Chapter 209 - The Principle of No Tolerance

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Lu Suo replied with a simple “oh”. He could not wait for Zheng Jiahao to leave.

Once Zheng Jiahao left, Lu Suo glared at Song Yujin.

“Why did you keep talking with him? I just went to the bathroom for a few minutes and you’ve already made a new friend?! I won’t allow it!”

Song Yujin could not understand what Lu Suo was thinking at all.

“Then why did you keep talking with him?!”

Song Yujin said helplessly, “I don’t want to fall behind in my studies.”

“In the future, don’t talk to him anymore.”

“Also, nobody is allowed to sit in my seat!”

Song Yujin felt that arguing with Lu Suo was pointless.

“You can’t let anyone sit in your seat either.”

“You’re not allowed to play with others or make new friends.”

Why was Lu Suo being so unreasonable?

Lu Suo shook Song Yujin’s arm.

“Just read your book.”

Lu Suo urged, “Promise me first!”

Song Yujin patted Lu Suo’s head.

Lu Suo quickly added, “You can’t say those words to them.”

Song Yujin thought that Lu Suo’s flaws were increasing again. What a weird kid!

After dinner, Song Yujin sent an emoji of a cat poking its head out to Song Ci. He wanted to ensure she was not busy.

If Song Ci was free, she would reply immediately. Only then would Song Yujin give her a video call. Otherwise, he refrained from disturbing her.

This time, Song Ci replied very quickly. However, before Song Yujin could do anything, Song Ci called him.

Song Yujin immediately sat up straight and answered.

Song Ci asked, “Have you had dinner?”

Song Ci showed Song Yujin the lunchbox on her desk.

“I was just about to eat. How’s your first day in a new school? Were the teachers and students kind to you? Are you able to keep up? Was it difficult?”

Song Ci asked a lot of questions, andSong Yujin patiently answered all of them.

“It’s alright. They are all very enthusiastic. I’m fine. It’s not difficult.”

“Are you satisfied with the new school? Or do you want to change to another one?”

“No need. All schools are more or less the same.”

“Okay. If something goes wrong, tell me at once.”

Song Ci felt relieved.

Song Ci continued asking more questions, “What about Little Suo? Is he doing alright?”

Song Yujin nodded again.

What happened earlier today should be no big deal.

Song Ci smiled and said, “The two of you should help each other. You’re older than Little Suo, so take care of him. Make sure he doesn’t cause trouble.”

Song Yujin agreed. Lu Suo should not be left unsupervised.

At the same time, Song Ci felt that she was putting too much pressure on Song Yujin.

“If it’s too stressful, you don’t have to do it. Just tell me directly instead. After all, you’re still a child. I only want you to be happy.”

Song Yujin replied obediently, “Okay.” Then, he added on behalf of Lu Suo, “He’s quite well-behaved.”