Chapter 215 - Change of Mind

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“By the way, what do you think of him? If there are no issues, I’ll talk to him about signing a contract after I’m done with work.”

Yang Haoran nodded. He had no objections and was very satisfied with Chu Yi.

Song Ci continued, “Don’t tell him about my relationship with Lu Gan.”

She needed to keep a low profile. If people knew that she was relying on Lu Gan, they would definitely look down on her. Moreover, she did not want anyone to speak ill of Lu Gan.

Yang Haoran gave an “OK” gesture.

Meanwhile, Fu Wenze just came out from his resting room. The sun was shining and it reminded him of Song Ci. He was a person who valued talent very much. Song Ci also had a good personality. Fu Wenze thought she did not have any help or support. Hence, he felt sorry for her.

During lunchtime, Fu Wenze wondered if Song Ci had eaten or not. When he spotted her from afar, he walked over with his assistant.

Song Ci was reading the script while lifting a dumbbell. She looked relaxed.

Yang Haoran sighed as he sipped his tea.

‘Is that dumbbell too light for her?’

With that thought in mind, Yang Haoran lifted Song Ci’s other dumbbell. Subsequently, he put it down quietly.

‘Is the weight of this dumbbell different from the one she’s holding? How is she lifting it so easily?’

Was Song Ci’s strength much greater than his? How could that be possible? Song Ci may be taller than most girls, but she was still slim. It did not make sense!

Yang Haoran kept thinking about this matter. Then, he approached Song Ci and pinched her arm. Surprisingly, there were firm muscles! In an instant, Yang Haoran’s view toward Song Ci changed. How did she train?

Just as Yang Haoran was about to open his mouth, he spotted Fu Wenze and his assistant.

Yang Haoran quickly put down the dumbbell and greeted him with a smile.

Fu Wenze exchanged a few pleasantries with Yang Haoran before looking at Song Ci. His expression drastically changed.

‘She’s actually lifting a dumbbell so casually? Who even made her do such a thing?’

The visual impact was a little too much.

“Be careful! You’ll hurt yourself! Who’s forcing you to do this?”

Fu Wenze thought of many possibilities. Was Song Ci’s agency suppressing her? He stared at Yang Haoran menacingly.

Song Ci smiled and explained, “I’m exercising! No one is forcing me. Uncle Fu, what’s the matter?”

Her reaction did not seem fake, but Fu Wenze was still shocked. He tried to ignore the dumbbell she was holding.

“It’s almost lunchtime. Would you like to join me?”

Song Ci answered honestly, “Not today. I need to exercise more. I’ll eat later.”

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Fu Wenze was displeased.

“You’re doing fine. Besides, that dumbbell is too big. You shouldn’t jeopardize your safety and health!”

Song Ci had a very gentle appearance. Lifting dumbbells did not suit her image at all!

Fu Wenze knew that he had to be tactful. Thus, he added, “Stop exercising for now. Let’s eat.”

Song Ci did not want to stop halfway.

“Uncle Fu, it’s fine. You should go first. I’ll eat after I’ve finished working out.”

Fu Wenze looked as if he had just sunk into the sea.