Chapter 222 - How Could the Real Thing Be Mixed In With the Fake

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Chapter 222: How Could the Real Thing Be Mixed In With the Fake

Shi Xi came back to her senses. “Hello, Senior Chu Yuan.”

Chu Yuan nodded casually and said with a smile, “Go and say hello to Director Yan. Hurry up and put on your makeup. I’m going to change my clothes.”

Shi Xi’s gaze swept over and saw the director who was training the actors.

Then, she looked at the actor who was being reprimanded–

Wasn’t that Ning Yu’s follower?

Because she was beautiful, Shi Xi had a slight impression of her.

She seemed to be called Mu Zhao?

Han Chuan brought Shi Xi over. “Director Yan, I brought Shi Xi over.”

Director Yan’s gaze landed on Shi Xi and sized her up from top to bottom.

Shi Xi felt like she was an object.

Director Yan said, “Turn around.”

Shi Xi: …This was even more like it!

Director Yan sized up Shi Xi and said coldly, “Go and apply your makeup.”

Shi Xi was going to play the male lead’s junior sister, Tang Xi, his white moonlight. She was dressed in a light yellow dress and her hair was decorated with golden clips.

When the makeup artist wasn’t paying attention, Shi Xi touched it.

Oh f*ck, it was actually real gold.

The production team was quite practical.

When she saw the jade bracelet, Shi Xi fell silent again.

Was this bracelet fake?

Why did the production team seem to be buying it on behalf of the real thing?

Shi Xi thought of the jewelry box in the car and asked Zhu Lin to bring her jade bracelet.

After her makeup and hair were ready, Shi Xi returned to the studio and saw the female lead taking her final makeup photo.

The female lead was called Su Lian, a very famous A-List actress in the entertainment industry. She had previously become popular by shooting historical dramas, and after that, she maintained a high-quality film and television series every year.

As for Ning Yu’s friend, Mu Zhao, she was playing the role of the third antagonist, the demoness of the Demonic Sect. She was dressed in a bright and flamboyant red dress.

Zhu Lin came back with the jewelry box and said softly, “Mu Zhao was wearing red cosmetic contact lens just now. She said that it was more suitable for the role. Director Yan scolded her profusely.”

Shi Xi looked at the jewelry box in Zhu Lin’s hand and said hesitantly, “Then if I change my own jewelry, would it be unnecessary? Will I be scolded?”

Zhu Lin was silent for a moment. “If you drop it, it won’t be worth it.”

Shi Xi looked at her sleeve and said, “If I wear it on my own hand, Director Yan shouldn’t be able to see it.”

Zhu Lin opened the jewelry box and let Shi Xi change into it.

This jade bracelet was given to her by Mother Sheng previously. It was so clear that it seemed like there was water flowing inside.

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“Mu Zhao, okay, let’s shoot the next one!”

Shi Xi walked forward and started to take the makeup photos of the character.

Director Yan looked at the character in the camera with displeasure in his eyes.

He hated it the most when people were shoving people into his production crew.

However, with the popularity of capital and without investment, he wouldn’t be able to produce a good film.

Looking at the girl in the camera, Director Yan took a deep breath.

He only hoped that this second female lead, who had been shooed in, wouldn’t be too bad at acting.

When it came to the action of holding a sword, Director Yan said, “Wait a moment!”

Shi Xi held the sword in her hand. “What’s wrong?”

Director Yan stared at the photo and asked, “Did you change the props?”

This person’s eyes were too sharp!

“I’m wearing my own jade bracelet.” Shi Xi asked, “Is that okay?”

“Of course not!” Director Yan suppressed his anger. “Who allowed you to change the props on your own?!”

Shi Xi: “I wanted to change it myself.”

The atmosphere in the studio instantly cooled down to the freezing point.

“Change it back!” Director Yan said coldly.

“Alright, I’ll change it right away!” Shi Xi was very obedient and did as she was told.

D*mn it, weren’t young people nowadays not very tolerant? Why didn’t she fight back?

If she didn’t fight back, how could he scold back!?

Why didn’t this girl play by the rules!?