Chapter 230 - f You Didn’t Say It Was Clothes, I

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Chapter 230: If You Didn’t Say It Was Clothes, I Would Have Thought It Was Rags

Sheng Yan and Xie Yunzhou had already returned to Feng City.

Hua Xuanhe? He probably didn’t like this kind of performance.

Hua Hengzhe? Forget it, Shi Xu didn’t allow her to play with fools.

Shi Xi swiped through her WeChat friend list and saw Ning Yu.

That’s right, Ning Yu was studying at Yanjing University!

However, a big boss shouldn’t be interested in this kind of performance, right?

Shi Xi sent a voice message to Ning Yu with a probing attitude.

Ning Yu and her friend were tired from shopping together. She sat in the milk tea shop and saw that she had received a message on her phone.

Seeing that it was a voice message from Shi Xi, Ning Yu wanted to convert it to a message, but her friend touched her arm and directly clicked play.

“Sister Ning Yu, I have two tickets for the public performance of [Star Idol]. Are you free tonight?”

Ning Yu was about to reject when Mu Zhao, who was beside her, said in surprise,”Tickets for the premiere of [Star Idol]?! Ning Yu, since we have nothing to do tonight, can we go watch this?”

Ning Yu promised Shi Xi that she would bring a friend over.

Shi Xi: “Okay, go straight to the door. I’ll get my assistant to give you the tickets.”

After sending the tickets out, Shi Xi saw Nan Wan on the phone.

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Nan Wan said, “I’ve got the tickets for you. Just come straight here.”

Both of them were delivering the tickets.

The two of them looked at each other.

They looked away tacitly and pretended not to see each other.

A staff member passed by and felt the discordant atmosphere between the two of them.

Shi Xi directly walked past Nan Wan and returned to the practice room to continue rehearsing with the trainees.

From her initial shyness, after rehearsing for more than ten times, Shi Xi no longer felt anything.

The feeling of pulling on Bai Cangyang’s collar was similar to the feeling of pulling on a rope when walking a dog.

Moreover, after seeing so many handsome guys, this group of trainees no longer moved her heart.

No matter how handsome they were, could they be Marshal Chu?

Shi Xi was unperturbed.

In the afternoon, everyone moved to the stage and began the formal rehearsal.

When Shi Xi saw her clothes, her eyes were wide open.

The eyes of the trainees from the same group lit up.

“Is Sister Xi going to dress like this?” Li Jinfan’s mouth twitched slightly as he asked, “Isn’t it a little too s*xy?”

Shi Xi was expressionless. “If you didn’t say it was clothes, I would have thought it was rags.”

There was only a sling on the clothes rack, and there was a large space on the back.

Shi Xi felt that this thing should be called a modified undergarment.

How could it be worn on the stage!!

Bai Cangyang looked at the clothes and discussed with the costume team. “Can you change it?”

The costume team staff looked at it and scratched his head. “I remember there’s a cardigan outside. I’ll go look for it.”

Shi XI heaved a sigh of relief.

If there was a cardigan, it would be much better.

At least, she could go on stage.

“You guys should hurry up and get your styling done. There’s no need to wait for me here.” Shi Xi smiled and said, “I have an assistant here to help me.”

Li Jinfan said, “I want to see Sister Xi’s styling in advance.”

Shi Xi said, “You’ll be able to see it during the rehearsal.”

The staff brought out the black cardigan, and Shi Xi went to change her clothes, put on makeup, and get her styled.

While she was doing the styling, Shi Xi heard an argument outside and wanted to go out and watch the commotion.

However, the stylist was braiding her hair, and Zhu Lin had yet to come back after sending Ning Yu the tickets.

Shi Xi listened to the commotion outside and asked the system, ‘What happened outside?’

System: [Ning Yu met Nan Yi, and the two of them had a conflict.]

Shi Xi thought of Nan Wan’s phone call. She must have given the tickets to her sister, Nan Yi.

‘Now is just the rehearsal, how did they come in?’ Shi Xi was puzzled.