Chapter 218 - Image Subversion

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Song Ci smiled and said, “Uncle Fu, I’m here to practice our scenes.”

Fu Wenze nodded, picked up the script, and got into character. His acting skills were really amazing. It even influenced Song Ci and she performed better than usual.

Yang Haoran watched and felt lucky to be Song Ci’s manager. She would definitely become successful one day. Why did David sabotage someone like her? Working together was much better!

After they finished practicing, Yang Haoran quickly took the initiative and said, “It’s time for dinner. Shall we eat together?”

Song Ci added politely, “Uncle Fu, do you have time?”

Fu Wenze stood up and led Song Ci into a van.

There was a restaurant nearby that specialized in Manchurian cuisine. Fu Wenze really liked stews served in a hot iron pot. Originally, he wanted to bring Song Ci here for lunch but dinner works too.

“Their food is not bad,” said Fu Wenze.

Song Ci smiled and nodded. She looked at the menu and ordered two stir-fried dishes. Going overboard was pointless and wasteful.

Meanwhile, Chu Yi had just finished his work. He looked for Song Ci to help her with exercising, but she was nowhere to be found. Hence, he sent her a text message.

[ Song Ci: Having dinner outside. ]

Before Chu Yi could reply, Song Ci sent another message.

[ Uncle Fu got angry because I rejected his invitation for lunch. I’m making up to him now. ]

Upon reading that, Chu Yi tightened his grip on the phone. After thinking for a while, he sent a reply.

[ Make it quick. You still have to work out. ]

Fu Wenze noticed that Song Ci was fiddling with her phone. He asked casually, “What’s the matter?”

Song Ci was done replying to Chu Yi, so she put her phone away.

“Nothing much. My coach just reminded me that I still have to exercise tonight.”

Fu Wenze did not understand why Song Ci had to exercise so strictly.

“You’re so fit. Exercise is unnecessary, right?”

“I think basic training is important. Besides, it’s almost winter. Exercising can help prevent sickness. Our production team also reserved a gym. It’ll be a waste not to use it. Uncle Fu, if you have time, you should join us.”

Fu Wenze was old and frail. Lifting dumbbells might actually break his bones. Moreover, he had no interest in exercising.

“Why did you suddenly start exercising? Is someone forcing you?”

At that moment, Yang Haoran, who was eating the chicken drumstick, felt like someone was staring begrudgingly at him!

‘Huh? Is it because I ate too much?’

Yang Haoran lowered his head and looked at his round belly. Then, he silently put down his chopsticks. He should probably exercise as well.

Song Ci said in an honest manner, “No one is forcing me. I just want my action scenes to look better. There’s also nothing bad about becoming healthier.”

Fu Wenze asked, “How long are you going to keep training like this?”

Song Ci had never thought about this question before. Chu Yi said he would improvise the schedule along the way. Hence, she answered, “Presumably until we finish filming.”

Upon hearing that, Fu Wenze immediately lost interest in Song Ci. He preferred women who were fair-skinned, elegant, and gentle. If Song Ci kept exercising, her image would completely change.