Chapter 313 - I've misjudged you

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Chapter 313: I’ve misjudged you

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Xiao Baili and Xiao Erlang were eating roasted mutton in the courtyard.

Xiao Yuanshi’s face turned even darker when he smelled the fragrance of the meat the moment he entered.

He had to give a sincere apology to others.

These two evil creatures sure knew how to enjoy themselves.

Xiao Baili and Xiao Erlang even took the initiative to greet him with a smile when they saw Xiao Yuanshi rushing in angrily.

“General Xiao is here. Do you want to eat?”

Xiao Yuanshi uttered under his breath, eat my ass.

With a dark face, he asked, “Erlang, how many times did you get into trouble today?”

Xiao Erlang had an innocent look on his face. “I didn’t get into trouble!”

Xiao Yuanshi sneered. “Just now, the people from the county palace came looking for you. You went to beat up their family members, and I had to apologize on your behalf.”

Xiao Erlang asked in puzzlement, “Why did you apologize?

“He was clearly the one who did something wrong. You, a senior general, actually submitted to their evil forces.”

Xiao Yuanshi was speechless.

He was about to die from anger.

“You don’t feel that you’re at fault?”

Xiao Erlang nodded. “Yes, I’m not at fault at all.”

“That person is not a good person. A few days ago, he took a fancy to the wife of a scholar and tried to strike up a conversation with her and was scolded.

“He could not swallow his anger, so he forced the scholar and his wife to become servants in their manor.

“One has to lend a helping hand when one sees injustice. Since I have met them, of course, I can not ignore them.

“The general’s manor is not inferior to the county palace’s manor. Why are you afraid of them?”

He looked at Xiao Yuanshi with a disappointed face. “You are actually such a senior general. Where is courage from killing the enemy back then?

“It was clearly someone from their family who did something wrong, yet you actually went to apologize. How did your spine bend so quickly?”

He listened to his sister-in-law’s instructions to stir up trouble and then mentioned that “my ex-father was Senior General Xiao.”

Not to mention, it was quite satisfying.

However, he wasn’t fooling around.

Instead, it was really one who would lend a helping hand to someone facing injustice.

Moreover, those people didn’t dare to provoke him.

The main reason was that he had sister-in-law’s friends backing him, namely the great demoness of the capital, Xi Rong, and the little demon, Xi Rui, to back him up.

Thus, those people shifted the blame to the general’s residence and asked his scumbag father to apologize.

He also did not expect his scumbag father to admit defeat so quickly.

Xiao Baili also looked at Xiao Yuanshi with a disapproving expression. “Yes, they were clearly the ones who forcefully bought over the good people, and my little brother did not do anything wrong. Why do you need to apologize?

“If they want to make a scene, then so be it. At worst, they can make a scene at the emperor’s place. His actions are upholding justice.

“You’re actually apologizing and providing compensation gifts. Aren’t you ashamed?”

Xiao Yuanshi was completely choked by their words.

These two scoundrels specially went out to cause trouble, yet they were still so righteous and confident.

Moreover, the words they said were too infuriating.

What did they mean by him behaving cowardly and his spine bent so quickly?

Furthermore, they still think that he was an embarrassment.

He was now a general who had his official position removed.

How could he be compared to the county palace’s manor.

Even if the county palace’s manor did not have much real power, he was still a relative of the royal family.

He did not want to make enemies everywhere in the capital. After all, he was still hoping to return to the capital once again for meritorious service.

“I told you to mind your own business. You did it intentionally, weren’t you?”

Xiao Erlang asked back, “So shouldn’t I take care of others when I see the weak being bullied?”

Xiao Yuanshi was so angry that he laughed. “That’s if you have the capability to do it!”

Xiao Erlang said righteously, “I still have you as my ex-father.”

Xiao Yuanshi thought to himself, I really have to thank you.

When you schemed against me, I was General Xiao.

When you want me to clean up your mess, I became your father?

He took a deep breath and said, “I was ordered by the emperor to reflect at the general’s residence. I really can’t help you clean up this mess anymore.”

If this continued, all the families with playboys or poorly-natured children in the capital would be completely offended by his younger son.

The key was that after he had offended them, they would not blame their youngest son. or they would look for Xiao Hanzheng and his wife and come looking for him..

Xiao Erlang looked at Xiao Yuanshi with even more disappointment. “Sigh, I’ve misjudged you.”

Then, Xiao Erlang deliberately said, “If you don’t want to help, then so be it. If anyone comes looking for us again, I’ll go to the government and report them to the authorities. After all, it’s not my fault.”

Xiao Yuanshi thought to himself, I beg you to be a human being.

“You’ve been out for a few days. I’m sure your mother, elder brother, and your sister-in-law miss you too.”

Previously, he had said that he did not want to clean up the mess because he wanted his son or daughter to take the initiative to leave.

However, he wasn’t sure if they did not understand or if they intentionally didn’t want to leave.

Hence, he could only suggest. “Why don’t I send you back to the Xiao residence to meet up with them?”

Xiao Baili raised her eyebrows. “General Xiao, are you trying to chase us away?”

Xiao Erlang revealed an injured expression. “So you actually don’t welcome me and my sister, you even talk about compensating us. It’s all fake.”

Xiao Yuanshi remained silent, he was really going crazy.

These two evil creatures had only come to the general’s residence for a few days, but they had spent more than 20,000 taels of his silver.

They had even made him offend five families with considerable power. How could he welcome them?

He forced a smile. “I’m concerned that you would miss your mother, brother, and sister-in-law.”

Xiao Baili winked at him. “But we prefer to stay in the general’s residence.”

Xiao Yuanshi uttered under his breath, please don’t.

“I need to recuperate for the time being. I really don’t have the energy to take care of you guys.

“You guys go back to the Xiao residence for a period of time first. When I’m feeling better, I’ll go and fetch you guys back. How about it?”

He had indeed been having all sorts of problems recently, and he had been so angry with the two evil creatures that his heart ached.

Xiao Baili, however, smiled and said, “It’s fine. Why don’t we get Erlang to serve you?”

XiaoErlang also smiled and said, “Sure, I’ll move to your courtyard to help you to recuperate tonight.”

Xiao Yuanshi thought to himself, I really have to thank all of you. There’s no need to be so filial.

He almost couldn’t smile anymore. “There’s no need for that. My body isn’t in much danger. It’s just that the palace doctor ordered me to recuperate for a period of time.

“That’s why I need to send all of you back.

“Don’t worry. I’ll bring you guys back to the general’s residence afterwards.”

Xiao Baili sneered. “After a period of time, aren’t you going to the northern border?

“Isn’t it just that you dislike us and want to send us off? You can just say it directly.

“Why do you have to find such an excuse to hide it?”

She had already expected that her scumbag father would offer to send them off in the next few days.

Although it was quite interesting to stay in the general’s residence to make fun of their scumbag father, they also missed their mother, brother, and sister-in-law.

Therefore, they also prepared to go back.

Moreover, their scumbag father would not let them stay any longer.

They were waiting for him to take the initiative to chase them out.

“Erlang, pack your things. Since the general’s residence doesn’t welcome us, then we don’t need to stay here.”

Xiao Erlang looked at Xiao Yuanshi with an injured expression. “So General Xiao doesn’t like us.”

“Alright, I’ll go pack my things.” Then, with a disappointed and hurt expression, he turned around and went to pack his things.

Xiao Yuanshi looked at his younger son’s appearance and suddenly felt a little uncomfortable.

However, he really couldn’t stand the two of them squandering and causing trouble.

He explained, “I don’t dislike you. If there’s a chance, I’ll pick you up and bring you back to stay.”

However, deep down, he was excited.

He thought about this pair of siblings who could finally go home and completely ignored Xiao Erlang.

It seemed that he had really been hurt by his father’s eviction.

It was rare for Xiao Yuanshi to feel a little unnatural.

He could not help but think, was he really going a little overboard?

He could think about how the two of them had tricked him and be firm in his decision.

He was determined to send the two scourges away.

Otherwise, he wondered how many people the general’s residence would offend and how much compensation gifts he had to provide.