Chapter 311 - Would repay her in full

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Chapter 311: Would repay her in full

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The pregnant Tao Liu was personally sent to her own courtyard by Xiao Yuanshi.

He even transferred his people over to serve her.

Tao Liu could see from this that Xiao Yuanshi valued his children.

She also had many thoughts.

It could be seen that Xiao Hanzheng and his siblings would not recognize Xiao Yuanshi as their biological father.

If Ge Chunru could no longer give birth, the general’s residence would belong to her and her child in the future.

However, she also didn’t want her child to be an illegitimate child after it was born.

Lying on the bed, she drank the soup those from the kitchen had sent over.

Tao Liu thought of the message that Shi Qingluo had asked someone to pass her.

If Ge Chunru, who was once a concubine, could become a legitimate wife, why couldn’t she?

Tao Liu touched her lower abdomen.

For the sake of her child, she had to do it.

Although she did not love Xiao Yuanshi, she was very surprised and looked forward to this child.

This was a child that was connected to her by blood.

Only someone like Ge Chunru would abandon her child to harm others.

If she were her, she would not give up on her child to harm Ge Chunru.

While Tao Liu had a strong ambition, Xiao Yuanshi had also gone to Ge Chunru’s courtyard.

Ge Chunru heard from the servant girl that Xiao Yuanshi had arrived.

She did not take the initiative to welcome him.

Instead, she deliberately lay on the bed, looking as if she was weak from anger.

When Xiao Yuanshi walked in, she looked at him weakly and pitifully. “General, I’m feeling very dizzy right now, so I won’t get up to welcome you.”

Xiao Yuanshi walked over and sat down. “If you’re not feeling well, just lie down.

“Ever since your miscarriage last time, your body has been getting worse. It’s better for you to take a good rest.”

Hearing this, Ge Chunru felt a little happy. Xiao Yuanshi still cared about her.

But very quickly, Xiao Yuanshi’s next sentence broke her joy.

“So before I head to the northern border, you should rest in the courtyard and don’t go out.”

Ge Chunru raised her head and looked at him in disbelief. “Are you trying to ground me?”

Xiao Yuanshi reached out with a gentle expression and pulled the corner of the blanket for her. “How can I ground you?

“It’s just that living in the northern border will be more difficult than living in the capital. The weather changes frequently.

“If you don’t rest well, what will you do when you go there?

“Or do you want to stay in the capital?”

It had to be said that Xiao Yuanshi had his way of coaxing others.

Ge Chunru naturally did not want to return to the northern border.

Life there was far worse than in the capital.

However, she was not willing to let Xiao Yuanshi go alone.

She was afraid that he would change his mind.

Moreover, her brother was also at the northern border.

He had not written to her recently, so she was still very worried.

She took the initiative to shake Xiao Yuanshi’s hand. “Why would I want to stay in the capital? Of course, I will go wherever you are.”

Xiao Yuanshi smiled and said, “Then take good care of your body. I’ll get the imperial physician to specially take care of you.”

Ge Chunru felt a warmth in her heart and voluntarily leaned into his embrace. “Yes, I’ll take good care of my body.”

Xiao Yuanshi successfully grounded Ge Chunru and did not tell her that Liu Ru was pregnant.

After sitting for a while, he used the excuse of not delaying Ge Chunru’s rest to go to the study room.

After leaving the courtyard, she also ordered someone to keep an eye on Ge Chunru and not let her go to Liu Ru and Xiao Baili’s courtyard.

At night, at the Xiao residence.

Shi Qingluo sat on the sofa with her feet on Xiao Hanzheng’s stomach.

It was Xiao Hanzheng who took the initiative to let her place her feet there, which made Shi Qingluo feel very sweet.

It was rare for a man, an ancient man, to take the initiative to do so.

Shi Qingluo was reading the script that Xiao Hanzheng had just written while Xiao Hanzheng was reading and preparing for the test.

After a while, his trusted aide sent two letters in.

Xiao Hanzheng looked at them and asked Shi Qingluo, “One is from the general’s residence and the other is from Tao Liu. Which one should I read first?”

Shi Qingluo stretched her feet out of his clothes and leaned against him. “Let’s read from the general’s residence first. I’m worried about Baili and Erlang.”

She was still worried about her own cub entering the wolf’s den.

Xiao Hanzheng was the same. He took out the letter with a smile.

After reading the letter, Shi Qingluo chuckled and said, “It seems that you don’t have to worry about Baili and Erlang anymore. The one who has a headache is your scumbag father.”

The letter wrote about how his little sister-in-law and little brother-in-law fought against their scumbag father and Ge Chunru. It was a relief to see it.

Xiao Hanzheng didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. It was obvious that he was a little surprised, but it was within his expectations.

He sighed, “Baili has now received your true teachings.”

He couldn’t imagine that his sister had such a sharp tongue that could go against others.

Erlang had also changed from an innocent young boy to one with a dark heart.

Shi Qingluo smiled proudly and said, “Of course. I taught her, so she definitely can’t be bullied.

“But Baili and Erlang are also promising and worthy to be taught.”

Xiao Hanzheng pulled her into his arms. “You’re the one who knows how to teach.”

He was really grateful to his wife.

Not only did she change the fate of his mother, brother, and sister, but she also changed their personalities and behavior.

No matter where he went in the future, if this continued, they wouldn’t be afraid of being bullied.

Shi Qingluo smiled smugly and said, “Of course, I’m a good teacher and a good friend.”

She had a great sense of accomplishment in teaching her sister-in-law and brother-in-law to have a heart filled with black sesame seeds.

His wife was really someone who would immediately climb to the pinnacle.

Of course, he liked it very much.

He picked up another letter and opened it.

“Liu Ru is pregnant.”

Shi Qingluo had also finished reading the contents of the letter. “The medicine you gave her is really effective.”

Xiao Hanzheng said, “Her body and my father’s are fine, so it’s still very easy for her to get pregnant after taking the pregnancy-enhancing medicine.

“Now is also the right time.”

Shi Qingluo nodded. “Yes, when they head to the northern border, she would be able to stabilize her fetus.

“When that time comes, she will be able to fight with Ge Chunru.”

She curled her lips. “As expected, after she has a child, her ambitions have become even greater.”

In Tao Liu’s letter, not only did she write about her pregnancy, she also wrote that she wanted to ask her and her husband to help her hold a position as Xiao Yuanshi’s wife.

Xiao Hanzheng had a smile on his face. “If Ge Chunru can be promoted from her status as a concubine, she naturally can too.”

This was also the reason why they helped Tao Liu get pregnant.

Shi Qingluo smiled and said, “That’s right. It’s good that she has such ambition.”

She was afraid that Tao Liu would only want to be a good-natured concubine.

She said, “I want to watch the show again.”

Xiao Hanzheng knew his wife very well now. “After Ge Chunru reach the northern border and found out about her brother’s matter, she would cause trouble with my scumbag father. Is that the show you want to watch?”

Shi Qingluo nodded. “That’s right. Then, she will make your scumbag father lose his patience completely.

“Let’s think of a way to push him a little more. Then he will be able to demote his wife to a concubine.”

Ge Chunru had once wanted to set up her mother-in-law, and the young Xiao couple would repay her in full.

Xiao Hanzheng threw the letter into the furnace and burned it. “Maybe you’ll have the chance to go watch a show.

“The letter from the northern border can be sent to Ge Chunru in a few days.”

Shi Qingluo knew that this was written by her little husband pretending to be Ge Chunyi’s friend.

In the future, even if the two siblings met, they would only think that someone secretly wanted to help Ge Chunyi, so they wrote a letter to her sister asking for help.