Chapter 590 - Entering the River of Time (1)

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Chapter 590: Entering the River of Time (1)

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“What… what power is this?”

Su Jingxing was shocked.

Without any warning, it instantly covered his soul and body.

Although it had no intention of harming him, Su Jingxing instinctively rejected this uncontrollable force.

His spiritual martial arts body shook as he tried to resist.

A glow immediately appeared on Su Jingxing’s body. It was instantly disintegrated by an invisible force and dissipated.

“Haha, human fellow, this is the origin power left behind by Old Man Aurora. It won’t cause you any harm.”

The Silver Dragon of Creation’s voice sounded. “You can’t resist either. With the origin power on you, you can only passively endure it, unless you are also in the Mysterious Nether realm and a Lord of a world like Old Man Aurora!”

“…Thank you for your clarification, Dragon Emperor.” Su Jingxing replied with a voice transmission.

The Silver Dragon of Creation’s voice sounded in his mind again. “A friendly reminder. The origin power won’t hurt you, but it will restrict you from leaving the center of the universe you step into.”

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“What do you mean?” Su Jingxing’s expression changed.

“Hehe, simple. You have no way out.”

The Silver Dragon of Creation laughed strangely. “There is only one way for you. Go get an Origin Seed and refine it.”

“…In other words, if I fail to refine the Origin Seed, I will be trapped here forever?” Su Jingxing asked in a low voice.

“That’s right.” The Silver Dragon of Creation laughed. “With the origin power on you, only the power achieved after refining the Origin Seed can be immune to it. If you don’t take the Origin Seed or fail to refine it, you will be trapped inside and unable to leave!”

Su Jingxing kept quiet.

The Silver Dragon of Creation did this on purpose!

Ziluoyin Mingchuan too!

These two fellows clearly knew the problem, but they did not tell them.

The center area was filled with origin power.

Once one entered, there was no way to leave.

If one wanted to leave, they had to obtain an Origin Seed and successfully refine and comprehend it. A failure would mean being trapped forever.

The Silver Dragon of Creation saying that it couldn’t enter the center area was all bullsh*t. The truth was that it didn’t dare to. This reason played at least half a role in affecting that decision. Su Jingxing wasn’t sure what the other half was for now, but Ziluoyin Mingchuan definitely knew.

Su Jingxing gritted his teeth. Anger was useless now.

The only way was to get a Origin Seed and successfully refine it!

Right, Ziluoyin Qingxia had entered the center area faster than Su Jingxing, but she didn’t stop. Clearly, she also knew about this situation.

Ziluoyin Mingchuan had informed her in advance.

This Spirit woman is f*cking sinister.

She only wanted the Origin Seed of Space. Who knows, she might have grasped the Law of Space to begin with.

Su Jingxing raised his head and looked at Ziluoyin Qingxia, who had entered one of the “finger” peaks. His eyes flashed.

In the next moment, he regained his composure and flew towards Five Fingers Mountain.

At this point, no matter why the Silver Dragon of Creation deliberately hid this fact, he could only face it.

Su Jingxing was confident that he would succeed in comprehending the Origin Seed of Time!

“Ha, this fellow is interesting.”

Behind, the Silver Dragon of Creation looked at Su Jingxing, its huge dragon eyes flickering with a strange light.

“He actually calmed down so quickly. That’s true. Would anyone who has come this far be a coward?”

The eyes of the Silver Dragon of Creation were bright.

In the next moment, it retracted its gaze and looked at Nian Ge’er and Tuohai Kuanfu. It sent a voice transmission. “What are you two waiting for? Have you not thought it through? The Origin Seed of Fate or the Origin Seed of Yin and Yang, any one of them is fine. Don’t wait anymore. Go in. You can still slowly make your choice after entering.”

“Thank you for your consideration, Dragon Emperor.”

Tuohai Kuanfu replied calmly, “However, after thinking about it carefully, I have decided against it. With my talent, I can’t comprehend and refine either of the two. Rather than failing and being assimilated in the end, I might as well give up.”

“Ha, are you really that willing?” asked the Silver Dragon of Creation.

“There’s nothing to be indignant about,” replied Tuohai Kuanfu coolly.

“Alright, it’s up to you.” The Silver Dragon of Creation looked at Nian Ge’er. “Fox, are you giving up too?”

Nian Ge’er was silent for a moment before she replied, “Yes, I give up too.”

When the Silver Dragon of Creation heard this, it sighed and said, “It’s such a pity that the two of you aren’t willing to seize such a huge opportunity.”

With two dull thuds, Nian Ge’er and Tuohai Kuanfu were suddenly pushed into the range of the light barrier by an invisible force.

In an instant, like Su Jingxing, the two of them were instantly drowned by the origin power.

“This is…” Tuohai Kuanfu’s expression changed drastically.

Nian Ge’er’s face was also dark as she turned to look at the Silver Dragon of Creation.

The Silver Dragon of Creation laughed out loud. “There’s no need to thank me. I’m doing this for your own good. It’s such a pity to give up such a huge opportunity just like that.”

“You… you…” Tuohai Kuanfu’s expression changed several times. He glared angrily at the Silver Dragon of Creation, his eyes spitting fire.

Nian Ge’er’s aura condensed and swept across coldly. “What is this power?”

“What power? Oh, you mean the origin power,” said the Silver Dragon of Creation with a smile. “Don’t worry, this power won’t harm you. But you can’t leave either. You have to refine and comprehend an Origin Seed before you can do so. Therefore, for the sake of the Laws and to come out safely, you’d better go up the mountain and find an Origin Seed each!”

Tuohai Kuanfu and Nian Ge’er’s expressions were extremely grim.

They were being forced to comprehend the Origin Seed! There must be a problem!

The Silver Dragon of Creation must be plotting something!