Chapter 211 - Hardworking People

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Song Ci kept an eye on Song Yujin for a few days. He was adapting well to the new school. That also applied to Lu Suo. Both children were very happy. Hence, Song Ci could focus on filming without any worries.

Fu Wenze seemed to be fond of Song Ci. Before their scenes, he would ask her to practice together. Occasionally, he would give her some guidance. Song Ci took it seriously and thanked him.

Acting with a veteran actor came with plenty of benefits. Song Ci treasured this opportunity and gave it her all.

Lin Ting was a little envious.

“Uncle Fu wouldn’t have taught me so much… I’m so jealous of you. Acting with him seemed so lenient. I tried listening to his advice from the side, but I don’t really understand…”

In the end, Lin Ting felt a little embarrassed. Fu Wenze had mentioned that she could not get into character immediately.

‘If only I have even half of Song Ci’s acting skills…’

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Lu Jingming was in the same boat as Lin Ting. His doubts toward Song Ci had disappeared entirely.

After spending some time together, the three of them had become familiar with each other. Occasionally, they would practice as a group. They would also chat in a straightforward manner during breaks.

“Uncle Fu probably thinks that our acting skills are only average. If I were a teacher, I would prefer good students too.”

Lu Jingming disagreed. He had been observing Fu Wenze, The latter acted differently depending on his co-star. His attitude also varies. With Song Ci, he would be very expressive and serious. On the other hand, with him and Lin Ting, he would often be impatient.

Director Zhao noticed this as well, so he told Fu Wenze tactfully, “The male and female leads are still young and inexperienced. Uncle Fu, please be more tolerant of them. They are trying their best to improve.”

Fu Wenze replied indifferently, “Okay.”

However, he felt disdainful in his heart. Lu Jingming and Lin Ting’s acting skills were child’s play. If he tolerated them, he would be stuck on set for ages. He took this role to earn money, not develop connections or do charity. There was no need for him to accommodate anyone. Moreover, with his status, he had nothing to fear. Song Ci was the only surprise in this production team. She was talented and had potential.

Fu Wenze said to his assistant, “Go and see what Little Song is doing. Ask her to come over and practice some scenes with me if she’s free.”

Song Ci was chatting with Lu Jingming and the others when Fu Wenze’s assistant walked over.

After listening to the assistant’s request, Song Ci nodded. She bid farewell to Lu Jingming and Lin Ting before leaving.

Lu Jingming and Lin Ting had no objections either. After Song Ci left, the two of them looked at each other. They seemed to have a mutual understanding.

“Uncle Fu would never invite me to practice even though we’re father and son in this movie,” said Lu Jingming calmly.

Lin Ting replied, “Me too.”

The two of them looked at each other and smiled bitterly. Then, they sighed. Fu Wenze had no filter. He definitely made Lu Jingming and Lin Ting feel uncomfortable. Despite that, their feelings were not hurt. Fu Wenze was a capable senior. There was no need for him to entertain them.

Song Ci had always been positive and encouraging. Thus, Lu Jingming and Lin Ting were motivated to work hard. If they kept improving, the others would recognize them.Unfortunately, Fu Wenze’s actions destroyed their confidence. Some people only cared about the results. The process did not matter.

Lin Ting could not help but exclaim, “Song Ci is so kind.”

The feeling of being acknowledged by others was really nice.