Chapter 210 - Missing

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“That’s good. Just keep your eyes peeled. Your brother-in-law is worried about his studies. If you have time, tutor him. It won’t be good if he gets last place!”

With Song Yujin by Lu Suo’s side, the latter should be more manageable. Besides, he was still young and could be influenced for the better.

Song Yujin replied, “Okay.”

“What an obedient little brother! You’re my pride and joy! I must have done something good in my past life to be blessed with you.”

Song Ci looked at Song Yujin lovingly. She really wanted to hug and kiss him.

Song Yujin’s ears turned red. He did not know how to deal with Song Ci. In the end, he said, “I’m going to do my homework.”

Song Ci imitated Yujin’s previous action and sent him a flying kiss.

“Aren’t you going to kiss your sister?”

Song Yujin helplessly returned Song Ci’s flying kiss.

Song Ci was smiling brightly on the screen.

Song Yujin missed her a little, but he was too embarrassed to say it out loud. He could only ask shyly, “When are you coming back?”

“Why? Do you miss me?”

Song Yujin refused to admit it.

Song Ci immediately pretended to be sad.

“If you don’t miss me, why should I go back?”

Song Yujin quickly tried to mediate the situation.

“My brother-in-law misses you very much!”

“Then I’ll just visit him when I’m free.”

Song Yujin added, “Little Suo misses you too.”

“I can video chat with him next time.”

Song Ci looked at Song Yujin.

“Who else misses me?”

“I’ll give her a call later.”

“See, there’s no need for me to go back.”

Song Yujin pursed his lips. He was a little dissatisfied and disappointed. At the same time, his eyes drooped.

Song Ci decided to stop teasing him.

“Nevermind. You might not feel the same, but I missed you! So, I’ll come back. Sign… I’m so pitiful…”

Song Yujin felt regretful for being so harsh towards Song Ci. Suddenly, he thought of something and said, “I’m hanging up. Bye!”

Song Ci was a little surprised, but she did not want to make things difficult for Song Yujin. Hence, she complied.

Song Yujin ended the video call and began browsing through his emojis. After a long time, he finally found the one he wanted. It was a chubby little panda with the words “miss you” on the side.

Song Ci looked at the emoji that popped up in the chatbox between her and Song Yujin. She could not help but smile. No wonder he was so anxious to hang up. This child was simply too cute!

Subsequently, Song Ci sent a kissing emoji with the message, [ I miss you so much! ]

Song Yujin’s mouth curved up subconsciously. His expression became much more gentle, like a flower that just bloomed.

Song Yujin was about to reply, but Song Ci sent a voice message. He clicked “play” and Song Ci’s gentle voice could be heard.

“Goodnight, my little baby!”

Song Yujin’s heart felt even warmer. He replied, “Goodnight.”