Chapter 224 - Lao Zi’s Eyes Were Big To Begin With!

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Chapter 224: Lao Zi’s Eyes Were Big To Begin With!

The knife practice scene was split into two scenes to shoot.

The changing weather in the middle also required the production team to use a water pipe to ‘artificially rain’.

Shi Xi originally thought that Chu Yuan’s perfect performance would be over in one go.

However, Director Yan lived up to his name. After shouting “Cut”, he said, “Chu Yuan, don’t look so grave. The current Tang Dao has yet to bear any grudges. Relax a little.”

“All departments, get ready. Let’s do it again.”

Shi Xi widened her eyes.

She had only been paying attention to Chu Yuan’s actions and hadn’t noticed Chu Yuan’s expression.

Did he get a bad take?

Shi Xi quietly moved behind Director Yan and looked at the scene in the camera.

Chu Yuan took the knife back to his original position. After hearing Director Yan’s request, he didn’t have the slightest bit of dissatisfaction.

Even if he had won the Best Actor award, Chu Yuan still worked hard and didn’t complain.

Shi Xi had a good impression of Chu Yuan.

Who wouldn’t like a handsome and serious man!

Zhu Lin watched from the side, feeling a little uneasy.

Shi Xi wouldn’t have taken a liking to Chu Yuan, right?

Zhu Lin thought about whether she should tell on her.

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After Chu Yuan shot back and forth seven times, Director Yan finally nodded his head in satisfaction. “Pass. Prepare for the next scene.”

Chu Yuan was so tired that he couldn’t even pick up his knife. He lay on the lounge chair, waiting for the props team to prepare for the rain.

The next scene was a knife dance in the rain.

Shi Xi looked at the camera from the side and felt that Chu Yuan’s NG scenes were perfect.

As expected of a popular Best Actor. He was handsome and hardworking. His acting skills were so good, but he was also approachable.

Zhu Lin watched from the side with fear in her heart. She gripped her phone and considered whether or not she should tell on her.

The props team was soon ready. Chu Yuan returned to the middle of the bamboo forest and continued to practice his knife.

Chu Yuan, who was in the rain, had an additional trace of unswerving masculinity.

Shi Xi’s eyes lit up. She wished she could pull Director Yan over and sit in the director’s chair to watch.

The scene of practicing his knife skills in the rain was shot three times. A few more scenes were added in the middle before it was over.

Shi Xi also realized that Director Yan was serious about the shooting. He absolutely could not allow any mistakes.

In the middle of the scene, Chu Yuan’s knife practice ended and he lost his balance.

Initially, it would have been fine if he had cut it off later on, but Director Yan still requested to reshoot it.

He was really strict.

Director Yan said, “Let’s change the venue. It’s time to shoot the next scene.”

Shi Xi unconsciously straightened her body.

The next scene would be her scene.

Yes, although she was the second female lead, she was the male lead’s white moonlight. She would appear in the first episode.

Then, she would go offline very soon.

They returned to the Tang Sect and prepared to shoot Shi Xi’s scene.

Shi Xi played the daughter of the Tang Sect Leader, Tang Xi. She was proficient in zither, chess, calligraphy, painting, and poetry. Her weapon was the sword in her sleeve.

The rain became heavier and heavier. After Tang Dao finished practicing with the blade, he ran back to the Tang Sect.

He turned around the corridor and saw Tang Xi holding an umbrella.

Her slender snow-white hands slowly held up the umbrella. When the edge of the umbrella was raised, the girl under the umbrella raised her eyes.

“Cut — Shi Xi, you’re raising your eyes, not your head. Don’t open your eyes so wide!”

Shi Xi: ‘…I didn’t open my eyes! I have big eyes to begin with!’

What the f*ck, but Shi Xi still accepted her fate and said obediently, “Alright.”

They retook the scene of Shi Xi opening the umbrella.

“Don’t smile, you don’t have to smile! Just open the umbrella as usual!”

“Why are you opening it so quickly? Are you rushing out to reincarnate?”

“There’s a time difference between holding up the umbrella and raising your eyes. If you slow down a little, it won’t be slowed down in the later stages!”

“Why is your expression so stiff? Do you know how to act?”

Shi Xi: Anyone who takes ten NGs will have a stiff expression, right!!

“Rest for ten minutes!” Director Yan returned to his chair angrily.

Shi Xi rubbed her face as she walked forward and asked, “Director Yan, can I take a look at what I took just now?”