Chapter 216 - Fate

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Fu Wenze watched as Song Ci continued to train. Without another word, he turned around and left. His assistant was a few steps behind. When he passed by Song Ci, he said in a low voice, “Miss Song, why don’t you join us for lunch? You can train later.”

Song Ci felt that Fu Wenze was acting strangely. It was none of his business that she decided to skip lunch. Moreover, he did not make an appointment with her in advance. Why was he angry?

Since Song Ci did not reply, Fu Wenze’s assistant could only quickly catch up to Fu Wenze with a gloomy expression.

Song Ci’s mood was affected by this. It was as if she had made a big mistake. Regardless, Song Ci decided to ignore Fu Wenze and continued training. Was it necessary for him to react that way over something so trivial?

Chu Yi saw what happened from a distance away. He heaved a sigh of relief. When he was receiving his lunchbox, he happened to run into Song Ci’s assistant and decided to help her.

Song Ci had finished training and was sitting on a chair. She noticed that Chu Yi was with Sun Qun, so she waved at him to eat together.

Chu Yi did not refuse. He handed the lunchbox to Song Ci.

In addition to a bowl of soup, there were four side dishes that consisted of vegetables and meat. Everything looked appetizing and nutritious.

Song Ci looked at Chu Yi’s lunchbox. His dishes were much simpler and there was no soup. Extras were not treated equally in comparison to the main crew. It was the same for Song Ci back in the real world. Besides, the production team had a budget and limit.

After thinking for a while, Song Ci placed some braised meat in Chu Yi’s lunchbox.

Chu Yi quickly said, “No need. This is enough for me.”

“I can’t finish four side dishes and it’s bad to waste food.”

Song Ci replied with a smile.

Those words made Chu Yi’s heart feel warm. They had gotten much closer than before.

The two of them ate and chatted for a while. Song Ci told Chu Yi what happened with Fu Wenze earlier. She could not understand why he became angry.

“Don’t you think it’s strange? I didn’t promise to have lunch with him or anything. He acted as if I did something horrendous…”

Yang Haoran, who joined them, consoled her, “It’s not your problem. Don’t worry, I’ll go and talk to him later.”

Song Ci nodded. She did not want any bad blood to develop between them over something so trivial.

“Uncle Fu has an interesting personality.”

Yang Haoran smiled and said, “He can be quite stubborn.”

Then, he looked at Chu Yi.

“Have you worked with Fu Wenze before?”

Chu Yi had worked with Fu Wenze before, but that was five years ago. He had very few lines and screen time, so Fu Wenze probably did not remember him. Additionally, there were a lot of different people on the production team.

“I’m not really familiar with Uncle Fu. We’ve been on the same production team, but I was just an extra and we don’t have any scenes together.”

Song Ci was surprised.

“The two of you are in the same production team again. It’s fate.”

“Maybe. I don’t think Uncle Fu remembers me though.”

Song Ci sighed in her heart. Chu Yi was most likely right.

‘He knows Uncle Fu, but not vice versa. How sad…’

Song Ci looked at Chu Yi and said sincerely, “It’s okay. You’ll definitely become successful in the future! When that time comes, everyone will recognize you.”