Chapter 315 - Very inexplicable

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Chapter 315: Very inexplicable

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In the blink of an eye, it was time for the hui exam.

Shi Qingluo and her family sent Xiao Hanzheng to the exam hall.

After he finished the exam, they prepared some hot ginger soup and got him to drink it as soon as he got on the carriage.

After three consecutive exams, Xiao Hanzheng still walked out of the exam hall with a graceful demeanor.

He was a stark contrast to the other scholars who were all pale or exhausted.

Shi Qingluo, Mother Xiao, and the others were waiting not far away.

When Xiao Hanzheng saw them, a smile appeared on his calm face as he quickly walked towards them.

Shi Qingluo smiled as she handed the handheld furnace to him. “You should be the most energetic candidate after three rounds.”

Although Xiao Hanzheng’s hands didn’t feel cold, he still took the handheld furnace from his little wife.

He said jokingly, “Of course, the husband that you fell in love with at first sight has to be different from the rest.”

Shi Qingluo gave him a look of annoyance. “The ones that I fell in love with at first sight are my husband’s mother and his younger siblings.”

Xiao Hanzheng did not know whether to laugh or cry. “Yes, yes, you fell in love with your husband at second sight.”

He knew that his wife first fell in love with his family, and then saw that he was pretty good-looking, so she took the initiative to marry him.

As the two of them were talking, a gentle and weak voice suddenly came from behind.

Xiao Hanzheng turned his head and greeted with a faint smile, “Henglong.”

Shi Qingluo looked over and saw a fair and delicate young man walking over.

He looked a little weak, but his clothes were neat and tidy.

Zhuo Jun nodded to him and looked at Shi Qingluo, asking with a smile, “This must be your wife.”

Xiao Hanzheng nodded. “Yes, this must be my wife, Shi Qinluo.”

He then introduced Shi Qingluo. “This is Zhuo Jun. His name is Henglong. He’s one of the examinees from the same batch as me.”

During his time in the capital city, he would occasionally be invited out to meet friends or attend book gatherings organized by some scholars.

He just so happened to get to know Zhuo Jun and another fellow.

They could still get along, so they became friends.

Shi Qingluo gave Zhuo Jun a faint smile. “Nice to meet you, Young Master Zhuo.”

Zhuo Jun hugged her. “Nice to meet you, my friend’s wife!”

Then, Xiao Hanzheng introduced Mother Xiao and the other two, and Zhuo Jun greeted each of them.

After a few casual words, Xiao Hanzheng said, “I’m going home first. Let’s get together again when we’re free.”

Zhuo Jun looked at him with a warm smile. “Alright, let’s meet together with them in the next few days.”

Xiao Hanzheng nodded and brought Shi Qingluo to the carriage in front while Mother Xiao and the other two got into the carriage behind.

Zhuo Jun then retracted his gaze from Xiao Hanzheng and turned around to get into his own carriage.

After getting into the carriage, Shi Qingluo asked, “Young Master Zhuo isn’t from the capital, is he?”

Xiao Hanzheng replied, “He’s from the northern city.”

Shi Qingluo knew that the northern city was the capital of the northern border.

She asked, “Do you have a good relationship with him?”

Xiao Hanzheng said, “We usually meet a few times, so we can still get along.”

Shi Qingluo did not hide anything. “Although he smiled at me and seemed very polite, I always felt that he had been sizing me up. He even hid his hostility and displeasure.”

She believed in her young husband, so she never hid her thoughts and judgments.

Because she often drank from the spiritual spring water, her senses were very sharp.

That was why she felt very inexplicable.

It was the first time she met Zhuo Jun, so why did he dislike and have enmity towards her?

It seemed like he looked forward to meeting her little husband, and it didn’t seem like they were enemies.

Xiao Hanzheng was stunned. He didn’t sense this, but he trusted his little wife.

He said, “I’ll get someone to investigate him in private.”

Shi Qingluo nodded. “Mmm, it’s better to be careful.”

She added, “And I have a feeling that he treats you a little differently.”

Xiao Hanzheng asked, “How is it different?”

Shi Qingluo thought for a moment and said, “I can’t tell in detail. I just feel that when he looks at you, his eyes are very bright, as if he’s looking at his sweetheart.

“Oh right, he can’t be gay, right?”

It might be because he had taken a liking to her young husband that he was hostile towards her.

Xiao Hanzheng remained silent for a moment.

“That can’t be. He seems quite normal when he is with me.”

The main reason was that he only treated him as a friend and didn’t pay much attention to him.

After thinking for a moment, he recalled that he didn’t do anything out of the ordinary to him or say anything strange.

It was just that he would often go out for parties, and he would only join once or twice out of ten times.

He added, “And I heard from his classmates who came from the north city to take the exam together that he has already settled his engagement at home.”

Shi Qingluo shrugged. “I don’t know about that. Anyway, I believe in my sixth sense.

“Go and check if he is gay.

“If so, stay away from him.”

Xiao Hanzheng held her hand and said, “Whether he’s gay or not, I’ll stay away from him in the future.”

He believed in his wife’s sixth sense.

Since Zhuo Jun disliked and was hostile towards his wife, he naturally couldn’t get along with such a person.

Shi Qingluo took the initiative to lean against him. “Mmm, do as you see fit.”

She didn’t have any intention of interfering with her husband from making friends, but she just couldn’t like this Zhuo Jun, and she didn’t know why.

Next was the release of the examination results.

Because this was an enke, there had to be a gap prior to the autumn examinations.

Hence, the imperial court made the examiners work overtime to mark the examination papers.

The release of the examination results, which was supposed to take more than twenty days, was reduced to fifteen.

The restaurants near the release of the results had been booked out more than half a month ago.

Liang Youxiao had also booked a private room in advance, mainly for Xiao Hanzheng.

Today was the big day for result release.

These friends who were close to Shi Qingluo and her husband, of course, had to come out and wait for the results together.

If Xiao Hanzheng passed the exam, they would celebrate together.

Xiao Hanzheng and Shi Qingluo also went to Liang Youxiao’s private room early in the morning.

Not only were Liang Youxiao, Xi Rui, Xi Rong, and Fei Yuzhe there, but even Qi Yiyang was there.

Because of Old Master Qi’s permission, he and Xi Rui would occasionally eat and drink together.

It also surprised many from the younger generation in the capital.

After all, they had previously disliked each other.

After sitting down, they began to chat.

After a while, someone shouted from below, “The rankings have been released, the rankings have been released!”

Liang Youxiao and the others had already sent their trusted aides to snatch the seats to look at the results.

Xi Rui asked with a smile, “Old Xiao, are you confident?”

Because they often heard Shi Qingluo address Xiao Hanzheng this way outside, they also addressed him as old Xiao, which made them seem even closer.

They were not scholars, so they did not like to address him as Jinyu.

Xiao Hanzheng smiled calmly and said, “There should be no problem in the exam. It depends on the rank.”

Xi Rui smiled and said, “Old Xiao, I bet you are in the top three places.”

“I bet too.” Xi Rong smiled and said, “But I totally followed Luoluo’s bet.”

When she said this, everyone was surprised.

Xi Rui asked curiously, “Qingluo, how much did you bet? Which position did you bet on your hubby?”