Chapter 588 - Fight For the Laws (1)

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Chapter 588: Fight For the Laws (1)

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Tuohai Kuanfu was the most surprised to see the Spirit Emperor.

The old man’s eyes flashed as he stared at the Spirit Emperor with deep meaning.

When he previously went to the Spirit race to invite them to explore the Azure Dragon World together, he had never seen this Spirit Emperor.

Only Ziluoyin Qingxia received him.

And only Ziluoyin Qingxia set off with him.

He originally thought that the Spirit Emperor was in seclusion or was held up by something else. Unexpectedly, the Spirit Emperor had directly possessed Ziluoyin Qingxia’s body!

“Ziluoyin Ming Chuan, the Ziluoyin Family of the Spirit race?”

The Silver Dragon of Creation’s loud voice echoed in everyone’s minds.

Its dragon eyes were fixed on the Spirit Emperor. Suddenly, it laughed strangely and said, “Ziluoyin Mingchuan, your Laws have collapsed. You came here to obtain the Origin Seed of Life and Death?”

The old woman did not deny it and admitted directly, “I need the Origin Seed of Life and Death to repair the Laws. I wonder if the Dragon Emperor knows where this Origin Seed is?”

“Hahaha…” The Dragon Emperor laughed out loud.” Why should I tell you where the Origin Seed is? You want to use the Origin Seed of Life and Death to repair the Laws of Life and Death, but what benefits will that bring me?”

“Besides, Old Man Aurora is gone. Who knows where the Origin Seed he left behind is?”

The Dragon Emperor looked at the four others like it was watching a show.

“The four of you are also doing this for the Origin Seed? After the Lord dies, the Laws of the world in his body will evolve and become the Origin Seed. Once you obtain a Origin Seed, you will be able to grasp a Law. Tsk tsk, what a coincidence that there are five of you? Planning to take one each?”

Su Jingxing kept quiet.

Deep down, he was both surprised and shocked.

Su Jingxing knew that in the realm the Lord was in, one needed to comprehend at least four laws to succeed.

In other words, Time, Space, Life and Death, and Fate.

These four Laws were the basic elements.

Above the Meditation realm, in the Seeking realm, one needed to comprehend the Law of Life and Death and fuse the three major Laws to transform the grotto-heaven into an inner world.

If one were to comprehend the Laws of Yin and Yang now, he would be able to grasp the power of the world through his inner world.

Above the Seeking realm was the Mysterious Nether realm.

In this realm, one needed to comprehend the Law of Fate again, to take the title of Lord of a world.

This was because the Mysterious Nether realm could fuse the four basic Laws and transform the inner world into a small universe and control the origin power of the universe!

In the Mysterious Nether realm, the more Laws one comprehended, the more origin power of the universe one would grasp, and the stronger one would be.

The Lord of the Azure Dragon World Lord was in the Mysterious Nether realm.

As for how he died, no one knew.

However, after his death, although the small universe left behind, the Azure Dragon World. could continue to be maintained, without the control of the Lord, the internal Laws were affected by the origin power and slowly turned into the Origin Seeds.

The number of Laws that the Lord had comprehended when he was alive equated to the number of Origin Seeds left behind after his death.

Naturally, no one knew how many Laws the Lord of the Azure Dragon World had comprehended when he was alive.

However, according to the Silver Dragon of Creation, he had comprehended five Laws while he was alive.

Therefore, he left behind five Origin Seeds.

Five people, Su Jingxing, Tuohai Kuanfu, Nian Ge’er, Ziluoyin Qingxia, and Ziluoyin Mingchuan. One for each of them.

Compared to the Heavenly Dao crystals, the Origin Seed was the true treasure of the Azure Dragon World!

Refining one Origin Seed would allow one to grasp a Law.

Everyone wanted such a shortcut.

Even a seventh-realm expert like the Spirit Emperor could not avoid it.

Especially when the Silver Dragon of Creation claimed that the Laws of Life and Death that the Spirit Emperor grasped had collapsed.

This was the first time Su Jingxing was learning about it, but it was more interesting than the origin of the Silver Dragon of Creation.

The old woman directly asked the Silver Dragon of Creation where the Origin Seeds were.

Does this Spirit Emperor not know how long the Silver Dragon of Creation has been in the Azure Dragon World?

Suddenly, Su Jingxing came to his senses.

It was precisely because the Silver Dragon of Creation had stayed in the Azure Dragon World for an unknown period of time that the Dragon Emperor learned the secrets of the Azure Dragon World.

But how could the Spirit Emperor be sure that the Silver Dragon of Creation would tell them where the Origin Seeds were?

Tuohai Kuanfu and Nian Ge’er could not figure this out either.

However, judging from Ziluoyin Qingxia’s expression, she seemed to know that the Spirit Emperor had something to rely on.

“There are naturally benefits for the Dragon Emperor.”

As Su Jingxing pondered, the old woman replied, “I believe that you’ve been here long enough and are extremely sick of it, right?”

“…What are you trying to say?” The Silver Dragon of Creation’s eyes flashed.

“You know very well what I’m talking about.” Ziluoyin Mingchuan smiled and said, “In this matter of the Origin Seed, helping us is helping yourself, Dragon Emperor.”

Su Jingxing raised his eyebrows and glanced at Ziluoyin Mingchuan, then at the Silver Dragon of Creation.

These two fellows are actually playing tricks with each other, speaking half-truths.

It seemed that the Origin Seeds left behind by the Lord of the Azure Dragon World was also related to the Silver Dragon of Creation.

Su Jingxing could be certain that the Silver Dragon of Creation did not take away the Origin Seeds and refine them.

Instead, it was being controlled by the Origin Seeds.

Associating this with the fact that the Silver Dragon of Creation had been trapped in the Azure Dragon World for an unknown period of time, this fellow had quite the secret.

Su Jingxing thought to himself.

The Silver Dragon of Creation sneered coldly, but it did not mock her anymore. It said in a muffled voice, “The five Origin Seeds left behind by Old Man Aurora are in the center of this universe. I can’t get close to them. At most, I can give you directions.”

“Thank you, Dragon Emperor.” Ziluoyin Mingchuan bowed in thanks. “I’ll have to trouble you to bring us on the way.”