Chapter 322 - Everyone saw it. They were caught red-handed

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Chapter 322: Everyone saw it. They were caught red-handed

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When Ge Chunru thought about what would happen, everyone scolding and despising Xiao Baili, even despising Shi Qingluo, she could not help but smile.

Suddenly, someone hugged her from behind.

Then, Zheng Tongfeng whispered in her ear, “Little beauty, I’ve made you wait for a long time. I am here.”

Ge Chunru was shocked.

She quickly turned her head and met Zheng Tongfeng’s face.

She couldn’t help but say, “Idiot, you’ve mistaken me for someone else.”

At this moment, Zheng Tongfeng’s eyes were blurry.

He rubbed his eyes and saw the woman he loved in front of him.

His face even revealed a coquettish look, as if he was unhappy.

It was the first time he had seen his sweetheart like this. His heart itched fiercely.

“Sweetheart, I would never mistake you for anyone else!

“Come, give your husband a kiss.”

After saying that, he couldn’t help but press Ge Chunru against a big tree and kiss her.

Ge Chunru felt that this guy was crazy to actually dare to treat her like this.

Being pressed down by him for a kiss, she endured the nausea and wanted to push him away.

However, the disparity in strength between a man and a woman was now evident.

Especially Ge Chunru, who had not been in good health for more than half a year. She was even weaker.

She pressed both her hands on Zheng Tongfeng’s shoulders and pushed him.

However, from other angles, she seemed to be supporting Zheng Tongfeng to be intimate.

At this moment, the second madam happened to bring everyone over.

They saw a man and a woman being intimate under a pear tree not far away.

The second madam’s expression changed, and the other ladies were shocked as well.

They obviously did not expect to see this in the garden.

The unmarried ladies’ faces were all red.

An yushi’s wife covered her daughter’s eyes and said angrily, “Who are so shameless to do such a thing in broad daylight?”

The others also felt that it was too outrageous.

They guessed that it might be a man and a woman who were engaged and couldn’t help but fall in love here.

The second madam’s expression was unsightly as she quickly walked over.

“What are you guys doing!”

This scolding gave Zheng Tongfeng and Ge Chunru a fright.

Zheng Tongfeng instantly woke up and realized that he was pressing down on a woman to kiss.

He also remembered that he seemed to have seen his lover just now and couldn’t help but fall in love.

When he heard someone berating him, he hurriedly let her go.

Then, he saw an unfamiliar face.

This was not Xiao Baili!

He did not think about that piece of paper.

He only felt that he might have drunk a few more cups just now and accidentally recognized the wrong person.

Suddenly, a madam recognized Ge Chunru and shouted in shock, “Madam Xiao, why is it you?”

The others took a closer look and realized that it really was Ge Chunru.

The man who was intimate with Ge Chunru seemed to slighter over 20 years old and did not look like General Xiao.

This… this was too complicated.

Ge Chunru did not expect Zheng Tongfeng to act like he had gone crazy.

He pressed her down and kissed her, but she could not push him away.

Then, she happened to meet these people who were strolling around the courtyard and saw them all.

Her eyes immediately turned red and she cried out, “He… he forced me to be molested.

“I was tired from strolling around just now, so I sat here to rest. Who knew that someone would suddenly hug me and molest me?

“He was very strong and I could not break free.

“Ladies, please help me. Waa, waa…”

What she said was the truth.

If Zheng Tongfeng wasn’t still kissing her and everyone had not seen it, she would definitely not admit that she had been molested.

At this moment, she even wanted to die.

She even scolded Zheng Tongfeng a few times.

After Xi Rong received Shi Qingluo’s gaze, she immediately berated, “How dare you, you manaic. How dare you molest General Xiao’s wife in broad daylight.

“Quickly get the capital magistrate to come and arrest her.”

At this moment, Lady Zheng had already seen clearly that it was her son who had molested Madam Xiao.

She almost fainted from anger.

What was this evil creature doing?

Why did he molest Madam Xiao?

When she heard Xi Rong’s words, she was even more shocked.

If this matter spread and his son was arrested, then the rest of his life would be over.

“Feng’er, why are you here?

“Did this woman seduce you?”

When Zheng Tongfeng heard everyone’s address, he also understood that this person was Ge Chunru.

He did not expect this woman to accuse him of molesting her and pushing all the blame onto him.

At first, he did not think much of it, but when he heard that Xi Rong actually wanted capital magistrate’ people to come and capture him, he panicked.

Just as he was thinking about what to do, he heard his mother’s question.

He immediately nodded. “Yes, she was the one who seduced me.

“She was also the one who asked me to come here to find her.”

This slut had clearly said that she wanted to ruin Xiao Baili’s innocence, yet she had actually called him over to be with him.

Could it be that she had fallen for him because she saw how handsome he was?

Yes, that had to be the case. Madam Xiao was really too shameless.

No wonder she had rejected him earlier, but she had also been so close to him.

It turned out that she was coveting him.

Ge Chunru was furious. “I didn’t. I don’t even know you. How could I have asked you to come here?”

Zheng Tongfeng didn’t want to be arrested and sent to prison, so he immediately said, “If you didn’t ask me to come, how could I have come?

“You’re talking nonsense. You clearly wanted to seduce me.” Ge Chunru was really going crazy.

Zheng Tongfeng really wanted Ge Chunru to go back and look in the mirror.

Why would he want to seduce such an old woman?

But if that was the case, he would not be able to wash away the fact that he had seduced her.

So he said angrily, “If you didn’t get someone to send a message to me, get me to come over, and then take the initiative to seduce me, how could I not be able to control myself?”

When Ge Chunru heard him say that, she immediately heaved a sigh of relief. “I’ve never written a letter to you. You’re lying.”

She had never written a letter to Zheng Tongfeng.

Previously, even if she had gotten a servant girl to come into contact with him, she had done so through a messager.

She was just afraid that she would be caught.

When Zheng Tongfeng saw her like this, he felt disdain in his heart.

This old woman wanted to seduce him, but she actually refused to admit it and blamed it all on him.

Fortunately, he had a trick up his sleeve and did not destroy the note.

Therefore, he immediately took out the note from his pocket. “This is what you wrote to me.

“Everyone can take a look at the handwriting.”

He was sure that Ge Chunru wanted to seduce him.

“Let me take a look.”

At this moment, one of the madams who used to be on good terms with Ge Chunru walked out and reached out to take the note.

“This…” Then, her expression changed. “It really is Madam Xiao’s handwriting.”

She had once exchanged letters with Ge Chunru, so she could recognize her handwriting.

Another madam who had also interacted with Ge Chunru came forward to take a look. “It really is. Previously, I saw the invitation written by Madam Xiao, and this is the handwriting.”

Ge Chunru initially saw Zheng Tongfeng taking out a piece of paper and didn’t think much of it.

She insisted that it wasn’t written by herself, and no one could accuse her of it. After all, she really didn’t write it.

When the time came, she would say that Zheng Tongfeng must have ordered someone to harm her.

She didn’t have time to think about who had framed her, or whether Zheng Tongfeng had betrayed her.

Suddenly, she heard the two madam’s words.

Her expression changed. “No, I didn’t write it. How could it be my handwriting?”

Why did these two b * tches come to frame her.

She couldn’t help but walk over quickly and snatch the note.

When she saw the handwriting on it, she was stunned.

This was really her handwriting.

If it wasn’t for the fact that she had never written such a note, she would have thought that shw wrote it herself.