tell her that he didn’t know what she was talking about when he remembered that fateful night that sealed his fate.

His head then whipped at Ren, and the latter simply gave him a thumbs up before he went back to what he was doing.

Leonel gulped and faced Isolde’s bright smile. All he could do was look to the other side and scratch the back of his head. “Ah . . . that. Those. Right. Ahahaha.”

Isolde frowned, confused. “You didn’t send them?” she didn’t really care if Leonel didn’t. She didn’t give Leonel’s actions any meaning, after all. They were friends, and she thought that it was normal to send gifts to each other. She was even thinking of giving him a box of chocolates as thanks for the flowers.

It was probably Ren, misunderstanding him and Isolde again. Leonel thought. He still hadn’t straightened things with him yet, and he would do eventually.

But right now . . . Augustus and Axel’s demonic face constantly flashed in his mind, cutting their throats with their fingers in warning, and his knees quaked and shuddered.

“A-a-a-h . . . t-that’s me. T-those flowers are mine. Y-you like them?” Leonel stuttered, forcing a smile.

Isolde giggled. “Yeah. Thank you.”

Agh . . . Leonel wanted to be happy but couldn’t. There was a heaviness weighing on his heart. Isolde, and he was okay. There was no awkwardness between the two of them, as long as he didn’t remember that fateful dinner.

While Isolde and Leonel were chatting with each other, Ren invincibly patted his shoulder for a job well done. He and Leonel needed to have a heart-to-heart talk later on the topic on how to court a girl. Not that he had any experience.

Ren just likes to play matchmaker. This was Leonel’s first love, after all. But the greatest reason was that teasing Leonel brought him joy.

Ren was back to his work when a different notification rang in his ears. Looking at the message, it came from a new number.

[Unknown Number: Ren, this is Saya . . . can we talk tonight? It’s urgent]

Ren wanted to ignore her, but the urgent she said might be something important. Though he didn’t like Saya anymore, and all he wanted was to distance himself from her, he didn’t want her dead.

Still, he ignored her.

Saya lover herself too much to kill herself. And nothing good would come out in associating with her except unnecessary drama. He wouldn’t butt his nose in her problem. Never that would happen again. He would not be used by her anymore.

He was about to block her new number again when she sent another message that stunned him.

[Saya: I broke up with Mike]

“. . .” Ren wanted to feel anything . . . but nothing. He had enough of the two, and he didn’t care about them anymore.

He was left disappointed in the past, time and time again that his heart became numb.

The saddest thing about betrayal was . . . it didn’t come from your enemies.

Ren blocked her and went on with his life.

The door opened, and Ragnar came inside.

“Oh. Ragnar! Long-time no see.” Leonel greeted, but Ragnar ignored him. His eyes were locked on Ren.

“Geh . . .” Ren looked the other way when Ragnar stood straight in front of him, his face darkening by the second.

Ragnar leaned down and whispered with a tight smile on his face and an edge to his tone, “I’m here to collect your promise.”

Ren briefly glanced at Leonel and Isolde while he whispered back, “Can we discuss this over message?”

“We can . . . if you hadn’t block me.”

Ren’s eyes widened in fake surprise, and he pretended not to know what Ragnar was talking about. “I did? I didn’t know.”

He then stood and urged Ragnar out of the house.

[email protected]@@@[email protected]@@@@=======

“I want that mask,” said Ragnar as soon as they were outside of the tree house.

Ren hid his lethargic tone under a stoic face. “Now?” he wasn’t keen on doing a free quest right now.

Though the auction for the [Rare Class Ticket] was reaching tens of millions at they speak, Ren wasn’t keen on laboring for free, especially after their pro bono with Roaring Tigers and Fighting Lambs.

“Yes.” Ragnar’s face crumpled in disgust and dread. “A lot of them are beginning to know my real identity. I have to remedy this, or my second life in here will be ruined as well.”

He then grinned with a menace. “Both of our lives will be ruined. I’m sure you don’t want that to happen, right?”

Ren groaned under his breath. He was usually the one who did the blackmailing and not the other way around.

But a deal was a deal, and Ren was a man of his word. “Fine.”

“Good. Now . . . what quest are we going to do to acquire that mask? And what do we need?”

Ren rubbed the back of his neck. Acquiring that mask was actually strenuous, and he was feeling unmotivated already just thinking about it. That was how hard it was to find equipment to hide identities.

“We’ll go south in the continent of the Orcs. Numerous clans ruled that territory, but we only need to go to the Twin Moon Axe Clan.”

Ragnar crossed his arms. “Alright . . . what do we need then?”

“You and I are already enough,” said Ren without a doubt. He was planning to make Leonel handle simple jobs from World Conqueror while he was away so they could maximize the time that way. He would just instruct him what to do, and they would message each other on the way.

“You sure? We wouldn’t bring Leonel and Isolde?” Ragnar frowned, and he contacted someone on his friend list.

“Leonel has other jobs for World Conqueror while Isolde has her own guild to worry about.” Ren wanted Isolde to stay with Leonel as much as possible. Those lovers needed their moment.

But Ragnar wasn’t convinced. “I’ll contact Evie just in case.”

“. . .” Ren blinked, and he blanked out. He opened his mouth, but no words came out. The first thing that he thought was . . . why Evie? When did they become so close? Were they messaging each other way before?

“Why her? When did you two become close?” Ren asked with a frown.

“Roxy and Rox are busy with their guild. And beside Leonel, and Isolde, she’s the only one who knows who I am,” Ragnar said without a care, eyes on his screen.

He then paused when he thought of something. “By the way, are we going like this or your other self? So I’ll know what to tell Evie.”

All scenarios went inside Ren’s head. If he went with his other persona, Evie would be more comfortable with him. On the other hand, if he went as her classmate, she might not agree . . . But if she did, they could get closer . . . even just a little.

Ren weighed his options and decided. “I’ll be going like this.”

Ragnar looked seriously into Ren’s eyes. “You sure?”

“Okay then. But you okay if she came, right?”

Ren didn’t answer right away before he looked to the side with reddened ears and said with a no-care voice, “Suit yourself.”

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