Chapter 226 - She Was An Excellent Actress

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Chapter 226: She Was An Excellent Actress

Before Zhu Lin applied for the job, she had heard that artists had bad tempers. Being an assistant was most likely a punching bag. They would run around and be enslaved. In the end, they would even be scolded.

Before she was Shi Xi’s assistant, she was trained by Han Chuan for two days. She discovered that some artists could even hit their assistants.

Zhu Lin at that time: I’m so scared.

At that time, it was rumored on the internet that Shi Xi was a fake heiress. If she wasn’t a princess, she would have princess disease. Zhu Lin was very afraid that she would be used as a punching bag.

However, after becoming Shi Xi’s assistant, Zhu Lin discovered that Shi Xi had a very good personality and didn’t have any temper.

Even now, when they scolded Shi Xi on the internet, her assistant couldn’t help but open a small account to scold them back. However, Shi Xi wasn’t angry at all. She was still cutting her nails.

When Zhu Lin saw that Shi Xi had finished cutting her nails, she finally could not help but ask, “Aren’t you angry?”

Shi Xi thought for a moment and said, “I’m angry. However, the pay for this movie is really high. Brother Han said that after I finish acting in this movie, my pay for variety shows in the future will also be increased.”

Zhu Lin thought about Shi Xi’s pay.

Not only was she not angry at all, she even wanted to curse Shi Xi together with the netizens.

Shi Xi stretched lazily and said, “Don’t mind the trending searches on the internet. That hot search must have been bought by someone else.”

“When my drama is broadcasted, those with eyes will naturally be able to see how good my acting skills are.”

“I don’t have acting skills? It’s hilarious. Give me another month, and my acting skills will surpass Chu Yuan’s! I’ll let them see what it means to have explosive acting skills!”

“What Best Actor and Best Actress? They’ll have to be my supporting cast in the future!!!”

Zhu Lin looked at Shi Xi’s back and fell silent.

It seemed that she was still angry.

Otherwise, she wouldn’t have said those words that weren’t clear-headed.

Shi Xi was indeed a little angry, but she didn’t show it on the surface. Instead, she continued to study the script and wanted to play the role well.

Saying she could surpass Chu Yuan, she was just saying it casually.

This production team was indeed very strong. Shi Xi had a clear understanding of herself. As long as she didn’t drag them down, everything would be fine.

[Nine Blades of Tang] was successfully filmed and ushered in the climax of the plot for the first time.

There were rumors in jianghu that the Tang Sect had taken in the former imperial guards. In order to repay the Tang Sect, the imperial guards had given the treasure map of the previous dynasty to the Tang Sect.

After this news was spread, the Tang Sect was often harassed.

It was a dark and windy night. Tang Xi was playing the zither in her room when the window suddenly cracked open and an assassin in black barged in!

The girl raised her hand and a short sword flew out from her sleeve, hitting the assassin right between his eyebrows.

The hilt of the short sword was tied with a heavenly silk thread.

Tang Xi put away the short sword and walked out of the door. She saw a group of assassins in black sneaking in!

Many people from the Tang Sect were outside, and the assassins in black had the advantage in numbers. They could only fight and retreat.

In the end, in order to protect the others, Tang Xi and Tang Dao led the assassins in black to the cliff at the back of the mountain.

It was time for the most melodramatic part of the costume drama — jumping off a cliff that would not lead to death.

Both of them hung on the tree. Seeing that the tree could only bear the weight of one person, Tang Xi stabbed Tang Dao’s hand with a dagger and forced him to let go of her.

In the end, Tang Xi fell and Tang Dao lived alone.

After two weeks of continuous filming, Shi Xi’s scenes came to an end.

After that, the male lead became dispirited and was saved by the female lead.

Shi Xi stretched herself.

During this period of time, her number of NGs gradually decreased, and the number of times she was scolded became fewer and fewer.

Director Yan even praised her. “Although your acting is mediocre, you have a good eye for the male lead, and your fighting scenes are not bad either.”

Shi . Good impression of Chu Yuan, about 80 points . Ancient martial arts heir. Xi : “Thank you for your praise, Director.”

She was absolutely an excellent actress!