Chapter 312 - Young Man Who Accosted Professor Qiao

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Chapter 312: Young Man Who Accosted Professor Qiao

The three of them went to the boutique again. Shi Xi picked out a suitable ring and bracelet for Professor Qiao.

While Professor Qiao was trying on the bracelet, Shi Xi noticed that a young man opposite them had been staring at Professor Qiao.

The few of them were recording a program, which indeed attracted some passersby to watch.

However, this person had been staring at Professor Qiao.

“Is she good-looking?”Shi Xi asked.

“Uh, I think she looks like a mentor of mine.” The young man smiled awkwardly. “Maybe I was mistaken.”

Professor Qiao, who was looking at the bracelet, raised her head and sized up the young man. She asked, “Oh? You’re from Yanjing University?”

The moment Professor Qiao opened her mouth, the young man’s pupils trembled. “You… You’re Professor Qiao?”

“It’s me.” Professor Qiao looked at the young man. “You look a little familiar. Did you take my class?”

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“I, I’ve listened to your class before.” The young man looked at Professor Qiao with a different look in his eyes. “I just didn’t expect that Professor Qiao would be so good-looking in private…”

The further he went, the lower the young man’s voice became.

Professor Qiao asked, “What major did you study? Are you graduating now? Or?”

The young man said, “Mathematics. I’m in my third year of graduate school this year. I’m considering whether I should get a job after graduation or continue to study my PhD. Does Professor Qiao have any suggestions?”

“It depends on your own preferences! If you’re interested in topology, representation theory, and comprehensive analysis of number theory, you can…” When she mentioned her field of expertise, Professor Qiao became much more open-minded.

Shi Xi coughed twice, indicating that they were still filming.

She had thought that it was just a short and reserved chat, but she did not expect it to take so long.

“Ah, sorry to disturb you.” The young man scratched his head in embarrassment and said, “Why don’t I add you on WeChat and chat with you when you are free?”

“Sure!” Professor Qiao agreed readily.

Shi Xi whispered at the side, “I guess he doesn’t just want to talk about mathematics.”

Bai Cangyang: “…That man is Sister Qiao’s student.”

Shi Xi: “But he’s a third-year grad student. He should be around twenty-five, six, seven, or eight years old by now.”

Bai Cangyang: I don’t understand, but I’m very shocked.

Other than the ring and bracelet, Shi Xi also bought a silver hair clip for Professor Qiao to increase the intensity of the hot girl look.

After choosing a match for Professor Qiao, everyone prepared to go back.

“Wait!” Shi Xi remembered that her task had not been completed and said, “Let’s go take a look at the clothes again, shall we?”

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“Didn’t you already buy the clothes?” Bai Cangyang was puzzled.

Shi Xi looked at him.

Bai Cangyang immediately changed his words. “Let’s go take a look again.”

When they reached the clothing store, Bai Cangyang saw that Shi Xi was looking left and right but was not picky about clothes. Finally, he took the initiative and said, “Teacher Shi Xi, what do you think of this?”

“Sure!” Shi Xi’s eyes lit up as she picked up the clothes. “I’ll try it on.”

“That’s–” Bai Cangyang saw that Shi Xi had already entered the fitting room, but he still said the last few words, “I picked it out for Sister Qiao.”

‘Forget it, it’s good that Teacher Shi Xi likes it.’

Bai Cangyang retracted his hand.

Shi Xi changed her clothes and came out of the fitting room.

The clothes that Bai Cangyang picked out were gently tied. The white dress extended all the way to her ankles, and the belt was tied into a bow.

The girl’s long hair reached her waist. She reached out and pulled her long black hair behind her ears. The moment she looked up, she looked like a goddess-level student in school.

Bai Cangyang was dazed.

Shi Xi asked, “How is it? Does it look good?”

Bai Cangyang came back to his senses. “It looks good. Teacher Shi Xi looks good in everything.”

Shi Xi was also very satisfied. After completing the mission and buying new clothes, they could have lunch.

“Let’s go back to eat!” Shi Xi immediately hungry, said: “It’s time to eat.”