Chapter 228 - Turns Out That She Wasn’t the Most Bashful and Innocent One

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Chapter 228: Turns Out That She Wasn’t the Most Bashful and Innocent One

Shi Xi smiled politely. “If that’s the case, the stage won’t be approved, right?”

The dance teacher said regretfully, “That’s true.”

All the stages needed to be reported. If the performance was too excessive, there was a high possibility that they would be fined.

The fine was a small matter, but if that happened, it would be difficult to report it in the future.

The dance teacher said, “Teacher Shi Xi, do you want to go through it with them now?”

Shi Xi almost couldn’t hold back her fake smile. “I’ll learn my part first. You guys can continue practicing.”

Both sides practiced separately, but they were in the same practice room.

Shi Xi looked at the dance teacher and could only say that he was dedicated to his work.

The dance teacher was a slightly plump male teacher. He made these seductive and s*xy movements very tenderly.

Shi Xi took a deep breath and learned from the dance teacher.

The dance teacher said, “Don’t be so stiff. Twist your waist a little softer, just like a snake.”

Shi Xi: I’m a decent person.

Although she resisted in her heart, Shi Xi had to admit that ‘Greed’ was well-choreographed, regardless of whether it was the lyrics or the dance.

It was just that she wasn’t good at being s*xy!

She wasn’t a hot girl!

After learning for half an hour, Shi Xi finally managed to learn her own part.

Li Jinfan smiled and said, “Is Sister Xi shy?”

Shi Xi coughed and said, “I’ve never been exposed to such a style of dance before.”

The dance teacher clapped his hands and said, “The dance this time is s*xy. Everyone must remember to release your own charm and show your s*x appeal.”

“But remember, don’t make too greasy an expression. Licking your mouth, smiling evilly… Don’t do any of it! Once the dance moves are in place and the gaze is in place, it will be enough.”

Bai Cangyang said, “Let’s line up together.”

The dance teacher nodded and walked to the front, preparing to play music.

Shi Xi took a deep breath and told herself that she could do it.

She was the prettiest girl!

As she was a supporting senior, she mainly showed the trainees, so Shi Xi only got a few parts.

When the chorus was played, Shi Xi walked forward, as if she was the most carefree person in the world.

She stood on tiptoe, put one hand on Bai Cangyang’s shoulder, and used the other hand to lift his chin.

‘F*ck, I can’t reach it.’

Bai Cangyang was obviously not used to being in contact with the opposite s*x. When he saw Shi Xi approaching, he even retreated.

Shi Xi: I can’t reach it even more.

The music was still playing. Shi Xi could only skip this part and continue with the following actions.

Her interactions with the other trainees were also not so good.

This group of trainees were happy when they saw her, but when they wanted to get close to her, their hands were shaking.

Shi Xi suddenly straightened her back.

Oh, so she was not the most shy and innocent one!

When the music ended, the dance teacher scolded passionately:

“Bai Cangyang, why are you hiding? Teacher Shi Xi could not reach you to begin with, yet you’re still hiding behind her? She’s so short, how could she possibly touch you?”

“Li Jinfan, you have to put your hand on her waist! You’re hugging her waist, not air!”

“Zhai Changnan, why are you turning your head? You have to look at Teacher Shi Xi! Is Teacher Shi Xi a ferocious beast? You don’t even dare to look at her?!”

Shi Xi: I’ve been offended.

After the dance teacher finished their training one by one, he had everyone rehearse it again.

“Change the middle movement. Bai Cangyang is a little tall. Me going to lift his chin, the movement isn’t very beautiful.” Shi Xi walked in front of Bai Cangyang and grabbed his collar. She said, “Change it like this? Teacher, what do you think?”

Bai Cangyang was grabbed by his collar and forced to lower his head to look at Shi Xi.