Chapter 317 - Very uncomfortable

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Chapter 317: Very uncomfortable

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Very soon, the news that Xiao Hanzheng was a huiyuan spread throughout the capital.

The Xi, Liang, and Fei families were all happy.

After all, their children were on good terms with Xiao Hanzheng.

Xiao Yuanshi also heard from his close aide who came to report this matter.

He could not help but recall the past.

He remembered that Xiao Hanzheng was still a small child.

He had also hoped that his son would be able to enter the civil service in the future and change the fate of his family.

Therefore, when his son was young, he tried his best to send him to school.

Because of his father-in-law’s subsidy, his family did not object.

But when had the opportunity to stand out subsequently, he shifted that expectation on himself.

He knew that Xiao Hanzheng excelled academically, and there was still hope for him to enter the scholar examination.

But he really did not expect that Xiao Hanzheng would directly become the first huiyuan.

There was even a chance for him to become a small three yuan.

This made him feel very uncomfortable.

Previously, he had thought of bringing Erlang back to the general’s residence and nurturing him well.

But after the previous scheming incident, he no longer had any hope for Erlang.

He could see that he was also an immature child who had been led astray by his eldest son and Shi Qingluo.

Therefore, he could only place his hopes on the child in Liu Ru’s stomach.

If this child was born as a son, he would bring him along and nurture him well.

Ge Chunru heard from her courtyard that Xiao Hanzheng had clinched the huiyuan.

She could not help but smash all the porcelain in the room.

Her younger brother had been sent to the border to do mining, but that little bastard was so glorious.

She could not accept it!

Because she was grounded by Xiao Yuanshi, her previous connection with Zheng Tongfeng had also been cut off.

Otherwise, she would have dealt with that little b * tch, Xiao Baili.

A sister who had lost her virginity was enough to stain Xiao Hanzheng’s reputation.

The more she thought about it, the more uncomfortable and unwilling she felt.

She wrote a letter and handed it to her personal servant.

“Send this letter to the second prince’s residence to my sister.”

The person Xiao Yuanshi sent to the northern border had yet to return.

She already had the idea of going ahead of time.

However, Xiao Yuanshi said that her body was not in a good condition and that he would not be at ease if she went alone.

He promised her that he would go to the emperor’s place to probe and ask if he could go to the northern border ahead of time.

However, there was still no news after such a long time. She could not wait any longer.

She was afraid that something would happen to her brother and did not want Xiao Hanzheng to continue being in the limelight.

Thus, she wrote a letter to her sister to see if she could come out and meet her.

On the same day, Ge Chunying received Ge Chunru’s letter.

Seeing that her second brother had been tricked by Eldest Grandson Xiao to do mining, her expression changed.

Her hatred towards the old Xiao family grew in her heart.

She also secretly scolded her second brother for being useless.

After bringing so many of his people along and so much silver, the old Xiao family actually stole it and tricked him.

She wondered how her brother-in-law had taught him.

At the same time, she also had some complaints about her brother-in-law, Xiao Yuanshi, who was too careless about her second brother’s matter.

How could he let his family bully him?

She was only a side concubine at the prince’s residence.

She couldn’t go out alone at all.

She had to seek advice from the second prince’s consort.

But recently, she had received the second prince’s favor.

The second prince’s consort didn’t like her very much either.

It was very likely that she would place her under her control.

Hence, she went to the kitchen and had someone make some soup.

She personally carried it to the main courtyard.

The second prince was currently in the study room discussing matters with the fifth prince.

Previously, the fifth prince had proposed to go to Jiangnan, but was rejected by the emperor.

The two of them had just finished discussing matters in the imperial court when they heard someone report that Concubine Ge had come to deliver soup.

Liang Hengyu chuckled and said, “Second brother, your blessing with women is not trivial. During the day, you even have a concubine to deliver soup to the study room.”

Liang Hengshao’s face darkened. “This woman is becoming more and more unruly.”

He had been very “doting” on Ge Chunying recently.

Did it give her the illusion that she could come to the study room and disturb his work?

Liang Hengyu wanted to watch the show. “Then let’s let her in and see what she wants to do.”

Liang Hengshao also felt that Ge Chunying had something to do by delivering soup during the day, so he ordered her to come in.

Ge Chunying’s eyes lit up when she heard the second prince let her in.

As expected, the second prince viewed her differently.

Previously, the other side concubine and two other serving concubines had also come to the study room to deliver soup, but the second prince declined their entry.

After entering the study room, Ge Chunying saw that the fifth prince was also there, so she was a little unhappy.

However, she did not show it on her face.

She bowed to the two of them. “Greetings, Your Highness, fifth prince!”

Liang Hengshao looked at Ge Chunying with a “gentle” look. “What’s the matter?”

Ge Chunying smiled and took the tray from the servant girl. “I made soup for your highness. I thought of bringing it here for you to try.”

Liang Hengshao was not interested in the soup she made. “Put it on the table. I’ll drink it later.”

Ge Chunying did not want him to drink it now, so she walked over and put down the soup.

She looked like she wanted to say something but hesitated.

Liang Hengshao smiled and asked, “Is there anything else? Or did someone bully you in the manor?”

He looked like he would help her vent her anger if she said it out loud.

Ge Chunying felt sweet in her heart.

She smiled and shook her head. “The sisters in the backyard are very good. No one bullied me.”

Actually, because she had been too pampered recently, she had often been mocked by the women in the backyard who played tricks behind her back.

However, she was obviously not stupid enough to run to the second prince and complain.

Her eyes reddened. “That’s right. It was today that I received a letter from my sister.”

Liang Hengyu saw her expression. “Is your sister dying?”

Ge Chunying thought to herself, you’re the one dying.

The fifth prince is really annoying.

“No, you misunderstood, fifth prince.”

Liang Hengyu pursed her lips. “Then why are you crying?”

These women were better actors than those in the theater.

They cried whenever they wanted to.

Ge Chunying originally wanted to lay the groundwork, but the fifth prince ruined it.

She could only reply, “Something happened to my second brother.”

She then looked at the second prince. “He was forced to go to the northern border to mine, so I’d like to ask your highness for help to see if you can rescue my second brother from the mine.”

She then mentioned that it was Eldest Grandson Xiao who did it.

Liang Hengshao said perfunctorily, “Sure, I’ll send someone to the northern border to take a look.”

She looked at him gently and broke into a smile. “Thank you, Your Highness!”

She then asked, “Oh right, my sister wants to see me. May I go to the general’s residence?”

Liang Hengshao smiled. “Sure, go and tell the imperial consort that I have agreed.”

“Thank You, Your Highness!” Ge Chunying was delighted again.

Liang Hengshao waved his hand. “I still have something to discuss with my fifth brother. You can go back first.”

Ge Chunying nodded obediently. “Yes.”

Liang Hengshao narrowed his eyes after she left. “Xiao Yuanshi is really ruthless.”

He had been grooming his brother-in-law all this while.

When his leg was broken and he became useless, he threw him to the northern border.

There was also a rumor that Xiao Yuanshi was afraid of his wife.

Now, it seemed impossible.

If it was not for Xiao Yuanshi’s tacit approval, Ge Chunyi would not have been sent to the mines.

Liang Hengyu thought for a moment and suggested, “Xiao Yuanshi’s character is not good. Second brother, I suggest that you don’t work with him.”

Liang Hengshao thought for a moment. “I think so too. I will cut off all my ties with Xiao Yuanshi as soon as possible.”

He was a cold-blooded person who valued profit above all else.

It was too easy for a person like him to turn around and backstab him.

If Xiao Yuanshi knew that his sister-in-law came to the second prince for help because of his petite wife’s letter causing the second prince to cut off his cooperation with him completely, he would probably be so angry that he would vomit blood.