Chapter 229 - This Time’s Program Will Definitely Be Wonderful

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Chapter 229: This Time’s Program Will Definitely Be Wonderful

The latest episode of [Star Idol] was announced.

The popularity of the stage with the help of the five senior sisters rose to another level.

In the trailer, Shi Xi grabbed Bai Cangyang’s collar. The two of them looked at each other with an indescribable light in their eyes.

Later on, they even deliberately slowed down this action and added the pink bubble special effect.

Their popularity, looks, and strength matched each other. This scene gave them a great sense of togetherness, and ‘Xi Yang CP’ appeared out of nowhere.

[Ahhhh, KSWL, press your head! Kiss for me!]

[Talent Show Teacher x Best Trainee, what kind of novel plot is this!]

[This pair of locks, I’ll swallow the key!]

When the fan groups saw this scene, they felt extremely disgusted.

[Thank you for Teacher Shi Xi’s help. My brother is very handsome, but the two of them are just working together.]

[Xi Xi Zi isn’t in love at a young age. Some trainees who haven’t debuted can forget about sucking blood.]

The two fan groups hated each other. Their fans were celebrating the New Year and looking forward to the official stage.

In the trailer, there was also Nan Wan’s classical dance and Zheng Feicai’s help singing…

From the trailer, it could be seen that the stage would be extremely exciting.

It was indeed very exciting.

When Shi Xi passed by Nan Wan’s group in their practice room, she knew that the program this time would definitely be exciting.

Nan Wan: “I think we’ve practiced enough.”

The trainees: “Let’s practice again?”

Nan Wan: “Aren’t there rehearsals in the afternoon? Let’s rehearse again later.”

The trainees: “Then let’s do it one more time.”

Nan Wan: “I’m tired.”

Shi Xi had only heard a few lines as she walked by, but she could roughly guess what was going on inside.

The stage for the three male singers was not simple. Other than one pure vocal performance, the other groups all needed to sing and dance.

The group that Nan Wan was supporting was an old-fashioned stage. It was extremely difficult to dance. According to Li Jinfan, the trainees in this group did not know how difficult it was back then. They had been training hard recently.

‘Sigh, I hope Nan Wan can give them a good helping hand.’

Shi Xi took a few steps forward and saw the director of the program team.

“Hello, Director,” Shi Xi greeted him with her curved eyes.

At the same time, she cursed the director in her heart for not doing his job and asking her to dance the s*xiest ‘Greed’.

When the director saw Shi XI, he smiled. “Shi Xi, long time no see. How are you doing on the set?”

“I’ve learned a lot on the set,” Shi Xi said.

“You still have to work hard on the set. When you have time, go on a variety show.” The director took out two tickets and handed them to Shi Xi. “By the way, these are the tickets for tonight’s live performance. See if any of your friends are coming and give them to your friends.”

Shi Xi took the tickets and her eyes curved. “Thank you, Director.”

This was something practical!

After taking the tickets, Shi Xi gave Tao Yuxuan a call.

She remembered that Tao Yuxuan liked this show and was a loyal fan of Li Jinfan — She had forgotten to get an autograph for her again.

“Xi Xi? Why are you calling me when you have time? Aren’t you busy?” Tao Yuxuan answered the call very quickly.

Shi Xi: “I have two tickets for [Star Idol]. Do you want to come and watch it?”

There was silence on the other end of the phone.

Shi Xi asked in puzzlement, “Don’t you quite like it? Aren’t you coming?”

Tao Yuxuan: “I’m still in Feng City.”

Tao Yuxuan: “The live performance is in two hours. There’s no flight even if I fly there!”

Shi Xi: I was careless.

“I forgot that you’re still in Feng City.” Shi Xi smiled awkwardly. “I’ll get the tickets for the finals in advance next time!”

“No need. I’ve been quite busy recently and can’t go out.” Tao Yuxuan sighed. “Forget it, I have to continue moving bricks.”

After hanging up, Shi Xi was a little surprised.

She didn’t expect Tao Yuxuan to be a professional critic?

Then who should she give these two tickets to?