Chapter 212 - Appreciation of the Older Generation

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They were all young actors of the same age range. In other words, they were competitors. Despite that, Song Ci patiently corrected their mistakes over and over. She was basically doing charity.

Lu Jingming stood up.

“Let’s go and rehearse our lines.”

Lin Ting agreed. Everyone was working hard. She could not afford to slack off.

Chu Yi had some free time and went to look for Song Ci. When he could not find her, he approached Yang Haoran.

Yang Haoran was busy replying to an email on his laptop. He did not even raise his head when he replied, “She’s practicing with Uncle Fu.”

Chu Yi was silent for a moment.

“Uncle Fu really holds Song Ci in high regard.”

Those words pleased Yang Haoran. Nonetheless, he remained modest.

“A little. Song Ci’s acting skills are not bad. Uncle Fu probably noticed and that’s why he asked her to practice together. Sometimes, he would give her some pointers.”

Chu Yi turned around and left.

Yang Haoran looked at Chu Yi’s back and began thinking of the information he found out about him.

If nothing went wrong, Song Ci would talk about signing a contract with Chu Yi in a few days and Yang Haoran would be his manager.

Yang Haoran could not help but sigh. The entertainment industry was really cruel. There were many unknown and capable actors like Chu Yi, but not all of them had the opportunity to develop themselves.

Chu Yi was lucky to meet Song Ci.

Anyway, Chu Yi went to Fu Wenze’s rest area. He helped Fu Wenze’s staff while trying to peek into his resting room.

Song Ci and Fu Wenze were rehearsing their lines. Fu Wenze nodded in satisfaction at Song Ci and said, “You’re really good.”

“Thank you, Uncle Fu.”

Song Ci replied with a sincere and warm smile.

Fu Wenze was really fond of this energetic young woman. He asked, “Do you have any plans for your next movie?”

Song Ci answered honestly, “Not yet.”

“There’s no rush. Take your time to choose properly.”

Song Ci agreed to an extent. Fu Wenze was right. However, one could not be picky in desperate times. She was lucky to meet Lu Gan. He provided her with opportunities. Otherwise, she would not be in such a good position.

“With your acting skills, you can even be a part of blockbuster movies.”

“If there’s a chance, I’ll pursue it.”

Fu Wenze had a smile on his face. He expected Song Ci to ask him for help, but she remained classy. She was neither arrogant nor impatient. People like her were really rare.

“If I’m able, I’ll recommend you.”

Song Ci was surprised.

“Really? Thank you, Uncle Fu.”

Fu Wenze had some good connections. His help was invaluable.

“You’re welcome. I don’t know what role it’ll be at the moment, but you’ll be on top of my list.”

Song Ci was really grateful.

The two of them chatted when suddenly, Song Ci’s phone rang. It was a message from Lu Gan.

Song Ci wanted to check it out. So, she said, “Uncle Fu, I’ll be leaving first.”

Fu Wenze stood up and replied gently, “I’ll send you off.”

How could she let an old senior do that?