Chapter 589 - Fight For the Laws (2)

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Chapter 589: Fight For the Laws (2)

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The Silver Dragon of Creation was speechless.

Su Jingxing wanted to laugh.

Giving directions wasn’t enough, it had to show them the way.

The key was that the Silver Dragon of Creation agreed after looking reluctant for a while.

The Silver Dragon of Creation replied angrily, “I can show you the way, but old fellow of the Spirit race, remember this. If you fail in the end, I’ll devour you before your world collapses!”

“Don’t worry. We will succeed.”

Ziluoyin Mingchuan smiled. “Didn’t you already say that five Origin Seeds are perfect to give all of us one each?”

The Silver Dragon of Creation sneered coldly and said nothing else.

Its body bloomed with light, layer after layer of silvery-gray light surging.

Like a mist, it first enveloped the entire body of the Silver Dragon of Creation before spreading to envelop Su Jingxing, Nian Ge’er, Tuohai Kuanfu, Ziluoyin Qingxia and Ziluoyin Mingchuan.

The sound of whistling wind filled the air.

The Silver Dragon of Creation led Su Jingxing and company, its body flickering with silver light. It first broke through the outermost layer of the light cloud, then plunged into the pitch-black void.

Like a dragon entering the sea, the incomparably sticky dark void allowed the Silver Dragon of Creation to shuttle through freely.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

Its speed was extraordinary. In almost the blink of an eye, it shuttled through the areas where the light clouds were.

Compared to the passageway created by Su Jingxing’s punches, the Silver Dragon of Creation was like a rocket as it charged ahead and headed straight for the center of the Azure Dragon World.

The speed was so fast that Su Jingxing couldn’t even see the situation outside clearly.

He only knew that the Silver Dragon of Creation had been shuttling, shuttling, and shuttling the entire time.

He didn’t know how big the vast dark void was, but it seemed endless.

By the time the Silver Dragon of Creation stopped, more than half a year had passed according to Su Jingxing’s calculations.

The silvery-gray mist dissipated. Ahead, under the light barrier that was filled with the power of the Law of Extreme Yang, a towering mountain that was hundreds of thousands of meters tall stood on the boundless land.

There were no other living beings on the ground, not even life.

However, there were trees growing on this mountain. One of the mountains was lush green and filled with vitality.

However, before long, the color of the mountain suddenly changed. It became withered, dead, and gray. All life disappeared.

Then, soon, the dead silence disappeared again. Thick vitality returned, covering the mountains and plains in green.

Life and death are constantly alternating?

Su Jingxing was surprised.

At the right time, the Silver Dragon of Creation’s voice sounded in his mind. “This is the center of this universe. The Origin Seeds you’re looking for are distributed on the five peaks of the Five Fingers Mountain.

Five Fingers Mountain?

If the Silver Dragon of Creation hadn’t mentioned it, Su Jingxing really wouldn’t have thought of the name “Five Fingers Mountain”.

This incomparably tall mountain peak had five peaks.

From afar, they looked like five fingers.

According to the Silver Dragon of Creation’s clue, the Origin Seed left on the mountain that was constantly alternating between life and death was most likely the Origin Seed of Life and Death!

“Thank you, Dragon Emperor.”

Ziluoyin Mingchuan first thanked the Silver Dragon of Creation. Then, she looked at Su Jingxing, Tuohai Kuanfu, and Nian Ge’er and said calmly, “I want the Origin Seed of Life and Death. Any objections?”

“No.” Tuohai Kuanfu was the first to respond.

“…Me neither.” Su Jingxing followed and glanced at Tuohai Kuanfu. The old fellow was really fast.

“No,” Nian Ge’er replied last.

“Very good. You can distribute the remaining four among yourselves.”

Ziluoyin Mingchuan smiled and nodded at Ziluoyin Qingxia. With a flash, she flew towards the peak where life and death were constantly alternating.

“Ha, old fellow of the Spirit race, you’re bullying the young.”

Seeing this, the Silver Dragon of Creation laughed strangely and said, “Aren’t the three of you going to take advantage of this opportunity to take down this child of the Spirit race?”

The Dragon Emperor glanced at Nian Ge’er, Tuohai Kuanfu, and Su Jingxing.

“Thank you for your concern, Dragon Emperor,” replied Tuohai Kuanfu calmly. “But we will distribute them well among ourselves.”

“Is that so?” The Silver Dragon of Creation laughed strangely. “A friendly reminder. Just because you’ve obtained the Origin Seed doesn’t mean you can definitely refine and comprehend it. The most precious one of these five Origin Seeds left behind by Old Man Aurora is fate, but the old fellow from the Spirit race chose Life and Death. Although it’s to repair the Law of Life and Death, if you refine the Origin Seed of Fate, you can still forcefully repair the Law of Life and Death through the power of the Laws!”

“Do you know why she chose like this?”

Tuohai Kuanfu froze, his expression ugly.

Su Jingxing was deep in thought.

That’s right, the Law of Fate is the key to advancing to the Mysterious Nether realm.

If Ziluoyin Mingchuan advances to the Mysterious Nether realm, which makes her an eighth-realm Spirit Lord, she can also repair the Law of Life and Death.

Why did she not want the Origin Seed of Fate? Instead, she directly chose the Origin Seed of Life and Death?

Did she not know that there was an Origin Seed of Fate?

Not only did she know, she knew even more.

The reason why she chose the Origin Seed of Life and Death was that she knew that it could be 100% successfully refined.

As for Origin Seed of Fate, she was not confident in doing so!

In other words, among the remaining four Origin Seeds, other than Space, even if Su Jingxing took the rest, he might not necessarily refine them and grasp the corresponding Laws.

“Haha, why aren’t you saying anything?”

The Silver Dragon of Creation continued to laugh strangely. “Another friendly reminder. It’s easy to take the Origin Seed, but once you begin to refine it, you can’t stop. The outcome is either success or failure. Putting success aside, if you fail, the person refining it will also be assimilated and annihilated by it!”

F*ck, is there such a big risk?

The Silver Dragon of Creation’s meaning was clear. The choice was important.

Don’t take the Origin Seed that you can’t digest!

Among the four basic Laws, what was the easiest for Su Jingxing to digest other than Space?

Fate was too mysterious. Yin and Yang had their limits. There was only Time left!

It was what Su Jingxing was the least afraid of.

Su Jingxing sent a voice transmission. “If any of you wants the Origin Seed of Time, we can have a fight. It’ll go to whoever wins!”

“Hahaha, good, how straightforward!”

The Silver Dragon of Creation laughed loudly and scanned Su Jingxing with its huge dragon eyes. “This human brother is interesting. He directly called out for Time. Who wants to compete with him?”

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Ziluoyin Qingxia smiled and said, “I’ll take Space. Sister Ge’er, Elder Tuohai, if any of you want Space, you can fight me.”

Tuohai Kuanfu’s expression darkened. He sneered coldly and did not speak.

He had no need for the Laws of Space and Time because he already possessed them.

However, he was not confident that he could refine and comprehend the remaining Laws of Yin and Yang and Fate through the corresponding Origin Seeds.

What Tuohai Kuanfu wanted the most was the Origin Seed of Life and Death.

However, he faced the domineering occupation of a seventh-realm Spirit Emperor, Ziluoyin Mingchuan.

Tuohai Kuanfu had wanted to fight for it. After all, from the Silver Dragon of Creation’s words, Ziluoyin Mingchuan had suffered serious injuries.

However, he gave up just as he was about to speak. The wariness that Ziluoyin Mingchuan gave him was too strong.

Even if Tuohai Kuanfu was confident that he could injure Ziluoyin Mingchuan, injuring was injuring, it did not mean that he could kill Ziluoyin Mingchuan.

Once he completely enraged Ziluoyin Mingchuan, Tuohai Kuanfu had no confidence in escaping.

As such, even though Tuohai Kuan was frustrated, he fell silent, not knowing what to choose.

Nian Ge’er was the same.

Time and Space were not what she wanted.

Nian Ge’er had originally wanted the Origin Seed of Yin and Yang, but after hearing the Silver Dragon of Creation’s warning, she hesitated.

“Sister Ge’er, Elder Tuohai, do you have any objections?”

Ziluoyin Qingxia smiled at the two of them. Seeing that they did not react, they clapped their hands and called to Su Jingxing.

“Since you have no objections, let’s go, handsome. You take the Origin Seed of Time, and I’ll take the Origin Seed of Space!”

Su Jingxing naturally agreed. In a flash, he flew into the space enveloped by the light barrier.