Chapter 320 - Sister Ge, you’re here too

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Chapter 320: Sister Ge, you’re here too

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Very soon, Xiao Hanzheng received the same news.

Shi Qingluo became even more determined to deal with Ge Chunru.

This woman only remembered the benefits of her actions and forgot about the potential consequences.

This time, she would see how she played it out.

Two days later, Qi Yiyang personally sent the invitation to the Xiao residence.

“The flower feast is in three days. Remember to come.”

He then said to Shi Qingluo, “I’ve already done what I promised you.”

Shi Qingluo chuckled. “I didn’t reveal that you’re a womanizer either.”

Qi Yiyang remained silent.

He emphasized, “I’m not a womanizer. Don’t spout nonsense.”

Shi Qingluo shrugged. “It’s not like I said it. You were the one who shouted it.”

Qi Yiyang thought to himself, you can’t get over it, can you?

“I helped you with this matter. Just forget about what happened in the past.”

Shi Qingluo stopped teasing him. “No problem.”

Qi Yiyang knew that Shi Qingluo was a person who kept her promises, so he was relieved.

“Well, I came over today to remind you of something.”

Shi Qingluo asked, “What is it?”

Qi Yiyang told him what the fifth prince had told him. “So even if we don’t make a move that day, Ge Chunru will make a move on your sister-in-law.

“Zheng Tongfeng has already agreed. He urgently needs a wife to cover for him.”

Shi Qingluo was a little surprised that Qi Yiyang knew about this and even came to remind them.

Xiao Hanzheng asked, “Who told you this?”

With Qi Yiyang’s ability, it was obviously impossible for him to find out about this.

After all, Ge Chunru and her sister had called the maids out when they spoke that day.

Qi Yiyang realized that Xiao Hanzheng was indeed smart. “The fifth prince told me, and he was the one who told me to tell you.

“The main reason is that he doesn’t want your sister to be schemed against.”

Xiao Hanzheng smiled. “Then thank you, fifth prince.”

Seeing that Xiao Hanzheng and his wife did not seem surprised or angry by Ge Chunru’s scheme, he asked, “Don’t tell me you already know?”

Xiao Hanzheng nodded. “We did know about it, but thank you for your reminder.”

Therefore, he didn’t owe the second prince this favor.

Of course, since the second prince and the fifth prince were so friendly, as long as they didn’t come to find trouble with them in the future, he wouldn’t take the initiative to find trouble with them.

Qi Yiyang wondered, why is there such a big difference between us?

Xiao Hanzheng was younger than him, but he was more experienced in his actions, and his tactics were more intelligent.

The key point was that he was born in the public administration house, and Xiao Hanzheng was just a youth from a village youth.

At this moment, he was a little shocked.

Shi Qingluo saw Qi Yiyang’s shocked expression and smiled as she consoled him, “You don’t have to compare yourself with my hubby. After all, we are not on the same level. Compared to your peers, you are already considered pretty good.”

Qi Yiyang wondered, is she trying to show off her hubby, or is she trying to comfort him? Hmph.

However, he did feel a little better in his heart.

He didn’t want to compare himself with a monster like Xiao Hanzheng. He was indeed considered very good among his peers.

He earned the 19th place in the test, and his father had been walking on the streets proudly recently.

His cousins looked at him with envy and jealousy.

Shi Qingluo said, “Then go and prepare. We’ll bring Baili to the banquet in the next three days.”

They were indeed planning to bring Baili to the banquet. It had to be said that Ge Chunying had calculated correctly.

Qi Yiyang saw that they were prepared, so he stood up and said, “Alright, see you three days later.”

Xiao Hanzheng brought Shi Qingluo and Xiao Baili to the banquet.

Most of the wives of fourth-grade and above officials also brought their families to attend the banquet.

Especially those fourth-grade families with undecided daughters, they were more enthusiastic about the flower-viewing banquet.

The mothers who had undecided sons also wanted to come to the flower-viewing banquet to see if there were any girls suitable for their sons.

Zheng Tongfeng didn’t receive the invitation because he didn’t pass the countryside examination, so he naturally didn’t participate in the hui examination this time.

Qi Yiyang invited all those who were ranked top in the hui examination.

After Shi Qingluo knew Ge Chunru’s plan, she asked Qi Yiyang not to invite Zheng Tongfeng on purpose.

Otherwise, it would seem a little deliberate.

And the more it was like this, the more it seemed like there was something wrong with Zheng Tongfeng and Ge Chunru.

Otherwise, if you aren’t invited, why would a man like you take the initiative to tag along?

Zheng Tongfeng was not invited, but he followed Lady Zheng using his identity as her family member.

Lady Zheng did not know his plan.

After all, she would not be happy to see her daughter-in-law marry into the family after her purity was ruined.

That would be too embarrassing.

Ge Chunru had asked the servant girl to instigate Zheng Tongfeng.

It meant that if Xiao Baili’s innocence was ruined before she married him, then she would naturally have to hold a lower status when she entered the Zheng family.

She would not be qualified to use her status as his official wife anymore.

His parents would also be displeased because of this.

He would then bring his lover back to the residence.

Naturally, Xiao Baili could only pinch her nose and admit it. She would not dare to use her identity as his wife to oppose it.

In the future, he would let Xiao Baili die of illness and make room for his beloved concubine.

Men and women were separated at the flower feast.

Although the line between men and women was not that strict, there were many unmarried single men and women here.

Hence, it wasn’t suitable for them to be together.

Ge Chunru came to the banquet as the wife of the general.

However, after she entered, the other officials’ wives treated her with a more distant attitude.

There were even some who were very cold toward her.

They looked as if they disdained to get along with Ge Chunru, who was also Xiao Yuanshi’s niece.

There were even a few wives who were on good terms with her who whispered, “Ge Chunru actually has the nerve to come out. She’s really thick-skinned.”

“To be able to get together with her father’s sworn brother and get rid of his first wife successfully, she has a ruined reputation to begin with. What face does she have?

“She doesn’t have a daughter or any sort. I heard that she can’t give birth anymore. Is it interesting to attend such a flower feast?

“Who knows? If I were her with such a reputation, I wouldn’t even be able to go out, let alone attend a banquet.

“Besides, she will be going to the northern border with General Xiao soon. She doesn’t need to attend the flower feast to make friends, right?”

When the time came and she wouldn’t see them at the northern border, was attending the flower feast useful for her?

“She wants to make friends, but we are not willing.”

“We don’t know what she wants today.”

Many people were puzzled.

Ge Chunru had lost her reputation. How could she still have the face to attend the flower feast?

Ge Chunru sat alone and naturally noticed the disdain and coldness from everyone.

No one took the initiative to sit beside her.

She even saw a few people whispering to each other. She felt that they were talking about her.

She was so angry that the handkerchief in her hand was about to be torn.

If not for the fact that she was afraid that Zheng Tongfeng would cower and hence she had to come to keep an eye on Xiao Baili and see her reputation destroyed with her own eyes, she really did not want to come today.

At this moment, Shi Qingluo and Xi Rong also walked in with Xiao Baili.

As the Southern Town Marquis, Xi Rong was naturally invited as well.

She usually did not like to attend flower feasts, but this time, she came because she was accompanying Shi Qingluo.

She even deliberately waited at the door and entered with Shi Qingluo. She wanted to support her good friend.

This way, there would be no one who would be blind and use their identity to suppress her good friend.

In fact, if she didn’t do this, the ladies here wouldn’t take the initiative to offend Shi Qingluo either.

Even though Shi Qingluo’s status wasn’t high and she didn’t have any background, everyone knew that she was on good terms with Xi Rong and the others, and she could even reach the heavens.

The lesson from the third imperial consort and General Xiao was right in front of them.

When Shi Qingluo walked in, she saw Ge Chunru sitting alone.

She took the initiative to greet her with a smile. “Sister Ge, you’re here too!”

When she called her like this, it almost made several madams spit out tea. Many madams and young ladies held handkerchiefs to their mouths to hide their smiles.

Shi Qingluo was too ruthless. It seemed like they would have a good show to watch today.