Chapter 214 - Training for the Crew

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Chu Yi smiled brightly.

“Don’t worry, it’s not that hard. If you think they’re too heavy, I’ll change them to something lighter.”

Song Ci lifted the dumbbells with ease. She raised and lowered her arms a few times. There was no sign of exhaustion at all.

Chu Yi silently handed his personal dumbbells to Song Ci.

Once again, Song Ci lifted them without any trouble.

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Chu Yi was speechless.

‘Is she really a girl? Are girls nowadays so strong? Am I outdated?’

Regardless, Chu Yi encouraged Song Ci.

“Keep on practicing. I’ll come up with a suitable schedule for you.”

“Alright. Thank you, Brother Chu.”

Song Ci was determined to train hard. Whenever she was free, she would start lifting the dumbbells.

Lin Ting saw Song Ci working out and was surprised. How could such a thin girl lift those dumbbells so easily?

Lin Ting’s eyes were filled with admiration. Song Ci was too cool! She might even fall for her!

Meanwhile, the male actors felt a sense of crisis! Song Ci made training look so easy! They could also lift the dumbbells, but she was really impressive!

Lu Jingming asked, “What are you doing?”

Song Ci replied, “Brother Chu said I should train for my action scenes. The visual effects will look better. I trust him because he’s experienced.”

Another actor chimed in, “Does your manager know that you’re working so hard?”

Then, he looked at Yang Haoran. The latter’s face was full of pride!

The other managers shed tears of envy and jealousy. They wished Song Ci was under them instead.

Due to Song Ci’s influence, the crew members told their assistants to buy some fitness equipment. Everyone practiced little by little.

Seeing Song Ci so hardworking made the others feel ashamed. They could not afford to fall behind! Hence, they began to put in more effort.

When Chu Yi sent Song Ci the schedule, he noticed that everyone was also exercising.

What happened while he was gone?

The training schedule that Chu Yi prepared was actually quite simple. Since Song Ci needed to exercise for a prolonged period, he did not want to strain her too much. Thus, the activities included were rather simple such as running, jumping rope, and lifting dumbbells. As long as she could manage her stamina, it would not be difficult.

Besides, Chu Yi’s priority was not the action scenes. He just wanted Song Ci to strengthen her body to ward off the flu.

Song Ci looked at the schedule and nodded.

“Okay. I will follow your instructions.”

“Our production team had rented a gym at the hotel. We can utilize that. Try not to overdo it though. Your body won’t be able to keep up.”

Song Ci felt very grateful.

“Thank you for all your help.”

Chu Yi casually waved his hand.

“It’s nothing. I’m used to this.”

After saying that, Chu Yi left.

Yang Haoran looked at Chu Yi’s back and then at the schedule in Song Ci’s hand. He said with a smile, “Chu Yi is really kind.”