Chapter 208 - We Are the Best of Friends

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Lu Suo had gone to the bathroom, so only Song Yujin was left.

The class monitor noticed that Song Yujin’s expression was calm and serious. He said in a low voice, “My name is Zheng Jiahao. I’m the class monitor. If you need any help, just let me know!”

Song Yujin replied apathetically, “Thank you.”

Zheng Jiahao was worried that Song Yujin would fall behind. Thus, he sat on Lu Suo’s seat and asked, “Which chapter did you stop at in the textbook?”

Song Yujin opened his textbook and pointed at a specific page,

Zheng Jiahao took a closer look. Song Yujin’s expression remained cold.

At the same time, Lu Suo returned from the bathroom. This scene shocked him!

‘What’s going on? I just went to the bathroom for a few minutes and my seat was taken! Why is that person acting so nice towards Song Yujin? Is he trying to be his friend? That’s not necessary. Song Yujin already has me!’

Lu Suo wanted to be Song Yujin’s most important person and only friend. No one was allowed to come between them! He ran over and snorted angrily, “This is my seat!”

Zheng Jiahao quickly stood up and explained, “I just sat down for a while since you weren’t here.”

Zheng Jiahao looked at Lu Suo. This cute little boy was quite fierce. Lu Suo stared at him intensely.

“Why are you still here?”

Zheng Jiahao remained civil.

“I just wanted to ensure that you two don’t fall behind.”

Lu Suo was about to retort when suddenly, his cheek felt a sharp pain.

He slowly turned around. Song Yujin was pinching him!

Lu Suo reluctantly sat down on his chair. He felt wronged.

Subsequently, Song Yujin patted Lu Suo’s head and said, “Be good!”

Just like that, Lu Suo’s anger dissipated.

Lu Suo looked at Zheng Jiahao arrogantly as if he was saying, “See? We’re good friends!”

At that moment, Song Yujin raised his head and asked Zheng Jiahao, “Am I on track?”

Lu Suo suffered a huge blow!

‘Why is Song Yujin still entertaining him? I thought he disliked talking!’

Lu Suo became unhappy again. He was about to chase Zheng Jiahao away, but Song Yujin patted him once more.

‘Fine… I guess it’s no big deal. Song Yujin is just trying to be on track.’

Zheng Jiahao lowered his head and flipped through the book.

“This part is slightly different from regular textbooks, but that’s about it.”

Zheng Jiahao added in a friendly manner, “If you have any other questions, feel free to ask me.”

Lu Suo was speechless.

‘Why isn’t this person leaving?’

Song Yujin thanked Zheng Jiahao again.

‘Stop talking to him!’

Zheng Jiahao smiled and said, “Then I’ll be leaving first.”

Song Yujin replied, “Okay.”

Lu Suo was elated. Finally!

Zheng Jiahao was about to leave, but he could feel Lu Suo staring at him intently.

‘Why is he still here? Hurry up and go!’

Zheng Jiahao looked at Lu Suo and said, “You too! If you don’t understand anything, come and ask me! My name is Zheng Jiahao, but you can also call me Juan (TN: Mandarin for curly).”

Since Zheng Jiahao was the class monitor, he had to build good relationships with his classmates. Lu Suo was cute but fierce. He hoped to ease the atmosphere by bringing up his nickname.