Chapter 323 - How dare you hit me?

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Chapter 323: How dare you hit me?

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Shi Qingluo looked at Ge Chunru doubting her life.

This woman obviously didn’t expect that someone could imitate her handwriting.

Shi Qingluo said, “You snatched the paper away. Are you trying to destroy the evidence?”

Her words successfully shifted Ge Chunru’s hatred toward her.

Ge Chunru didn’t bother to hide it.

She looked at Shi Qingluo with hatred in her eyes. “It was you guys who did it. It must be you guys who framed me.

“Shi Qingluo, why are you guys so vicious?”

Shi Qingluo knew that Ge Chunru would be like this.

“Little Lady Ge, you were caught cheating and you actually blamed me.

“I didn’t bring my maid out today and I’ve been sitting in the front hall the whole time.

“I came to the garden with everyone. The ladies here can be my witnesses.

“How am I going to frame you? How can I split myself into half and force you to be intimate with Young Master Zheng?

“And if we hadn’t come over to disturb you, you guys were so intimate just now. Are you treating everyone as fools? It’s not like we can’t see it.

“Or are you thinking of sending your lover to the capital magistrate because you were caught by everyone?

“He molested the wife of the general. I don’t know if he will be sent to exile.”

Of course, it wasn’t that serious.

She was deliberately scaring Zheng Tongfeng.

Sure enough, Zheng Tongfeng immediately said, “Chunru, how could you do this?

“You were the one who asked me to come over and seduced me just now, asking me to kiss you. Why are you not admitting to it now?”

Ge Chunru turned her head and glared at Zheng Tongfeng. “You are in cahoots with Shi Qingluo and the others just to frame me.”

She was also wondering if this idiot had been bribed by Shi Qingluo and her husband.

Shi Qingluo sneered. “Little Lady Ge, your rebuttal water is so dirty.”

She asked Zheng Tongfeng, “Was that note given to you by me or my husband?”

Zheng Tongfeng shook his head. “No, it was given to me by a servant.”

Shi Qingluo shrugged. “My husband didn’t bring a servant here today.”

She said to Ge Chunru, “So don’t even think about splashing dirty water on us.

“Moreover, everyone was clearly waiting for the second madam to come and lead the flower appreciation. I wonder who was so impatient to come and admire the flowers first.”

Xi Rong also laughed at the side. “That’s right. It’s obvious that there’s a problem.

“Just now, we were still talking about whether General Xiao had also come and made you so anxious.

“I didn’t expect you to be meeting your lover!”

She looked at Ge Chunru with a smile that was not a smile. “Little Lady Ge, your heart is really ruthless.

“A moment ago, you could still be so intimate with Young Master Zheng, but the next moment, you stabbed him.

“You want to send him to prison!”

She deliberately threatened again. “If that’s the case, I can help you. Get someone to call the capital magistrate and arrest your lover for molesting the wife of the general. Then, ask the emperor to make the decision and exile him.”

When Zheng Tongfeng heard this, he became anxious. “I saw Chunru’s handwriting, so I came to the appointment. I absolutely did not force or molest her.”

He wanted to insist that it was Ge Chunru who had seduced him.

Otherwise, he might be sent to the capital magistrate. He did not want to go to jail or even be exiled.

After all, if others said something like this, there was a limit to what he could be afraid of.

But when Xi Rong, the great demoness, said it, he was really afraid.

After all, her uncle was the emperor.

Ge Chunru was so angry that her face turned green. “Bullsh * t, you’re just slandering me. I don’t even know you, so how could I send you a note? How could you recognize my handwriting? Nonsense.”

She had never written a letter to Zheng Tongfeng before.

Zheng Tongfeng looked helpless. “Chunru, the situation has already evolved to this stage, why don’t you admit it?

“It’s not like we don’t have any dealings in private. Your servant girl went to look for me several times.”

He continued, “Once, my classmates even saw it. If you don’t believe me, you can ask my classmates to come out and identify your servant.”

Hearing this, Ge Chunru’s face turned pale. “Don’t spout nonsense. I’m the wife of a general. How can I look for a playboy like you?”

Zheng Tongfeng’s face turned black.

Who was this woman looking down on?

Shi Qingluo continued, “That’s possible. After all, Young Master Zheng is younger and more handsome than General Xiao.

“General Xiao is already old. He is exactly the age of a mature tiger.”

She did not say it directly.

After all, there were still unmarried women here.

But those who understood could tell that General Xiao was old and could not satisfy Ge Chunru.

That was why she would cheat with the younger Zheng Tongfeng.

Hearing this, someone could not help but laugh. “I didn’t realize that Madam Xiao was so unrestrained.

“Wasn’t she General Xiao’s concubine in the past? If she wasn’t unrestrained, could she become his wife?

“Not only was she his concubine, but she was also his eldest niece.

“She didn’t even let go of his father’s sworn brother. It’s normal for her to look for a young man like Young Master Zheng in the dark.”

From the previous evidence and now, Zheng Tongfeng’s words and what they had seen with their own eyes were that Ge Chunru and Zheng Tongfeng were cheating.

After all, the two of them were so close that they couldn’t part.

If they were forced, why didn’t they resist or cry and struggle?

They even hugged each other.

Since Zheng Tongfeng dared to ask his classmates to recognize Ge Chunru’s servant girl, it meant that the two of them were indeed in contact in private.

A woman from the back residence and a young man were secretly in contact.

If there was nothing fishy about this, who would believe it!

As for Ge Chunru saying that Shi Qingluo and her husband were the ones who framed her, they didn’t believe it either.

The two of them didn’t bring their servant girl and servant boy here, which meant that the person who sent the note wasn’t theirs.

Could it be that they bribed the attendants here to help them do this? That was also impossible.

Ge Chunru was so angry that her heart ached.

Xiao Baili was the one supposed to fall into the trap.

It wasn’t within her expectation that she and Zheng Tongfeng ended up as part of the show.

She looked at Zheng Tongfeng unwillingly and said, “My servant girl is hanging out with you because you like Xiao Baili and want me to be a matchmaker to marry her.”

She hinted to Zheng Tongfeng, “The person you are here to see today is obviously Xiao Baili.”

Just as she finished speaking, a figure suddenly rushed over.

Then, everyone saw Shi Qingluo grabbing Ge Chunru by her collar and slapping her a few times.

Shi Qingluo finished slapping Ge Chunru a few times.

With a fierce expression, she said, “You have an intimate relationship with another man and was caught by everyone. It’s fine if you don’t admit to it, but you actually want to splash dirty water on my sister-in-law and ruin her reputation. Why are you so bad?”

Ge Chunru was stunned by her slaps.

She only reacted when her face was burning. She looked at Shi Qingluo in disbelief. “You, you actually dared to hit me?”

Shi Qingluo sneered. “Why wouldn’t I dare to hit you? Who told you to have such a foul mouth?”

Ge Chunru was so angry that she raised her hand and wanted to slap Shi Qingluo. “I’m your father-in-law’s wife, and you actually hit me.”

Shi Qingluo easily grabbed Ge Chunru’s arm. “What father-in-law? That’s my ex-father-in-law, okay?

“We’ve already broken off our relationship long ago. We’re not even relatives. Don’t be so shameless as to call yourself an elder.

“Moreover, don’t forget your identity. If we’re talking about seniority, you’re in the same generation as us. How can you be considered an elder?

“If you want to splash dirty water, you have to see if everyone will believe your words.

“After all, my sister-in-law is an innocent girl, unlike you who has a poor record.

She directly nailed Ge Chunru to death for an inappropriate relationship with someone.