Chapter 221 - That Was Good, She Didn’t Need To Be Scolded Translator: Dragon Bo

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Chapter 221: That Was Good, She Didn’t Need To Be Scolded

Maybe Shi Xi was really just passing by and just came in to take a look?

Principal Du felt that he shouldn’t look at the pink-haired little girl with ordinary eyes.

“I’ll also talk to Principal Du about something,” Shi Xi added.

‘As expected! I didn’t live these 57 years for nothing!’

‘This girl is looking for me to do something!’

Principal Du sat up straight.

He took another sip of the milk tea in the cup.

He would call it milk tea for now.

“What is it?” Principal Du was a little regretful.

He shouldn’t have drunk it so quickly.

Alright, he had already drank it.

“Well, I’m going to join the crew to film and record the program.” Shi Xi put down the teacup and put her hands together. “Therefore, I may miss a few classes of school. But I promise that I will study hard and never fail!”

So that was what happened.

Principal Du heaved a sigh of relief.

“As long as you promise not to fail, not to lack academic credits, and not to violate the school’s discipline, the school will not expel you.” Principal Du continued to drink milk tea in satisfaction. He couldn’t help but become a teacher again. “But you’re still young. In the entertainment industry, you have to keep a clean slate. You can’t be blinded by a moment of prosperity, do you understand?”

Shi Xi nodded obediently. “I know. I will keep a clean slate.”

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Seeing the girl nod, Principal Du could not help but say, “Your hair…”

“I’ll dye it black today!” Shi Xi promised.

“That’s not what I meant. Forget it, dye it back to black.” Principal Du wanted to be polite, but he was afraid that the kids these days wouldn’t understand what polite words meant.

He might as well just say it out loud.

Shi Xi stood up. “I’ll dye my hair back to black right now! I’ll take a photo for you tonight.”

Principal Du smiled. “Then I’ll wait for your photo.”

Shi Xi added Principal Du’s WeChat message and took her leave.

She was going to take a make-up photo for [Nine Blades of Tang] in the afternoon. She had planned to dye her hair back to its original color.

It had been some time since she dyed her hair pink. The roots of her hair had started to grow black hair.

Shi Xi dyed her hair back to black and arrived at the filming studio for [Nine Blades of Tang].

Before she even entered, Shi Xi heard the angry roars coming from inside.

“What contact lenses?! Did I tell you before? You can’t wear contact lenses when filming my scenes! Beauty contact lenses? Aren’t beauty contact lenses still contact lenses!? Take them off!”

Shi Xi stopped in her tracks and silently took off her contact lenses.

That was great, she wouldn’t have to suffer a scolding.

Han Chuan said from the side, “The person who lectured her just now is the director of [Nine Blades of Tang], Yan Zhi. He became famous at a young age and is very talented, but his temper is very bad.”

Shi Xi agreed. “I can tell.”

“If he scolds you, just bear with it and don’t talk back to him,” Han Chuan said. “He has always treated things differently from others. As long as you put on a good show, he will shut up.”

“I hope so.” Shi Xi’s mood was heavy, and she felt that the future was dark.

Pushing the door open and entering, Shi Xi looked up and saw a tall, tall man.

Shi Xi had seen many handsome men. They were domineering, cold, and gentle types. She had met all of them before, but this man in front of her had the most beautiful eyes and brows.

With just a glance, she could not shift her gaze away.

When the man saw Shi Xi, he smiled faintly and said, “Shi Xi is here.”

Han Chuan asked, “You only saw Shi Xi?”

“Brother Han, long time no see.” The man walked forward. “The newcomer you brought is not bad!”

Han Chuan introduced, “Shi Xi, this is the male lead of [Nine Blades of Tang], Chu Yuan.”