Chapter 225 - I Think They Know Quite a Lot

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Chapter 225: I Think They Know Quite a Lot

Seeing Shi Xi’s obedient attitude, Director Yan replayed what he had just filmed and analyzed it seriously for her. “Don’t act so deliberately in this scene.”

“You’re a graceful and elegant young lady. You’re just holding an umbrella. You’re not going to see Tang Dao.”

“You only saw Tang Dao after holding an umbrella, so you can just hold an umbrella normally! Don’t put on too much of an act.”

Shi Xi was deep in thought.

Looking at Director Yan, Shi Xi said, “Can you show me?”

If you can do it, you can show me?

Zhu Lin, who was listening by the side, stopped breathing.

Yesterday, Han Chuan had brought Shi Xi to take a set of photos. After they got to know each other, Han Chuan had left.

Now, she was the only assistant left.

Would Shi Xi get beaten up?

Zhu Lin was extremely nervous.

Director Yan looked at Shi Xi.

Shi Xi looked back without any fear.

“Go get the umbrella.” Director Yan wasn’t angry anymore. He stood up and prepared to show up to teach.

He wasn’t afraid that the actors’ acting skills were bad. He was only afraid that the actors would find an excuse not to learn seriously if their acting skills were bad.

Raindrops fell on the green stone slab, splashing out tiny splashes of water.

The grass and trees around the stone slab became even greener under the washing of the rain.

The camera moved up. The young girl was dressed in yellow. Her hands were slender as she held up an oil-paper umbrella.

The moment the edge of the umbrella was raised, the young girl raised her long eyelashes slightly. Her eyes were watery, and her eyes were empty.

When the young girl saw Tang Dao clearly, a smile appeared in her eyes. “I was just about to send you an umbrella when you came back.”

Tang Dao walked under the eaves and wiped the water off his face casually. He said nonchalantly, “It’s just a little rain. It won’t be a problem.”

“Pass.” Director Yan knew that Chu Yuan’s acting skills were excellent, but he did not expect Shi Xi to be so perceptive.

With a little guidance, she was enlightened.

At first, he was worried that Shi Xi would not be able to act as if she was looking at her beloved. He did not expect Shi Xi to act so realistically. Other than looking at Chu Yuan openly, she would also secretly glance at Chu Yuan.

Not bad, not bad. She was a good seedling!

From the looks of it, other than her eyes being too big, Shi Xi didn’t have any other flaws.

Director Yan had never liked investors stuffing people in. At this moment, he felt a little better when he realized that Shi Xi was a talent that could be molded.

The filming went very smoothly.

However, the matter of Shi Xi NG-ing more than ten times had somehow been exposed.

[Shi Xi NGed more than ten times on the set, the director is furious.]

The post’s vivid description attracted the attention of many netizens.

Most of the netizens knew that Shi Xi was not from a professional class and expressed their understanding.

Anyway, it would be fine as long as she passed in the end.

However, after Nan Wan saw it, she sneered and helped Shi Xi buy a trending search and also bought a water army to defame Shi Xi.

For a time, there were rumors on the internet that Shi Xi’s acting was bad and would drag down [Nine Blades of Tang].

[The scenes that Shi Xi filmed will directly avoid lightning in the future.]

[She’s so good-looking. Can’t she be at ease as a vase? She has to go and film to pollute my eyes.]

[I heard that Shi Xi was forced into it. Tsk tsk.]

After Zhu Lin saw the trending searches, she said angrily, “They don’t know anything and are just spouting nonsense on the internet!”

Shi Xi cut her nails and said, “I think they know quite a lot. They even know that I was forced into it.”

Zhu Lin: …Is that the point?!

“But they said that your acting is bad!” Zhu Lin was unconvinced.

“But my acting is indeed not good.” Shi Xi sighed. “Look at Chu Yuan and then look at Su Lian. Even Mu Zhao’s acting is better than mine. I’m the one who has the most NGs in the crew.”

Zhu Lin had nothing to say.

Shi Xi continued to cut her nails.

“But you’re a newbie. What’s wrong with having more NGs? Didn’t Best Actor Chu also have more than ten NGs?” Zhu Lin was indignant and continued to find excuses.

Shi Xi glanced at her and said, “Don’t tell Director Yan about this, or I’ll get scolded again.”