Chapter 217 - The Self-Centered Old Actor

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Chu Yi smiled. He felt that Song Ci was really kind and passionate. She truly believed in him. At first, he thought of quitting and getting a new job. His life would be simple and ordinary. However, Song Ci’s words encouraged him to press on.

“Even if I become famous and successful, I’ll still remember you.”

Song Ci said with a smile, “Thank you in advance! I’m so glad that a big shot remembers me!”

They chatted and laughed while finishing their meal.

Song Ci rested for a while before her next scene.

Yang Haoran took this chance to look for Fu Wenze. He wanted to apologize to him on Song Ci’s behalf. She did not reject him on purpose. Her training was simply the priority.

Fu Wenze listened to Yang Haoran’s words indifferently. He raised his eyelids and said, “Is training that important? What is she even training for?”

Yang Haoran smiled apologetically.

“Song Ci felt that her action scenes were not good enough. She wanted to train to make things look better.”

Upon hearing those words, Fu Wenze became even more displeased.

“She’s already doing very well. There’s no reason to train. Is she trying to be a gorilla?”

“Song Ci is very serious about her work. She strives for excellence. Young people are quite ambitious.”

Fu Wenze was speechless. A delicate and gentle girl gaining a bunch of muscles was not ideal. How was that supposed to be aesthetically pleasing? As an actress, she just needed to remain beautiful! Song Ci was not a fitness trainer. If she kept this up, she would ruin her image.

“She looks good. Tell her to stop training. If she continues, things will only become worse.”

Yang Haoran quickly said, “Don’t worry, I’ll ensure she doesn’t overdo it.”

After all, he could not just discourage Song Ci’s motivation and enthusiasm.

Fu Wenze nodded, but he felt that Yang Haoran did understand him at all!

‘Ensure she doesn’t overdo it? He should have said he’ll stop her immediately! What’s wrong with this manager? Does he even know what he’s doing?’

“Tell Song Ci to come over. We need to practice for tonight’s scene.”

Fu Wenze could not be bothered with Yang Haoran anymore.

“Okay. After Song Ci finishes filming her current scene, I’ll tell her to practice with you.”

After saying that, Yang Haoran thought to himself, ‘This means Fu Wenze is no longer angry, right? After all, he’s still willing to practice with Song Ci. Besides, he needs to be professional since he’s a senior. If we have dinner together, things should return back to normal. He seemed to be very fond of her.’

After Song Ci finished filming for the day, Yang Haoran relayed Fu Wenze’s message to her. Naturally, she had no objections.

Yang Haoran advised, “Once the two of you finish practicing, we should have dinner together. It’ll make up for this afternoon’s incident. I think he feels embarrassed because you’ve rejected him.”

Song Ci felt a little helpless, but she did not want to make things difficult for Fu Wenze.

‘That old senior is really self-centered. Everything has to be done his way. Talent can be a double-edged sword. Since everyone kept praising him, it’s inevitable that he’ll turn out this way.’

Song Ci hoped that she would not become like him in the future.

When the two met, Fu Wenze was acting like his usual self.