Chapter 319 - Then I’ll fulfill her wish

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Chapter 319: Then I’ll fulfill her wish

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Xiao Yuanshi didn’t stay any longer. He casually said a few words and left.

He didn’t notice that there was a masked man dressed in black lying on the roof.

Seeing Xiao Yuanshi leave unhappily, Ge Chunying and Ge Chunru both felt relieved in the house.

Especially Ge Chunying, she realized the benefits of power.

If she wasn’t the second prince’s favored concubine, would Xiao Yuanshi compromise like this?

If she was still the little girl who had once stayed in the general’s residence, she would not have dared to smash her brother-in-law like this.

Ge Chunru felt that since her sister was supporting her, Xiao Yuanshi did not dare to restrict her movements anymore.

It felt good to have support from her family.

As expected, sending her sister to the second prince’s residence was the right decision.

The two of them talked about how they were going to plot against Xiao Baili.

Only then did Ge Chunying return to the second prince’s residence.

After she left, the black-clothed man on the roof also left.

The black-clothed man did not notice that a woman dressed as a servant girl had been hiding in the corner of the inner window to eavesdrop.

At the same time, she also discovered him.

In the second prince’s residence.

When the secret guard came to report the situation, Liang Hengyu had yet to leave.

He was sitting and playing chess with his second brother.

The secret guard shared Ge Chunying and Ge Chunru’s plans and also how Ge Chunying had smashed Xiao Yuanshi.

Then, the secret guard followed Ge Chunying to a pharmacy.

He discovered that Ge Chunying had secretly concocted a slow-acting poison.

Every day, when she went to serve the second prince’s consort, she would add it into the second prince’s consort’s tea or food from her sleeves.

The secret guard had secretly gotten hold of this news from Ge Chunying’s personal maid after interrogating her.

He reported this to Liang Hengyu too.

Liang Hengyu was speechless. “These two women are too vicious.”

“Second brother, this Side Concubine Ge of yours looks soft and weak, but she’s even more vicious than a scorpion.

“And isn’t she a little ungrateful?

“Xiao Yuanshi has raised them for so many years, and even allowed Ge Chunru to give her so many dowries.

“Once she gained power, she actually went to smash Xiao Yuanshi first.”

Liang Hengshao did not expect Ge Chunying to be so vicious.

How old was Xiao Hanzheng’s younger sister?

They actually wanted to ruin her innocence in public.

Liang Hengshao could not help but say happily, “Fortunately, I didn’t fall for it and let her play hard to get. Otherwise, I’m afraid my backyard would be in trouble.”

Back then, if he had not seen Shi Qingluo ignoring his initiatives and Ge Chunying pretending to be cold to him to play hard to get, he might have really paid attention to her.

Liang Hengyu looked at his second brother sympathetically. “Don’t drink too much soup in the future. Otherwise, it might not be long before Concubine Ge’s illegitimate child is born.”

He realized that it wasn’t a good thing to be too flirtatious.

Let’s see what kind of women his second brother had provoked.

There was a third prince concubine who was vicious and crazy, and a viper-like Concubine Ge.

There might be more of such women in his second brother’s backyard.

Then he said, “And she actually poisoned your consort now. If she’s unhappy with you in the future, won’t she also poison you?”

Liang Hengshao sighed, needless to say, it was really possible.

Moreover, Ge Chunying was really too vicious.

As far as he knew, his consort treated Ge Chunying quite well.

At least, she didn’t deliberately bully or suppress her.

Although she was a little unhappy that he had been spoiling Ge Chunying recently, she still kept to her duty and didn’t poison Ge Chunying.

This was also the reason why he had chosen her to be his imperial consort.

But Ge Chunying, on the other hand, wanted to make a move first.

He could roughly guess Ge Chunying’s thoughts.

Was she thinking of poisoning his wife to death?

Or was it because even though she was the favored one, she had to take the initiative to serve his wife so that she would be moved and offer her something before she died.

Then, she could take the opportunity to become his official wife from a side concubine.

After all, Ge Chunying’s sister had played this trick before.

Although she didn’t poison Mdm Kong, she used her abortion to frame her.

She almost made Mdm Kong a concubine.

Her status became lowly, and the children she gave birth to became illegitimate children.

It had to be said that they were indeed sisters.

His face darkened. He gritted his teeth and said, “Alright, since she wants a child, I’ll fulfill her wish.”

She actually wanted to give him soup that would make him want to room with her, what did she think he was?

Liang Hengyu was extremely surprised. “Second brother, you actually want to make things difficult for yourself in order to help her?”

If he were him, he would definitely not touch such a venomous woman, let alone let her stay behind.

If she were to be so ruthless now and give birth to a son, wouldn’t it cause chaos in the prince’s residence.

Liang Hengshao was lost for words, “What are you thinking about? Why would I let myself suffer?

“It’s not like I have to do it myself to make her pregnant.”

Liang Hengyu was speechless, he was impressed. He was really impressed.

He gave Liang Hengshao a thumbs up. “Second brother, when you’re ruthless, you are even willing to let yourself wear a cuckold.”

Liang Hengshao uttered under his breath, do you know how to speak?

He snorted coldly. “Who asked her to plot against me?”

He couldn’t tolerate a woman who wanted to plot against him.

Especially when she used him as a tool to give birth to a child.

Liang Hengyu smiled embarrassedly. “That’s true.”

“If there’s a day in the future when Concubine Ge has a child and you tell her that the child isn’t yours, she’ll probably break down.”

She had plotted for nothing, and in the end, it backfired on her. Why wouldn’t she go crazy?

Liang Hengshao’s lips curled up. “Not only that, I’ll let her and that man live together with their child for a long time.”

It couldn’t be any simpler to make Ge Chunying’s identity disappear.

He could just say that Concubine Ge had passed away due to illness and then a woman with the surname Ge just appeared in a distant village.

Wasn’t Ge Chunying the one who looked down on lowly men the most?

He would help her find one.

Liang Hengshao would normally not be so ruthless to women, but Ge Chunying had stepped on his bottom line.

Plotting against him and poisoning his wife were unforgivable.

Liang Hengyu expressed his support. “This is also suitable for that viper-like woman.”

He thought for a moment and asked, “Second brother, should we go and remind Xiao Hanzheng and Shi Qingluo?”

First of all, they would not let an innocent woman be framed like this.

Second, they could also be nice to Xiao Hanzheng and his wife.

Liang Hengshao was a little hesitant. “Is it appropriate for us to remind them?

“Why don’t we get someone to stop Zheng Tongfeng from getting close to Xiao Baili?”

Liang Hengyu suddenly remembered something. “I think it’s better to go and say it.

“Knowing Shi Qingluo and Xiao Hanzheng’s personalities, they won’t let the person who schemed against them off so easily.

“Also, didn’t Shi Qingluo want Zheng Tongfeng and Ge Chunru to be caught being together?

“It seems that the flower feast was originally prepared by Shi Qingluo for Ge Chunru for them to be scheme against.”

“Then, Ge Chunru would deliver herself.”

Wasn’t this asking for trouble…

Repeatedly scheming against Xiao Baili, did the Ge sisters really treat Xiao Hanzheng and his wife as mere decoration?

When the second prince heard him mention it, he also recalled what Qi Yiyang had promised to help Shi Qingluo with.

He didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. “What is Ge Chunru doing? Is she sending herself to Shi Qingluo’s doorstep?

“Forget it. Let’s go and watch a show on that day too.

“Then you can go and tell Yiyang about this matter and have him tell Xiao Hanzheng and his wife about it.”

It was better like this, and it didn’t seem as deliberate.

Liang Hengyu nodded. “I also think it’s better to let my cousin tell him.”

The key was that his cousin had to participate.

If Ge Chunru was accidentally allowed to succeed, it would be strange if Qingluo did not destroy his cousin by then.

Anyway, Xiao Yuanshi was already an abandoned child in the society.

No matter how much his wife is involved in extra-marital affairs, it would not affect them.