Chapter 223 - Turned Out To Be the Second

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Chapter 223: Turned Out To Be the Second Female Lead Who Had Relied On Money

Shi Xi switched back to the prop jade bracelet and continued filming.

Director Yan was seething with anger. The more he looked at it, the more displeased he felt.

After looking at the good jade bracelet and then looking at this fake jade bracelet, he couldn’t get used to it no matter how he looked at it.

Forget it, endure it.

Director Yan took a deep breath. “Next!”

After shooting the final makeup photo, everyone returned to the hotel near the filming set to prepare for the start of filming the next day.

After the shooting started, everything was on track.

The next day, the shooting ceremony.

[Nine Blades of Tang] was a star-rated drama. The director was Yan Zhi. Both the male and female lead actors were popular A-List celebrities. The second female lead, Shi Xi, was a popular female artiste.

Therefore, when the drama started shooting, it set off waves on the internet.

Shi Xi’s fans were extremely happy. The second female lead of a star-rated drama! If the drama exploded, the popularity would be even higher than the female lead of a small-budget online drama.

After all, there were tens of thousands of failed online dramas every year.

However, no matter how bad it was to be in a star-rated drama, it was not Shi Xi’s turn to be the scapegoat!

Shi Xi’s fans were overjoyed as if it was the New Year.

Meanwhile, Nan Wan was lying on the sofa. When she saw the news on the internet, she was so angry that her phone smashed on her face.

She was so angry that she threw her phone out. However, she did not let go of her anger and picked up the pillow on the sofa and threw it outside.

The manager who came in avoided Nan Wan’s attack and said, “I’ve already discussed it with [Star Idol]. They’ll invite you to be an assistant for the next episode.”

“Assistant?” Nan Wan was furious. “I’ll be an assistant?!”

“It’s as a senior. You’ll complete the stage with the trainees,” the manager corrected her expressionlessly. “It’s just a few twists and turns on the stage. It won’t be difficult for you.”

Nan Wan’s expression softened a little as she asked, “How’s the discussion about the script going?”

The manager replied, “It’s still in the process of being contacted.”

Nan Wan’s face was filled with hostility. “Why is it still in the process of being contacted?”

“Shi Xi can even get the supporting actress for a star-rated drama, so why can’t I get it?”

“Could it be that I’m worse than her?!”

The manager said calmly, “That drama was funded by Kuai Xue Entertainment.”

The manager explained, “Kuai Xue Entertainment is the company that Shi Xi is in.”

Nan Wan leaned against the sofa, her eyes filled with ridicule. “Oh, so it’s a second female lead that was created with money! No wonder she was able to act as the second female lead in a star-rated drama so quickly.”

‘Didn’t you also rely on money?’ the manager thought to herself.

“Everyone knows how to make use of connections and resources, can’t you be a little more lively? I’ve been back in China for almost half a month, and I haven’t even received a decent job!” Nan Wan’s expression changed as she said, “Useless thing!”

Her manager: ‘…That’s because you’re too arrogant and don’t care about this or that.’

“I’ll contact the appropriate script again.” Her manager knew Nan Wan’s character and knew that if she stayed, she would only scold her, so she simply left.

Nan Wan went to pick up her phone. When she found that the phone was already broken, she was so angry that she threw the phone out again.

She was really unlucky. Everything did not go according to her wishes!

As for Shi Xi, things did not go well either.

After the camera was turned on, it was time for the official shoot.

Director Yan was as strict as his name suggested. He was extremely strict with every shot.

Chu Yuan played the male lead, Tang Dao. The first scene was a knife practice in the bamboo forest.

When the last move was practiced, the weather changed. Tang Dao finished the last move in the rain and knelt on one knee on the ground. The blade was stuck in the ground.

Shi Xi had thought that Chu Yuan was so handsome that he would look good but not be useful.

However, when Chu Yuan picked up the knife and walked onto the field, Shi Xi realized that she was wrong.

Chu Yuan had seriously practiced his knife skills. Every move and move was smooth and natural, as if he was really a swordsman in the martial arts world.

Shi Xi was unconsciously attracted.