Chapter 591 - Entering the River of Time (2)

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Chapter 591: Entering the River of Time (2)

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In their anger, both Tuohai Kuanfu and Nian Ge’er wanted to know the answer.

Su Jingxing wanted to know too.

However, as he stepped onto a peak, his gaze was quickly attracted by a few crystals at the foot of the mountain.

“Heavenly Dao crystals?”

The peak where the Origin Seed of Time was located had its own characteristics.

But such characteristics shouldn’t include Heavenly Dao crystals scattered on the ground, right?

Su Jingxing released his spiritual essence and picked up the Heavenly Dao crystals. After carefully sensing for a while and confirming that there was no problem, he put them into the soul space.

The Heavenly Dao crystals scattered on the mountain were clearly left behind by the Lord of Azure Dragon World as well.

It was unknown where this Lord’s legacy was, but it was not surprising that the treasures left behind were scattered in the center of his small universe.

After Su Jingxing obtained these things, he first checked them to make sure that there were no problems before he unceremoniously put them all into the soul space.

Previously, in the other light clouds, other than a few Heavenly Dao crystals, there was nothing else.

Now that there were treasures he could pick up for free, Su Jingxing naturally wouldn’t stand on ceremony.

He searched as he walked.

Until he discovered the Origin Seed of Time.

This Origin Seed of Time was very small, about the size of a table tennis ball. It did not have a fixed color because it was constantly changing. It floated in the air and emitted a milky white glow that filled a radius of dozens of meters. It was located halfway up the mountain, near the peak.

After Su Jingxing found it, he slowly moved closer. His spiritual martial arts body neutralized the cleansing of the power of time.

The closer he got to the Origin Seed, the stronger this cleansing became.

Fortunately, Su Jingxing’s body had been cleansed by two void lightning tribulations and was immune to the power of time.

If one had not experienced the lightning tribulation, he would have been destroyed and turned into dust by the power of time before it even got close to the Origin Seed of Time.

The glow emitted by the Origin Seed contained terrifying power of time.

Su Jingxing calmed himself down and walked to the side of the Origin Seed, reaching out to hold it.

The moment he grabbed the Origin Seed of Time, Su Jingxing’s physical body turned illusory. The surrounding void distorted, and ripples that resembled water waves surged non-stop.

Moments later, he came to his senses and knew what was going on.

It was indeed the river of time, but it was not the river of time in the outside world. Instead, it was the river of time in the Azure Dragon World.

This “river” was nurtured by the Lord of the Azure Dragon World through the Law of Time.

Although the Law of Time had already evolved into the Origin Seed of Time, the river of time did not disappear and was still maintained. However, this “river” was no longer stable and continuous. Instead, it was intermittent and blurry.

This was also in line with the situation in the Azure Dragon World. The power of time, Extreme Yang, and Space in the small universe left behind by the Lord of Azure Dragon World were still circulating.

Even though the river of time was unstable, intermittent, and blurry,

it would take countless years to completely disappear.

It was clearly not enough to comprehend and refine it while standing above the surface.

He had to enter the “river”!

The manifestation connected to his soul consciousness as it sensed the terrifying power of the river of time.

Even though the river of time was no longer continuous and had broken into countless sections, preventing it being a flowing and cleansing force,

On Earth Star, only a few minutes had passed for the Primordial Spirit.

Before the comprehension began, the manifestation was almost affected.

Not to the extent of getting lost.

This was because Su Jingxing had a Primordial Spirit that helped him maintain consciousness on Earth Star.

As long as Su Jingxing’s Primordial Spirit was not destroyed, Su Jingxing’s consciousness would never be lost.

Therefore, gradually, Su Jingxing’s spiritual martial consciousness manifestation familiarized itself with the power of time in the water of the long river of time and began to control this “river water”. It splashed, created ripples, created vortexes, and stirred up waves!

It was unknown how long this process would take.

Su Jingxing stood halfway up the mountain, holding the Origin Seed of Time in his hand, as if he had fallen into eternity.

At the same time, Nian Ge’er, Tuohai Kuanfu, Ziluoyin Qingxia, and Ziluoyin Mingchuan, entered their respective peaks, took their Origin Seeds and began refining and comprehending.

The Silver Dragon of Creation watched this scene from the periphery of the light barrier with a smile in its eyes.

Su Jingxing’s Primordial Spirit maintained its consciousness and will.

The Silver Dragon of Creation said that one could not leave after entering the center area of the Azure Dragon World.

Although Su Jingxing had experienced it himself, he still wanted to see if he really couldn’t leave.

He would use a simple method, Instant Space on the fourth level of the Cosmic Tower!

On Earth Star, Su Jingxing’s Primordial Spirit connected the Cosmic Tower to the center area of the Azure Dragon World.

In the end, there was no reaction.

At this moment, the Instant Space ability on the fourth level of the Cosmic Tower really could not connect to the Azure Dragon World, let alone the central area.

“Ming, what’s going on?” Su Jingxing’s Primordial Spirit asked.

“Master, this is because the exit on the other side is not in the same universe as us.” Ming’s reply was brief. “The current ability of the Cosmic Tower can only be carried out in the same universe.”

“You said ‘current’?” Su Jingxing’s Primordial Spirit caught the key point. “You mean that among the locked levels of the Cosmic Tower, there is an ability to connect to other universes?”

“Master, Ming cannot be certain.”

Ming replied calmly, “We won’t know what the abilities of the subsequent levels of the Cosmic Tower are until they are unlocked.”

“…Alright.” Su Jingxing’s Primordial Spirit raised its hand.

Without unlocking, the abilities remained unknown.

It had long known about this. There was no point in asking.

However, Su Jingxing’s Primordial Spirit was a little surprised that a small universe like the Azure Dragon World could actually be separated like a real universe such that the Cosmic Tower could not break through.

Mm, Lord of the Universe?

After the Mysterious Nether realm is the Lord of the Universe?

After all, the universe was created by oneself. What else could it be if not the Lord of the Universe?

Su Jingxing’s Primordial Spirit thought to itself.

Very few people knew what was beyond the Mysterious Nether realm.

Su Jingxing’s Primordial Spirit merely made a guess.

But come to think of it, there was definitely someone above the Mysterious Nether realm.

The reason was simple. Why did the Lord of the Azure Dragon World die?

He had already established his own small universe. In theory, the Lord was already an immortal existence.

Yet he was still dead.

But who could kill him?

Experts of the same realm? Eighth-realm Spirit Lords, Devil Lords, Divine Lords, and other existences?

Su Jingxing’s Primordial Spirit refused to believe it.

The origin power of the small universe was not something that Laws could compare to. The Law of life and death grasped by the Spirit Lord, Ziluoyin Mingchuan could collapse , but the small universe would not.

This was seen in how the Azure Dragon World had been nicely left behind.

Therefore, an existence who could kill the Azure Dragon World Lord must be above the Mysterious Nether realm!

Only those above this realm had the ability to kill the Lord of the Azure Dragon World and leave the Azure Dragon World unaffected.

Su Jingxing’s Primordial Spirit was eager to know what this realm was called.

“Hmm? What’s going on?”

Suddenly, Su Jingxing’s Primordial Spirit jolted awake.

It opened its eyes and looked around, even at the void.

Right now, Su Jingxing’s Primordial Spirit was on a mountain peak north of Green Cloud Mountain.

But at this moment, the entire Green Cloud Mountain Range was trembling!