Chapter 227 - You City People Have So Many Tricks Up Your Sleeves

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Chapter 227: You City People Have So Many Tricks Up Your Sleeves

After Tang Xi fell off the cliff, she didn’t reappear until the second half of the story.

So during this period of time, Shi Xi happened to return to [Star Idol] to continue recording this talent show.

After all, she was only the second female lead, so she definitely didn’t have as many scenes as the main character.

Before returning to [Star Idol], Shi Xi specially reviewed this variety show.

She was afraid that she would mistake them for someone else.

That would be awkward.

When she saw the second ranking announcement, Shi Xi was surprised to find that the rankings had been completely reshuffled this time.

Li Jinfan, who had originally been in first place, had dropped to just over 20th place this time, and was on the verge of elimination.

Pei Jie had risen from the top nine to the top three.

Bai Cangyang, on the other hand, had stood in first place, and could be considered worthy of his name.

The others had also changed somewhat.

Shi Xi was speechless. She had only been away for two weeks. How could there be such a huge change?

The talent show industry was really eight times faster than the entertainment industry!

When Shi Xi arrived at the program team, she realized that they had only given them one day to rehearse.

There was still half a day to rehearse.

Shi Xi: …Exciting.

“So, which group and stage do I need to support?” Shi Xi asked.

“When Teacher Shi Xi enters the practice room, you’ll know.”

Shi Xi was speechless at the program team.

They didn’t want to do the stage properly at all. They only wanted to create suspense and use gimmicks.

Following the instructions, Shi Xi pushed open the door to the practice room.

Fireworks fell from the sky, and the practice students cheered.

“Wow! Wow! Wow! It’s Teacher Shi Xi!!”

“Ah, that’s great! I always thought that Teacher Shi Xi would work with us!! Dreams come true!”

“Sister Xi, long time no see!”

“Hello, Teacher Shi Xi!”

“Teacher Shi Xi, why haven’t you come to visit us recently?”

After the initial cheers, the trainees lined up in a row and greeted Shi Xi.

Shi Xi flicked away the confetti on her eyelashes and said with an awkward smile, “This welcome ceremony of yours is really special. Where did you get the confetti?”

“After the last stage, I pulled it from the ground.” One of the trainees told the truth. He even grabbed another handful from his pocket and threw it into the air.

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Shi Xi maintained her smile.

You could never imagine what these young and energetic boys were thinking.

“Why did Sister Xi change her hair color?” Li Jinfan changed the topic and took the initiative to ask.

“Because I joined a set to film, pink hair isn’t suitable.” Shi Xi conveniently answered the question just now. “That’s why I haven’t come over recently. I’ve always been on the set.”

“Wow, what kind of scenes did Teacher Shi Xi film? Can you tell us?”

Shi Xi smiled. “Hurry up and practice. We have to go to rehearsal tonight.”

That person stuck out his tongue.

Shi Xi swept her gaze across the group and realized that the trainees in this group were all pretty good. Bai Cangyang and Li Jinfan, the two most popular trainees, were all in this group.

The other trainees were also very good.

The song chosen for this group was “Greed.” From the name, one could tell that the entire stage was biased towards s*xiness.

Shi Xi sucked in a breath of cold air.

She was just a little cutie!

How would she know what s*xiness was!

But looking at the group of trainees in front of her, Shi Xi did not want to (mainly because she could not) back down.

The dance teacher accompanied the trainees to rehearse once. Shi Xi’s face was expressionless, but she was actually cursing in her heart.

She still had to learn the cat steps?

She still had to lie on the ground?

She still had to hook Bai Cangyang’s chin?

The dance teacher said, “Teacher Shi Xi, when you look at each other, your eyes have to be charming and bold.”

“When the time comes, the clothes that I will prepare for you will be suspenders and a jacket. Remember to lift the clothes up a little so that your shoulders can be exposed.”

The dance teacher personally demonstrated.

Shi Xi had a calm expression on her face as she rushed out of the door.

She was still a child!!

The dance teacher continued to kill people’s hearts. “Teacher Shi Xi, do you want me to prepare a cat’s ear and a cat’s tail for you?”

Shi Xi: You city people have so many tricks up your sleeve.